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Nokia 100, 105, 107, BBH-7S & AT&T 3812, 3815, Cell Phone Battery

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Nokia 100 105 107 BBH-7S & AT&T 3812 3815 Cell Phone Battery BNH512-1.2
1200mAh $29.83Cdn

There is a $7 Cdn ($5.60US) shipping and handling charge.
*1 year warranty & no questions asked 1 month return policy.

Battery Charger

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Nokia Style Car Charger

ECH 515
Car Cord

Connector not as pictured.
Not Available

Hands Free Mounting Kit

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ballmount hands free mount
Cell Phone Hands-Free kit
The advantage of this mount is that only a very thin non magnetic steel plate - the size of a postage stamp - is attached to your phone
$19.95 Click to order
& see details

There is a $12 Cdn ($9.60US) shipping and handling charge.

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