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NTN5521A, 6060930L41, battery for Motorola Radius P200, P210, 2 Way Radio

NiCd & NiMH batteries are not interchangeable

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This is the equivalent NTN5521A,6060930L41 battery for your Motorola Radius P200,P210 2 Way Radio EPP-5521 NiCd 10v
NTN4824A, NTN5049A, NTN5414, NTN5447A, NTN5447B, NTN5521A, NTN5531 battery CS-HTP210TW NiMH 9.6

There is a $12 Cdn ($9.60US) shipping and handling charge.
1 year warranty & no questions asked 1 month return policy.

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