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Uniden Cordless Phone Batteries

Uniden Cordless phone Batteries

20678 CLX475-3 DXI-986-2 EXi4561 TRU-546
20679 CLX485 DXI-3086/2 EXi5060 TRU-548
23193 CLX502 DXI-3286/2 EXi5160 TRU-946
08004864336 CLX503 DXI386-2 EXi5560 TRU12803
1000060 CP-355 DXI-4286/2 EXi5660 TRU-2485
1300366895 CT-301 DXi-4560-2 EXi-6960 TRU-3455
2300961/A CT-335 DXI-4561 EXi-7046 TRU-3465
8510024 CT-350 DXI4561-2 EXi-7060A TRU-3466
8510021 CT-355 DXI-5186/2 EXi-7246/b/c/g/p TRU-3485
24-148 CT-350 DXI-5586-2 EXi-7926/A TRU-3466
27958 CT-575 DXI5586-3 EXI7926HS TRU4462
831 CT-785S DXI5586-3T EXI7950 TRU-4465/2
3101 CTB-1T1339 DXI5586-3TA EXi-7960/A TRU-4060-2
3111 CTX440 DXI5686 EXI8560 TRU-4465
3775 CXA7950 DXI5686-2 EXi-8600A TRU-4485
6030 CXAI5098 DXI5686-3 EXi-8650 TRU-4485/2
6031 CXAI5198 DXI5688-3 EXi-8965 TRU-5860/2
6032 CXAi5686-2 DXI-7086 EXi-8966 TRU-5865/2
6041 CXAi5698 DXI-7286/2 EXi-5160 TRU-5885/2
6042 D-AA600BX3 DXI-8560 EXL-8900 TRU-6860-2
6043 D1361 DXI8560-2 EXL-8901 TRU-8065-/2/4
6051 D1363 DXI8560-3 EXL-8945 TRU-8085-4
6052 D1364 DXI986-2 EXL-A8950 TRU-8806
6053 D1384 EHD1200/GB EXL-I8962 TRU-8860/2
6110 D1481 ELBT585-base EXP-91/A/S TRU-8865/2
6111 D1483 ELBT585-handset EXP-92 TRU-8866/2
6113 D1484 ELBT595-base EXP-93 TRU-8880/2
6121 D1660/-2/-3/-4 ELBT595-handset EXP-95 TRU-8885/2
7080 D1680/-2/-3/-4 ELITE 8805 EXP-95/i TRU8885-3
8300 D1685/-2/-3/-4/-5 ELITE 8815 EXP-96 TRU-8888
8301 D1688/-2/-3/-4/-5 ELITE 8855 EXP-97 TRU9060
8865 D1760 ELITE 90xx EXP-370 TRU-9085/3
8510024 D1780 ELITE 91xx EXP-370A TRU-9260-/3/4
3SN-AA60-S-J1 D1785 ELT560-base EXP-370CS TRU9260-2
AA D1788 ELT560-handset EXP-371 TRU-9280
AAA D2280 ELX500 EXP-371A TRU9280-2
AE-155 D2300 EP-200 EXP380 TRU9280-3
AE-156 D2380 ET-355 EXP-380P TRU9280-4
AE-255 D2997 ET929 EXP-380L TRU-9360
AE-355 D2998 ETA277DC EXP-380B TRU9360-2
AI7950EX D3097 ETA544 EXP-900 TRU9360-3
AM46EV D3098 EWC9136 EXP-901 TRU9360-4
AM-468U D3200 EWCi936 EXP-905 TRU-9380-2/3/4
ANA9310 D3280 EX-19S EXP-909 TRU-9385
ANA9320 D3288 EX-95 EXP-915 TRU9385-2
ANA9500 D3500 EX-155 EXP-920 TRU-9400
ANA9610 D3580 EX-200 EXP-950/A/H TRU-9460
ANA9620 D3588 EX-250 EXP-951 TRU9460-2
ANA9710 DCT-646-/2 EX-254 EXP-970 TRU-9465
AP680BHP-AV DCT-646-/2/3/4 EX-255 EXP-971 TRU9465-2
AXA3245 DCT-648-/2/3 EX-300 EXP-990 TRU9465-4
B300/A DCT-736-/2/3/4 EX-400 EXP-1165 TRU-9466
B701 DCT-737 EX-422 EXP-1240H TRU9466-2
B705 DCT-738/-2/-3/-3T/-4/-4T EX-442 EXP-2000A TRU9466-4
B738 DCT-746/M EX-500 EXP-2240 TRU-9480
B900 DCT-748-/2/4 EX-900 EXP-2241 TRU9480-2
B1000 DCT-750 EX-901 EXP-2243 TRU9480-3
B3801 DCT-756/-2/-3/-4 EX-902 EXP-2800 TRU9480-4
B3810 DCT-758/-2/-4 EX-905 EXP-2900 TRU-9485-2/3
B4101 DCT-758-3 EX-915 EXP-2901 TRU-9488
B7018 DCT-5260 EX917 EXP-2903 TRU9488-2
BA-300 DCT-5280 EX-925 EXP-2905 TRU9488-3
BA-300A DCT-5285 EX-945 EXP-2926 TRU-9496
BATT-925 DCT-6046-3 EX-965 EXP-3240 TRU9500
BATT-2410 DCT-6065-4 EX-1000 EXP-3241 TRU9565
BBTG0609001 DCT-6465/-2 EX-1100 EXP-3710 TRU9565-2
BBTG0645001 DCT-6485/-2/-3 EX-1150 EXP-3000 TRU9565-3
BBTG0647001 DCT-7085-3 EX-1500 EXP-3241 TRU9585
BBTG0658001 DCT-7088-2 EX-1706 EXP-4240 TRU9585-2
BBTG0671001-1 DCT-7488/-2 EX-1916 EXP-4241 TRU9585-3
BBTG0672001 DCT-7565 EX-1917 EXP4540 TRU9585-3AWX
BBTG0734001 DCT-7565-2 EX-1960 EXP4541 TRU9585-4
BBTG0743001 DCT-7585/-2/-3/-4 EX-1975 EXP-6900 TRU9585-4AWX
BBTG0798001 DCX-100 EX-1976 EXP-7000A TRU-9626
BBTG0847001 DCX-150 EX-1980 EXP-7240 TRU9946-5
BBTY-0241001 DCX-160 EX-2000 EXP-7241 TRU9946-6
BBTY0205001 n/a DCX-200 EX-2100 EXP-7900 TRU12803
BBTY-0207001 DCX-210 EX-2101 EXP-7901 TRU99380
BBTY-0241001 DCX230 EX-2600 EXP-7902 TRU99465
BBTY-0251001 DCX-291 EX-2700 EXP-7903 TRU99466
BBTY-0251001-1 DCX-300 EX-3000 EXP-7904 TRU99480
BBTY-0275001 DCX-330 EX-3100 EXP7904C TRU99488
BBTY-030001 DCX-350 EX-3101 EXP7904L TRU99496
BBTY032Y001 DCX-400 EX-3102 EXP7904T TRU-C46
BBTY-0324001 DCX-520 EX-3182 EXP-7950 TRU-C56
BBTY-0345001 DCX-640 EX-3200 EXP-7960 TWX955
BBTY-0373001 DCX-650 EX-3201 EXP-7980 TWX977
BBTY-0375001 DCX-700 EX-3300 EXP-8000A TXC-146
BBTY-0405001 DCX-730 EX-3500 EXP-8060 TXC-400
BBTY-0414001 DCX-750 EX-3600 EXP-9000 TXC400A
BBTY0444001 DCX-770 EX-3610 EXP-9100 TXC-580
BBTY0449001 DCX776 EX-3800 EXP-9200 TXC-860A
BBTY0457001 DCX-834 EX-3810 EXP-9500 UIP160P
BBTY0458001 DECT160 EX-4000 EXP-9505 n/a UIP165P
BBTY0460001 DECT180 EX-4100 EXP-9580 UIP1868
BBTY0471001 DECT1060 series EX-4101 EXP-9586 UIP1868-8
BBTY0480001 DECT1080 series EX-4102 EXP-9590 UIP1868P
BBTY0483001 DECT1340 EX-4112 EXP-9600 UIP1869V
BBTY0494001 DECT1363/-2 EX-4500 EXP9660 WDECT2380
BBTY-0483001 DECT1400 series EX-4800 EXP9702 WDECT2385
BBTY0503001 DECT1480 series EX-5000 EXP9704 Wham
BBTY0504001 DECT1500 EX-6000 EXP-9900 Whamx4 series
BBTY0506001 DECT1560/-2/-3/-3S/-4 EX-7000 EXP-9966 WIN1200
BBTY0507001 DECT1580 EX-7500 EXP-9005 WXI-307
BBTY0510001 DECT1580-2 EX-7700 EXP-9100 WXI-377
BBTY0531001 DECT1580-3 EX-8050 EXP-9110 WXI377B
BBTY0538001 DECT1580-4 EX-16960 EXP-9200 WXI-477
BBTY0545001 DECT1580-4C EX-17046 EXP-9550 WXI-2077
BBTY0565001 DECT1580-4WXT EX-17926 EXP-9650 WXI2077-2
BBTY0566001 DECT1580-5 EX-17960 EXP-9800 WXI2077-3
BBTY0616001 DECT1580-6 EX-18600A EXP-9995 WXI2077-4
BBTY0623001 DECT1588 EX-18965/A EXP-9996 WXI3077
BBTY0624001 DECT1588-2 EXA-915 EXP-10000 XA-16980
BBTY0651101 DECT1588-3 EXA-918 EXP10000 XC-15
BBTY0655001 DECT1588-4 EXA-950 EXR-2400 XC-265
BBTY0663001 DECT1588-5 EXA-1378 EXR-2460 XC-301
BBTY0700001 DECT20xx series EXA-2245 EXR-2480 XC-302
BC-120XLT DECT2060 series EXA-2248 EXS-2010 XC-305
BC220XLT DECT2060-2 EXA-2850 EXS-2050 XC-310/G
BC-230XLT DECT2080 series EXA-2950 EXS-2060 XC-312
B-CXAi5698 DECT2080-2 EXA-2955 EXS-2080 XC-314
B-DXAi5688-3 DECT2080-2W EXA-3245 EXS-208 XC-315
B-DXi5586-3 DECT2080-3 EXA-3955 EXS-2084 XC-320
B-EXi5660 DECT2080-4 EXA5180 EXS-9005 XC-330
BG-031 DECT2080-5 EXA-6950 EXS-9110/i XC-340
BP-120 DECT2080-5B EXA-7248 EXS-9500 XC-345
BP-180 DECT2085/-2/-2W/-3/-4/-4WX/-5 EXA-7250 EXS-9550 XC-351Y
BP-446 DECT2088/-2/-3 EXA-7950 EXS-9600 XC-355
BP-800 DECT2100 series EXA7980I EXS-9650 XC-365
BP-900 n/a DECT2130 +1 EXA-8955 EXS-9660 XC-510
BP-901 DECT2180/-2/-3/-4 EXAi91B EXS-9800 XC600
BP-904 DECT2185/-2/-3 EXAi98D EXS-9900 XC-610
BP-905 DECT2188/-2/-3/-4/-5 EXAi378/i EXS-9910 XC-611
BP-909 DECT2662/2 EXAi398/i EXS-9950 XC-615
BP-910 DECT2882/-2/-3 EXAI398I EXS-9960 XC-645
BP-990 DECT2888 EXAI790 EXS-9965 XC-645C
BP-999 DECT3000 series EXAi918 EXS-9966 XC-660
BP-2499 DECT3080-4 EXAi978/I EXS-9980 XC-700
BP-9100 DECT3080-5 EXAI980 EXS-9995 XC-714
BP-9200 DECT3080-6 EXAi985HS EXS-9996 XC-716
BP-T40 DECT3181/-2 EXAi1918/i EXT-1160 XC-717
BT0001 DECT3380/2R/3R/4R/5R/6R EXAi1978/i EXT-1165 XC-718
BT0002 DECT4000 series EXAi1980/i EXT-1265 XC-801
BT0003 DECT4066/-2/-3/-4 EXAi1985/i EXT-1365 XC-810
BT-15 DECT4086/-2/-3/-4 EXAi2248/i EXT-1460 XC-815
BT-087 DECT4096/-2/-3/-4 EXAi2950 EXT-1465 XC-1660
BT-098 DECT6005 EXAi2980/i EXT-1760 XC-1665
BT-101 DECT6015 EXAi3078 EXT-1865 XC-1667
BT-105 DECT6035 EXAI3246 EXT-1960 XC1680
BT-185 DECT9005 EXAi3248/i EXT-1965 XC-3510
BT-345 n/a DECT9035 EXAI3965 EXT-3165 XC3510G
BT-385 DMX770 EXAi3985 EXV-98 XC-3514
BT-446 DMX776 EXAI3985CHS EXV-958 XC-3515
BT-461 DMX778 EXAi4246/C EXV-990 XC-3530
BT-466 DRX332 EXAi4248/2 EZAI998 XC-3545
BT-634 DRX402 EXAI4248I EZAI2997 XC-4519
BT-652 DRX402A EXAi4561-/2 EZAI2997-2 XC-4534
BT-694 DSS7815 EXAi4580 EZAI2997-3 XC-6450
BT-800 DWX-207 EXAi4581 EZAI2997-4 XCA-550
BT-801 DWX337 EXA4588-2 EZ-i996 XCA-555
BT-810 DX-34 EXAi5180 EZI2996 XCA-556
BT-811 DX-85 EXAi5580 EZI2996-2 XCA-650
BT-815 DX-355 EXAi5680 EZI2996-3 XCA-660
BT-901 DX-419 EXAi6980 EZI2996-4 XCA-680
BT-904 DX-434 EXAi7248/i EZAI2997 XCA-1680
BT-905 DX-634 EXAi7286-2 EZX290 XCA-2500
BT-909 DX655s EXAi7980/A/i EZX900 XCA-2510
BT-925 DX-719 EXAi7980i HO200 XCA-2515
BT-930 DX-734 EXAi7980B MC850L XCA-4500
BT-951 DX-834 EXAi7960I Mini200 XCA-4510
BT-990 DX-3555 EXAI8580 NCP1154 XCA-4515
BT-999 DX-3565 EXAi8985/C/HS NOR-9550C XCAI-680
BT-1001 DX-4519 EXAi9181/B PHP9000AT XCI607
BT-1002 DX-4534 EXAi9781 PHP9000XT XCI660
BT-1004 DX-8200 EXAI79801 QV-4544 XCI-665
BT-1005 DX-13086-2 EXAI79801HS QV-A4505 XCI-667
BT-1006 DX-A6505 EXAT2980I SC-150 n/a XDECT 70xx
BT-1007 DX-A6506 EXC550 T4 series XDECT R0xx
BT-1008 DX-AI388-2 EXi-91S T400 series XE-200
BT-1009 DX-AI685 EXi376 T800 XE-250
BT-1011 DXAI685 EXi386 T43300 XE-300
BT-1015 DXAi-3288/2 EXI386M TCX146 XE-350
BT-1016 DXAI388-2 EXI386P TCX400 XE-355
BT-1017 DXAi-4288/2 EXI386S TCX440 XE-360
BT-1018 DXAi-4588-2 EXi-916 TCX580 XE-365
BT-1019 DXAi-5180 EXi-917/S TCX800 XE-400
BT-1021 DXAI5186-2 EXi-960 TCX860 XE-422
BT-1022 DXAi-5188/2 EXi-975 TCX805 XE-442
BT-1025 DXAi-5588-2 EXi-976 TCX905 XE-500
BT-1031 DXAI5588-3 EXI1980 TCX930 XE550
BT-2499 DXAI5588-4 EXi2046 TCX950 XE-570
BT-9000 DXAi-5686-3 EXi2246/C TRU226 XE-600
BT-9000/B DXAi-5688-/2/3/4 EXi2926HS TRU226-3AC XE-650
BT-9100 DXAi7288-2 EXi2960 TRU238 XE-660
BT-9200 DXAi8580 EXi2965 TRU238-2AC XE-665
CAGJBJAAE DXAI8580-2 EXi2970 TRU-241 XE-667
CBC909 DXAI8580-3 EXI2980 TRU-246 XE-700
CDU3241A DXC-520 EXi3046/C TRU-248 XE-750
CDU5160 DXC645 EXi3226 TRU-341 XE-777
CEZAi998A DXC655S EXi3246 TRU-346 XE-777S
CEZAi2998 DXC700 EXI3246C TRU-348 XE-785
CEZAi2998-2 DXI-386/2 EXi3248 TRU-446 XE-895
CEZAi2998-3 DX-I665/S EXi3965 TRU-446/2 XE-965
CEZAi2998-4 DXI665 EXi4046 TRU-448 XE-985
CLX400 DXI665S EXi4246/C TRU-448/2 XE-8950
CLX465 DX-I860/C EXi4560-/2/P/V . .
CLX475 . . . .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail if you don't see your Uniden cordless phone model listed.

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