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SportDog Dog Collar Batteries

1V6-QB-120H RFA-67 SDT00-15944
1825CAMO S402-3395 SDT54-13889
4SN-1/4AAA15H-H-JP1 SAC00-11816 SDT54-13923
3225 SAC00-12542 Sporthunter 800
650-052 SAC00-12544 Sporthunter 825
650-053 SAC00-12615 Sporthunter1200 SR200-I
650-058 SAC00-13057 Sporthunter 1225
650-059 SAC00-13514 Sporthunter1800 SR200-IM
650-060 SAC00-13794 Sporthunter 1825 Transmitter
650-104 SAC00-14727 Sporthunter SD-800
650-970 SAC00-15724 SR-225
BP-2T SAC00-16365 SR-300
BP1061 SAC54-13734 SR-300BO.
BP00001061 SAC54-13735 SR-300W
CR123A Beeper SAC54-13815 SR-325
CR2032 SAC54-13924 ST101-SP
D-1875 SAC54-15955 ST101-ACE
DC-16 SBC-6 ST-120
DC-17 SBC-10R Bark Collar ST120-BCE
DC-17_5 SBC-18 ST120-SAE
DC-22 SD-105/s ST-101SH Transmitter
DC-23 SD400 ST-125
DC-24 SD400S TEK Series 1.0
DC-25 SD-425 TEK 2.0 GPS handheld
FieldTrainer 400 SD-425S TEK-V1LT TEK-H
FieldTrainer 400S SD-800 TEK-V2GBATT
FieldTrainer 425 SD-825 TEK-V2LT
FieldTrainer 425S SD-1225 Trainer SD-400S
FieldTrainer FT-100 SD-1800 Transmitter 1400
FieldTrainer FT-125/w SD-1825 Receiver Transmitter 1400NCP
FieldTrainer SD-400 SD-1825 Transmitter Transmitter 1500
FieldTrainer SD-400S SD-1825CAMO Transmitter 1500NCP
FieldTrainer SD-425 SD-1875 Transmitter 1600
FR200 SD2400 Transmitter 1600NCP
FR200BS SWR/3 SD2500 Transmitter Transmitter 1700
FR200BW SD-2525 Transmitter Transmitter 1700NCP
FR200P Receiver SD-2525 Prohunter Transmitter Transmitter 1800NC
FT-100 SD-3225 Receiver Transmitter 1802NC
FT-100B Transmitter SD-3225 Transmitter Transmitter 1803NC
FT-125 SD-Beep Transmitter 1804NC
FT-125S SDF-CT Receiver Transmitter 2000B
FT-125W SDR-AB Transmitter 2000NC
Houndhunter 1875 SDT00-10807 Transmitter 2000NCP
Houndhunter 3225 SDT00-11907 Transmitter 2000T
Houndhunter SD-1800 SDT00-11910 tx Transmitter 2002B
Houndhunter SR200-I SDT00-11911 Transmitter 2002NC
Launcher SDT00-12464 rx Transmitter 2002NCP
MH70AAAQ4GC SDT00-12465 tx Transmitter 2002T
MH120AAAL4GC SDT00-12486 Tritronics 200LR
MH120AAAL6HC SDT00-12490 Uplandhunter SD-1850
MH250AAAN6HC SDT00-12739 Uplandhunter SR-200IB
MH700AAA10YC SDT00-13820 WetlandHunter 425CAMO
MH750PF64HC SDT00-13821 WetlandHunter 1825 CAMO
NoBark 10R SDT00-13857 + Coaster Wetlandhunter SD-400 Camo Transmitter
NoBark 6/18 SDT00-13858 Wetlandhunter SD-800 Camo
Prohunter SD-2400 SDT00-13859 Wetlandhunter SD-2000
Prohunter 2525 SDT00-13860 Wetlandhunter ST101-W
RB-200 SDT00-13890 Wetland 2000 SR200-IW
Remote Launcher Receiver SDT00-13922 YardTrainer SD-350

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.