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Apple iPOD & iPad Batteries

You can identify your iPod model by its appearance at the iPod web site
020-00425 iPod 5th Generation (video) M9585* M9806CH/A
07-001-01 iPod 5th Generation (video 30GB) M9585*/A M9806DK/A
10GB iPOD iPod 5th Generation (video 60GB) M9585B/A M9806FD/A
15GB iPOD iPod 5th Generation (video 80GB) M9585CH/A M9806FE/A
20GB iPOD iPod 5.5 Generation (video 80GB) M9585FE/A M9806J/A
30GB iPOD iPod3 (Click Wheel) M9585J/A M9806KH/A
40GB iPOD iPod3 (Dock Connector) M9585KH/A M9806LL/A
616-0106 iPod4 M9585LL/A M9806TA/A
616-0150 iPod 4th Generation Clickwheel M9585TA/A M9806X/A
616-0159 iPod 5th Generation M9585X/A M9806Z/A
616-0183 iPod 7.1 M9585ZR/A M9807*
616-0206 iPOD 10GB M9585ZV/A M9807*/A
616-0212 iPOD 15GB M9586* M9807B/A
616-0215 iPOD 20GB M9586*/A M9807CH/A
616-0198 iPOD 30GB M9586B/A M9807DK/A
616-0183 iPOD 40GB M9586CH/A M9807FD/A
616-0215 iPOD 60GB M9586FE/A M9807FE/A
616-0223 iPod Classic M9586J/A M9807J/A
616-0224 iPod Classic 20GB M9586KH/A M9807KH/A
616-0227 iPod Classic 60GB M9586LL/A M9807LL/A
616-0229 iPod Classic 80GB M9586TA/A M9807TA/A
616-0230 iPod Classic 120GB M9586X/A M9807X/A
616-0232 iPod Classic 160GB M9586ZR/A M9807Z/A
616-0273 iPod Classic 4th Gen M9586ZV/A M9829
616-0278 iPod Classic 5th Gen M9787 M9829*
616-0282 iPod Classic 6th Gen M9787LL/A M9829*/A
616-0283 iPod Classic 6th Gen 80GB M9800*/A M9829B/A
616-0287 iPod Classic 7th Gen M9800B/A M9829CH/A
616-0292 iPod (Click Wheel) M9800CH/A M9829DK/A
616-0311 iPod (Colour) M9800DK/A M9829FD/A
616-0333 iPod (Colour U2 SE) 20GB M9800FD/A M9829FE/A
616-0337 iPod (Dock Connector) M9800FE/A M9829J/A
616-0341 iPod G5 30GB M9800J/A M9829KH/A
616-0343 iPod G5 60GB M9800KH/A M9829LL/A
616-0392 iPod Mini M9800LL/A M9829TA/A
616-0401 iPod Mini (2nd Gen) M9800TA/A M9829X/A
616-0404 iPOD Mini 4GB M9800X/A M9829Z/A
616-0405 iPOD Mini 6GB M9800Z/A M9830*
616-0406 iPod MP3 4th Gen M9801* M9830*/A
616-0407 iPod Nano M9801*/A M9830B/A
616-0429 iPod Nano 2nd Gen. M9801B/A M9830CH/A
616-0531 iPod Nano 3rd Gen. M9801CH/A M9830DK/A
616-0550 iPod Nano 4th Gen. M9801DK/A M9830FD/A
616-0551 iPod Nano 5th Gen. M9801FD/A M9830FE/A
616-0552 iPod Nano 6th Gen. M9801FE/A M9830J/A
616-0621 iPod Nano 7th Gen. M9801J/A M9830KH/A
616-0639 iPod Photo M9801KH/A M9830LL/A
616-0640 iPOD Photo 30GB M9801LL/A M9830TA/A
A1019 iPOD Photo 40GB M9801TA/A M9830X/A
A1040 iPOD Photo 60GB M9801X/A M9830Z/A
A1051 iPod (Scroll Wheel) M9801Z/A MA002
A1059 iPod Shuffle M9802* MA003*/A
A1099 iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation M9802*/A MA003CH/A
A1136 iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation M9802B/A MA003DK/A
A1137 iPod Shuffle 4th Generation M9802CH/A MA003FD/A
A1199 iPod Shuffle 5th Generation M9802DK/A MA003J/A
A1204 Ipod Special Edition U2 M9802FD/A MA003KH/A
A1213 iPod Touch 1st Generation M9802FE/A MA003LL/A
A1219 iPod Touch 2nd Generation M9802J/A MA003TA/A
A1236 iPod Touch 4th Generation M9802KH/A MA003X/A
A1238 iPod Touch 5 M9802LL/A MA004
A1271 iPod Touch 5th Generation M9802TA/A MA005
A1285 iPod Touch 6th Generation M9802X/A MA099
A1288 iPod (Touch Wheel) M9802Z/A MA107
A1315 iPod U2 20GB 4th Gen. M9803* MA127
A1318 iPOD U2 20GB (color display) M9803*/A MA146
A1319 iPod U2 30GB M9803B/A MA147*/A
A1320 iPod U2 30GB 5th Gen. M9803CH/A MA147CH/A
A1337 iPod Video M9803DK/A MA147DK/A
A1366 iPod Video 30 GB 5th gen. M9803FD/A MA147FD/A
A1367 iPod Video 60GB 5th gen. M9803FE/A MA147J/A
A1373 Shuffle 4th Gen iPod Video 80GB 5th gen M9803J/A MA147KH/A
A1421 10GB iPod M8976LL/A M9803KH/A MA147LL/A
A1446 15GB iPod M9460LL/A M9803LL/A MA147TA/A
A1509 20GB iPod M9244LL/A M9803TA/A MA147X/A
A1574 30GB iPod M8948LL/A M9803X/A MA253
A1641 40GB iPod M9245LL/A M9803Z/A MA350
APPLE iPOD 3rd Gen iPod new slim models M9804* MA352
APPLE iPOD Mini iPod not slim models M9804*/A MA446C
AW4701218074 iPod older models M9804B/A MA452LL/A
B5LAA iShuffle M9804CH/A MA623LL/B
Classic 6th Generation LN3657361YGMB M9804FD/A MB867C/B
DAP284846PA M444C M9804FE/A MB3776/A
E179009 M8541 M9804J/A MB528LL/A
E225846 M8948LL/A M9804KH/A M531LL/A
EC003 M8976LL/A M9804LL/A M533LL/A
EC007-1 M9244LL/A M9804TA/A MC008LL/A
EC007-3 M9245LL/A M9804X/A P11G68-01-S01
EC007-5 M9268*/A M9804Z/A P11G73-01-S01
EC008 M9268CH/A M9805* P325385A4H
EC008-1 M9268KH/A M9805*/A Shuffle
EC008-2 M9268LL/A M9805B/A Shuffle 2nd generation, G2(1G)
ess846 M9282* M9805CH/A Shuffle 3rd generation, G3,(4G)
GB-S10-314363-0100 M9282CH/A M9805DK/A Shuffle 4GB MC307C/A
ICP0534500 M9282FE/A M9805FD/A Shuffle 4th generation
iPad 1st generation M9282J/A M9805FE/A Shuffle 5th generation
iPod M9282KH/A M9805J/A Touch 1st generation (4G,8G,16G,32G)
iPod 1st generation M9282LL/A M9805KH/A Touch 2nd generation (4G,8G,16G,32G)
iPod 2nd generation M9282TA/A M9805LL/A Touch 3rd Generation
iPod 2nd generation (6G, 8G) M9282X/A M9805TA/A Touch 4th Generation
iPod 3rd Generation (click wheel) M9434LL/A M9805X/A Touch 5th Generation
iPod 3rd Generation (Dock Connector) M9435LL/A M9805Z/A U2 20 GB
iPod 4th Generation M9436LL/A M9806* U2 Special Edition 20GB
. M9437LL/A M9806*/A U2 30GB
. M9460LL/A M9806B/A UP325385A4H
. . . UP325385A5H

Pocket Size Batteries

Outline Model Type Capacity Price  Order

5 volt external power pack

Helix 11000mAh Portable Power Pack with 3 USB ports for Mobile Phones & Tablets PPW11000 Li-ion External Battery Pack
3 high output 2.4A USB ports charges iPad/Tablets & smartphones.
Charge one iPad/Tablet up to one full time. Fully charge iPhone up to 4 times.
Power Pack itself will recharge in 8.5 hours.

4.72 x 2.95 x 0.93"

CS-PW003R Li-ion 5.0v
CS-PW003W Li-ion 5.0v
Apple 12W charger 0012ADU00 Original Apple 12 watt USB power adapter 5.0v

Car & Travel Chargers

Outline Model Price  Order
iPhone 5 Car Charger iPhone 5, iPod Nano 7th Generation, iPod Touch 5th Generation Car Cord Charger with USB port



iPhone 5 Wall Charger iPhone 5, iPod Nano 7th Generation, iPod Touch 5th Generation Car Cord Charger $28.50Cdn


USB to Lightning cable iPhone 5, iPod Nano 7th Generation, iPod Touch 5th Generation USB to Lightning cable $10.95Cdn


IPHC Cordless Charger
iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4, Verizon iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2nd generation, iPod Touch 3rd generation, iPod Touch 4th generation, 1st 2nd 3rd generation iPod, iPod Photo 4th generation, 5th generation iPod Video, iPod Classic (6th generation), 1st and 2nd generation iPod Mini and 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th generation iPod Nano devices.


Car Cord


AC Adapter