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Nortel (Northern Telecom) & Aastra Cordless Phone Batteries & Companion C3050, C3060, M7410 telephones

-Also see Avaya

3N-270AA 9570 D1763-0000-02-03 Norstar Companion
35ict 9750 DH4-BAAA/2B Norstar M7324
55i 660177 Digital Mobility NTB65LD Norstar M7410
57i CT 660190/1A DKS12009 Norstar Plus
95AAAhC3BXZ 660190/R2B DS-900 NT7B65KL
142D 660216/1B1 DT390 NT7B65LD
420D 690104 DT412 na NT7B65E6
480i CT 980522 DT413 NT8B45AA
600c/d 84743411 DT423 NT8B45AH
610d A0378252 DT433 EX NT8B45AN
620d A0548452 DT690 NT8B45AAAP
630d A0548453 DT692 NT8B46AA
650c A0631532 DTS11 NTAB9682
2210 A0628271 E0062-0068-00-00 NTHH04CA
2211 A0633079 F6S-550X3 NTHH04FA
2212 A065236 GESPCH01 NTHH04GA
23-0022-00 A0652362 GTSN3060M NTHH10BA
23-000022-00 A0652365 i640 NTHH10CA
23-001059-00 A0652369 i2211 NTHH10HA
2616CT A0667371 JB800/PL NTHH10AA
3000 A0687191 JB900/PL NTHH10EA
3040 A0687194 JB950 NTHH10GA
3050 A0729362 JB960 NTHH11AA
3060 AO729364 Kirk 3040 NTHH11EA
3210C A0729700 Liberation Headset NTHH11GA
3216 A0757120 Link 6020 NTTQ4024 na
3620 A0757132 Link 8020 NTTQ4025
3626 A0845917 M2616CT NTTQ4026
3641 A1763-0000-02-00 M7001 NTTQ4027
3645 A1770-0000-10-01 M7002 NTTQ4050
3N-270AA A1801-0000-16-00 M7003 NTTQ5010
3N-700AACL A1801-0000-16-05 M7005 NTTQ5050
4027 B002PXFZDW M7410/CT NTTQ81EAE6
4070 BAT-1200802112 M7410BAT NTTQ82EAE6
4075 BE-25CHT Maestro 4500 P0871365
4135 BE-25PR Maestro 4525 PBP0850
4145 BE240CID Maestro 4600 PBP1300
4146 BE240GHZ Maestro 4625 PBP1850
4500 BE900CID Maestro 6200CW PM-35BAT
4525 BE900CHT Maestro 6300CW PM-38BAT
61xx series BE900FA Maestro 900DSS PMG3455
6120 BE3850 (slide-in) Meridian Companion SIP-DECT 142
6140 BE-3850 (wires & plug) Meridian M2616CT SIP-DECT MBU400
6200CW BE3872 Meridian M7324 T7406
6300CW B/G32 Meridian M7410/CT T7406E
6753i BPE100 Meridian PBX T7410
6755i BPL100 Meridian T7406 T7420
6757iCT BPL200 Meridian T7410 T7430
68768027 BPL300 Meridian M7705 T7439
7410 BPN100 ME900 T7440
7420 BPX100 MU-79-1520 T7449
7430 BT Norstar Companion MU-79-1530 Triad Wanderer
7434 C3050 Nomad 6300 Vista
7439 C3060 Nomad 6500 Vista 3000
7440 CM16 Nomad 7300 WLAN 2211
7449 Companion 200 Nomad 7500 WLAN 61xx
8020 Companion C3020 Nomad 8500 WLAN 6120
8030 Companion C3050 Nomad 9300 WLAN 6140
8242 Companion C3060 Nomad M900DSS .
8262 Companion C400 Nomad N9300 .
geb9480iCT CT Cordless . .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail if you don't see your Nortel  model listed.

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