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Sony Ericsson Cell Phone & PDA Batteries

197 D6653 LT26 Tulip SS
200/300 Series DF363 LT26i TXT Pro
237 DF388 LT28/at/h/i U5/at/i
278d DF688 LT29 U8i
337 DH318 LT29i U100/i
338 DH318Vi LT30a/i Urushi
388 DH336 LT35/a/h/i US446370
588 DH337 LX77 V600i
600/688 DH338 LX100 V630i
618 DH343 LX588 V640i
620 DH353 LX677 V800
630 DH368 LX688 V802SE
638 DH600 LX700 V900i
688 DH618 LX738 Vivaz Pro U8i
738 DH668 LX768 Vivaz U5i
768 DH688 LX777 Vodaphone 802SE
778 DPY901526 LX788 Vulcan
788 DPY901649 M50W W8
798 DT590 M55W W200/a/i/c
801 DT3000 M600i W205
888 DT3325 Mint W300i
1227-8001.10W16 DT3500 MK16i W302
1227-8101.1 na Ducati MT15A W350/a/c/i
1228/D E10a MT15i W380/a/i
1228-9675.1 E10i Naite W395
1237-4676 E10 mini NH238 W500/i/c
1251-9510.1/C E15 NM2100 W508/a
1253-1155.2 E16 NM6120 W518a
1257-1456 E2303 NM7075 W550/i/c
1257-1456.1B E2306 Nozomi W580/A/C/i
1421-0953.1 10W35 E2312 Nyphon W595
A2218Z E2333 Odin W600/a/i
3000020 E2353 P1/c/i W610i
A8/i E2363 P700i W700/c/i
A122Di E5303 P800 W705a
A1018S E5306 P802 W710/i/c
A1228/C/D/I/X E5333 P900 W712
A1888 E5343 P902 W715
A2216 E5353 P908 W760/a/c/i
A2218Z E5363 P910/i W800/i/c
A2618 E5506 P990/i W810/i
A5402S E5533 PD328 W830i
A5404S E5563 PD398 W850i
AF336 E6508 Pegasus W880i
AF718 E6533 PF768 W900
AF738 E6553 PF788 W902/Plus
AF778 EF738 PH337 W908c
AF788 EH237 PH388 W910i
AGPB009-A001 EH238 PlayStation W950/C/i
AGPB009-A002 EH288 Pepper W958C
AGPB009-A003 Elm R278D W980/i
AGPB012-A001 EP500 R280D/I W995
AH197 Equinox R280LX X1
AH210 ERI688 R289LX X10A
AH220 F305 R300/a X10i na
AH230 F500i R300D X10i Mini
AH235 Faith R300LX Xperia Advance
AH237 Falcon D R300Z Xperia Arc
AH238 Falcon DTV R306 Xperia Arc S
AH300 Falcon SS R320 Xperia C3
AH310 Firefly R520 Xperia C4
AH318 Fusion R800/a/i/x Xperia C5
AH320 G502/c Rachel X3 Xperia C6502
AH337 G700 Robyn Xperia C6503
AH338 G705/u S55/T/U Xperia C6505
AH600 G900/c S302c Xperia C6506
AH618 GA318 S312 Xperia C6603
AH620 GA628 S500/C/i Xperia E1
AH628 GF337 S600/i/c Xperia E10/a/i
AH630 GF388 S700a Xperia Go
AH640 GF768 S700i Xperia GX
AH650 GF788 S710A Xperia Ion
AH688 GH218 Satio Xperia Ion HSPA
Aino GH337 Seagull Xperia J
Anzu GH338 SH888 Xperia L
Aoba GH388 SK17 Xperia M
Arc HD GH398 SO-01C Xperia M2
Aspen GH688/S SO-01G Xperia M4
Azusa Halon SO-02E Xperia M4 Aqua Dual LTE
BA600 Hayabusa SO-03G Xperia Mini Pro
BA700 Hazel SO-04D Xperia MT27/i
BA750 i888 SOL26 Xperia neo
BA800 Iyokan SOV31 Xperia P
BA900 J20 SP50KERA10 Xperia PLAY
BKB193 174 J100/a/c/i Spiro Xperia Pro
BKB193 203 J105/a/i ST15 Xperia Pureness
BSL-14 J110/a/c/i ST18 Xperia Ray
BST-14 J120/i/c ST25 Xperia S
BST-15 J132 ST25i Xperia Sola
BST-19 J220/a/i/c ST26a Xperia SP
BST-22 J230/i/c ST27/a/i Xperia ST27
BST-24 J300/a/i TH337 Xperia T2 Ultra
BST-25 Jalou T3 Xperia T3
BST-26 JLo T10 Xperia T LT29i
BST-27 K200/a/c/i T18 Xperia TX LT29
BST-30 K220/c/i T18D Xperia TL
BST-33 K310/a/c/i T18LX Xperia T LT30p
BST-35 K320i T18Z Xperia TX
BST-36 K325 T19 Xperia U
BST-37 K330 T181X Xperia Ultra
BST-38 K500/c/i T191X Xperia X
BST-39 K506C T19/LX Xperia X1
BST-40 K508/c/i T28/Z Xperia X1/a/c/i
BST-41 K510/a/c/i T29 Xperia X2/a/i
BST-42 K530i T36 Xperia X3
BST-43 K550/c/m T39/M Xperia X8
BUS-11 K600i T60 Xperia X10/a
C510/a K608i T60d Xperia X10 Mini
C702/a/c K610/i/m T61c Xperia X12
C901 K618i T61z Xperia Z Ultra
C902 K630i T60U n/a Xperia Z1
C903/a K700/c/i T61 Xperia Z2
C905/a K750/c/i T62 Xperia Z3
C1904 K770/i T66 Xperia Z3 Compact
C1905 K758C T68 Xperia Z3 Mini
C2004 K790/a/c/i T68i Xperia Z3 Plus
C2005 K800i T68i (Silver) Xperia Z3X
C2105 K810i T100 Xperia Z4
C6602 K818c T102 Xperia Z4 Compact
CA318 K850/i T105 Xperia ZL
CA638 K858c T106 Xperia ZQ
Cedar J108 KF688 T200 Xperia ZR
CF337 K858c T202 Xperia ZU
CF388 (FLIP) KF688 T206 Yari
CF688 KF788 T226/s/m Yuga
CF768 KH600 T230 Z200
CF788 KH618 T237 Z208
CF880 KH668 T238 Z300a
CF888/I888 KRZ113 T280i Z310/a/i
CF788 Kumquat T290/a Z320/a/c
CF880 Kurara T300 Z500/a/i
CF888/I888 L35/a/h/i T303/c Z520/a/c/i
CH337 L36h T306 Z525/a/i
CH338 L36i T310 Z530
CH388 L55T T312 Z530/c/i
Cosmos DS L55U T316 Z550/a/c/i
CT550 Lavender SS T600 Z555i
CT650 LIS1485ERPC T606 Z558/i/c
CT700 LIS1499ERPC T608 Z600
CT-750 LIS1501ERPC T610/nz Z608
CT800 LIS1502ERPC T616 Z610i
D750i LIS1525ERPC T618 Z710i
D2502 LIS1543ERPC T628 Z712
D2533 LIS1546ERPC T630 Z750
D5102 LIS1558ERPC T637 Z750/a/i
D5103 LIS1561ERPC T650/i Z770/a/i
D5106 LIS1576ERPC T658c Z780/a/i
D5803 LIS1579ERPC T700 Z800
D5833 Lotus T707/a Z800i
D6616 LT15/a/i T715A Z1010
D6633 LT22/i TM506 Zylo
. . TM717 .

The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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