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Samsung Digital Camera Batteries & Chargers

Samsung Digital Camera Batteries

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02491-0015-00 DigiMax S1050 Miniket SDC-K50 SL310W
02491-0037-00 DigiMax SL310 Miniket SDC-K512 SL420
AA DigiMax ST10 Miniket SDC-K64 SL502
AAA Digimax U5 Miniket VP-MS10 SL600
AD43-00186A Digimax U501 Miniket VP-MS11 SL605
AD43-00189A DigiMax U-CA 3 Miniket VP-MS12 SL620
AQ 100 DigiMax U-CA 4 Miniket VP-MS15 SL720
B600/BE/BU DigiMax U-CA 5 Miniket VP-MS453M SL820
B740AE Digimax U-CA34 MV900/F SLB-07
BP-70A DigiMax U-CA 401 NP-1 SLB-07A
BP85A DigiMax U-CA 501 NP60 SLB-10A
BP88A DigiMax U-CA 505 NP700 SLB-11A
BP88B Digimax V3 NV3 SLB-0637
BP-1030 Digimax V4 NV4 SLB-0737
BP-1130 nya Digimax V5 NV5 SLB-0837B
BP-1310 Digimax V6 NV7 OPS SLB-0937
BP1410 DigiMax V10 NV8 SLB-1037
BP-2000 Digimax V40 NV9 SLB-1137C
BPS837B Digimax V50 NV10 SLB-1137D
CL5 Digimax V70 NV11 SLB-1237
CL65 DigiMax V700 NV15 SLB-1437
CL80 DigiMax V800 NV20 SLB-1674
D60 Digimax V4000 NV24HD SLB-1974
D75 DigiMax V5000 NV-30 SMX-C10
D85 DV100 NV-33 SMX-C14
D760 DV150F NV-40 SMX-C20
Digimax #1 DV200 NV100HD SMX-C24
Digimax 50 Duo DV300 NV103 SMX-F34
Digimax 101 DV300F NV106 SMX-K40
Digimax 130 EA-BP85A NX1 SMX-K44
Digimax 200 EA-BP88B NX10 SMX-K45
DigiMax 201 EA-BP2000 NX20 SSC-410N
DigiMax 202 EC-HZ15WABP NX30 ST10
Digimax 210SE EC-MV900FBPWUS NX100 ST30
Digimax 220SE EC-SL50ZZBPBUS NX200 ST50
Digimax 230 ED-BP1310LB NX300 nya ST60
DigiMax 240 ED-BP1410 NX2000 nya ST65
DigiMax 250 ED-BP1900 NX2010 ST70
DigiMax 300 EK-GC100 NX1000 ST71
DigiMax 301 EK-GC200 NXF1 ST72
Digimax 330 EK-GC290 NX Mini ST75
Digimax 340 EK-GC2000 P800 ST76
Digimax 35 MP3 ES10 P1000 ST77
Digimax 35 MP3i ES15 PL10 ST80
Digimax 350SE ES17 PL20 ST89
DigiMax 360 ES55 PL21 ST90
DigiMax 370 ES65 PL50 ST91
DigiMax 401 ES70 PL55 ST93
Digimax 410 ES73 PL60 ST94
DigiMax 420 ES80 PL65 ST95
DigiMax 430 EX2F PL70 ST96
DigiMax 530 Galaxy Camera 2 PL80 ST150F
Digimax 800K Galaxy EK-GC100 PL81 ST200/f
DigiMax 800R Galaxy EK-GC200 PL90 ST500
DigiMax 4010 Galaxy EK-GC290 PL91 ST550
DigiMax 4500 Galaxy EK-GC2000 PL100 ST600
Digimax A4 Galaxy K Zoom PL101 ST700
DigiMax A5 Galaxy NX (GN120) PL120 ST1000
DigiMax A6 Galaxy S4 PL121 ST5000
Digimax A40 Galaxy S4 Zoom PL170 ST5500
DigiMax A50 GC100 PL171 TL9
DigiMax A55 GC290 PL200 TL34HD
DigiMax A5 GC2000 PL210 TL90
DigiMax A7 GX-1L PL211 TL100
Digimax A302 GX-1S PRO 815 TL105
DigiMax A400 GX-10 PV-BP88B TL110
DigiMax A402 GX-20 S85 TL205
Digimax A403 HMX-R10 S630 TL210
DigiMax A502 HMX-H100 S730BLK TL220
DigiMax A503 HMX-H104 S730SLV TL225
DigiMax D202 HMX-H105 S750 TL240
DigiMax D250 HMX-H106 S760 TL-320
DigiMax D301 HMX-M20 S830 TL500
DigiMax D370 HZ10/w S850 TTL-20
DigiMax D401 HZ15/w S860 VDPX10
DigiMax D530 HZ25/w S1030 VLUU NV10
DigiMax GX-1S HZ30W S1050 VP-D352
DigiMax GX-3963U HZ35W SB-90ASL VP-D353i
DigiMax i5 i6/PMP SBD-1103 VP-D381
DigiMax i6/PMP i7 SBL-0737 VP-D382
DigiMax i6 Titanium i8 SB-L1437 VP-D383
DigiMax i7 i70 SB-LH73 VP-D385
DigiMax i8 i80 SB-LH82 VP-D451
DigiMax i50 i85 SB-LS80 VP-D453
DigiMax i70 i100 SB-LSM160 VP-D454
DigiMax i85 iA-BH125C SBP-1303 VP-D455
DigiMax L50/B/S iA-BH130LB SC-D381 VP-D651
DigiMax L55W iABP80 SC-D382 VP-D653
Digimax L60 iABP80WA SC-D383 VP-D655
Digimax L70 iABP85A SC-D385 VP-D903
Digimax L70B iABP85ST SC-D391i VP-D953
Digimax L73 iABP85OM SC-D953 VP-D955
Digimax L74 iABP85SW SC-DC165 VP-D957
Digimax L77 iABP125A SC-DX10 VP-D959
Digimax L80 IT100 SC-DX100 VP-DX10
Digimax L83T Kenox  A5 SC-DX100H VP-DX100
DigiMax L85W Kenox 370 SC-DX103 VP-DX100i
DigiMax L100 Kenox 430 SC-DX105 VP-DX105i
DigiMax L110 Kenox U-CA5 SC-DX200 VP-DX200
DigiMax L210 Kenox UX4 SC-DX205 VP-MS10
Digimax L700 L70 SC-HMX20 nc VP-MS11
Digimax L730 L73BLK SC-MS10 VP-MS12
Digimax L830 L73SLV SC-MS11 VP-MS15
Digimax NV4 L74 SC-MS15 VP-MX10
Digimax NV5 L77 SC-MX10 nc WB30/F
Digimax NV10 L83T SC-MX20 nc WB50F
Digimax NV11 L100 SC-MX25 WB100
Digimax NV15 L110 SDC-80 WB150F
Digimax NV20 L200 SDC-D256 WB200
Digimax NV24HD L201 SDC-D512 WB210
Digimax NV30 L210 SDC-K50 WB250F
DigiMax PRO-815 L301 SDC-K64 WB350F
DigiMax S13B L310W SDC-K128 WB500
DigiMax S73 L700 SDC-K512 WB550
DigiMax S85 L730 SDC-LH73 WB600
DigiMax S500 L830 SDC-MS61S WB700
DigiMax S600 LH-73 SH100 WB750
DigiMax S630 M100 SL30 WB800F
DigiMax S700 M110 SL35 WB850F
DigiMax S730 M310 SL40 WB1000
DigiMax S750 Miniket SC-M10 SL50 WB2100
DigiMax S800 Miniket SC-MS11 SL102 WB2200
DigiMax S850 Miniket SC-MS15 SL201 WB5000
DigiMax S1000 Miniket SDC-K128 SL202 WP10

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail if you don't see your Samsung  digital camera model listed.

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