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Batteries for Motorola Cell & Mobile Phones

0189727LO1 i88s RAZR V3 /c/e/i/m/r/t/xx/z Spice XT
12822 n/a i90 RAZR V3 PEBL U6 Spirit 1500
17-1234 i90C RAZR V3r SPN4681B
17-1301 i95 RAZR V3s SPN4888A
17-1401 i95CL RAZR V3x Spyder
60 series i99 RAZR V3xx ST7868W
60C i205/s RAZR V3Z Startac 2
120/C/E/T/X i206 RAZR V6 Startac 3000
192 i215 RAZR2 Startac 6000(SNN4239C)
193 i265 RAZR V Startac 6000E(SNN4816B)
250 not Vadar i275 RAZR2 V8 Startac 6500/E
270/C i280 RAZR2 V9 Startac 7000G(GSM)
280 i285 RAZR2 V9m Startac 7700
280c i290 RAZR2 V9x Startac 7760
355 i296 RAZR maxx Ve Startac 7762
388C i305 RAZR VE20 Startac 7790/S/i
550 i315 Droid RAZR XT910 Startac 7795
560 i325 Droid RAZR XT912 Startac 7797
650E Flip Phone i335 Renegade Startac 7800W n/a
900PT i355 Rival Startac 7860 n/a
950PT i365 Rival A455 Startac ST7867 n/a
1000 i365 RIZR2 V3/i Startac 7868 n/a
1200 i370 RIZR2 V8 Startac 7897 n/a
1220 i370XL RIZR2 V9 Startac 8000
19031WASBB Bag Phone i390 RIZR2 Z6 Startac 8167
19414WALSA Bag Phone i410 RIZR2 Z8 Startac 8500
2000 i415 RIZR K1M Startac 8600
2000X i420 RIZR Z3 Startac 8767
2088 i425/e/t RIZR Z6c Startac 80231
2200 i450 RIZR Z6cx Stature
2397 i455 RIZR Z6tv Stature i9
2900 Carry Phone i460 RLN5393 SWF2143D
2950 i465 Clutch ROKR E1 Symbol ES400
3000 i470 ROKR E8 T189
3160 i500 ROKR U9 T190 SNN5623A
3180 i500 Plus ROKR Z6m T191 SNN5623A
3225 i530 SC75 T192
34148WNKEA i533 SC3160 T193
34200NPKEA i550 Plus SC3180 T205
34207 i560 SC725 T250 n/a
34644AB i570 SC735 T280/i
3620 i576 SC925 T300P
3682 i580 SC3160 T720/C
3688 i600 SCN2286A T720i
3690 i605 SCN2384A T721
4500 Bag Phone i670 SCN2395A T722i
5200 i680 Brute SCN2423A T730c
5810 i690 SCN2497A T731
6000E i700 Plus SCN2500A T731C
6200 i710 SCN2801AB T1028
6210 i730 Select 2000/3000/E/6000 T2200
6230 i733 Shamu T2260
6280 i736 Sidekick Slide T2267
6500 i750 SLN2025A
n/a(2 -B645 inside pack)
6510 i760 SLN4789 n/a T2288
6710 i776 SLN8189 T2290
6750 i830 SLVR L2 T2296
7089 i833 SLVR L6 T2297
7210 i835/g/w SLVR L7/c T2688
7230 i836 SLVR L9 T2689
7262 i850 SLVR L72 T2988
7280 i855 SLVR V8 Talkabout
7510 i856 Debut SNN578A Talkabout T2200
7730 i857 SNN4003/B Talkabout T2260
7750 i860 SNN4011 Talkabout T2267
7760 i870 SNN4015 Talkabout T2282
7780 i875 SNN4017 Talkabout T2288
8000 i876 SNN4019/C/E Talkabout T2290
8160 i877 SNN4027 TalkaboutT2297
8167 i880 SNN4040A Talkabout T8367
8200 i885 SNN4042/A Talkabout T8090
8500 i886 SNN4057/D Talkabout T8097
8767 i890 SNN4058/A Talkabout T8167
8768 i920 SNN4070 Talkabout T8160
9000 i930 SNN4102 Talkabout T8367
9500/XL i960 SNN4104 Talker
9690 i1000 SNN4104C Tango 300
9800/XL i1000Plus SNN4114/A TB41
22320 i2000 SNN4131 TeleTac /200/250
52345 IC402 The Blend SNN4132 TeleTac DPC500
52862A IC502 The Buzz SNN4132B TeleTac DPC550
76090WARSA IC602 SNN4132C TeleTac DPC560
76227 CARDA IC902 SNN4139 TeleTac DPC650
76444NARSB iDen i600 SNN4139A TeleTac series
76495CAHBA iDen i680 SNN4147 Telet
76764CARSA iDen 370 SNN4148 Timeport
76846CANBA iDen 600 SNN4149D Timeport 250
77732 International 7200 SNN4150/B/C Timeport 270C
80209 International 7500 SNN4170A Timeport 280
80998 IP-28 SNN4176A Timeport 300p
88015 IP-370 SNN4203/D Timeport L series
88017 IP-600 SNN4204/D Timeport L7000
88018 IR-370 SNN4206/D Timeport L7082
88019 IS-70X SNN4208 Timeport L7089
88022 Jordan SNN4211 Timeport P270
89011WNCBB K1 SNN4217 Timeport P280
94917 K1M SNN4222 Timeport P7382
90509 Karma QA1 SNN4238 Timeport P7382i
92536 Krave SNN4239/C Timeport P7389
92877XYBSA KRZR K1 SNN4246 Timeport P7689
93537XQBSA KRZR K1M SNN4247 Timeport P7789
98105 Lifestyle SNN4258 Timeport P8000
98300 Lifestyle 285 SNN4259/D Timeport 8090
98317 Lite/II/E/XL SNN4261 Timeport 8097
98318 L Series SNN4305B n/a Timeport 8160
98465 LXF73128A SNN4309 Timeport P8167
98477 L2 SNN4310 Timeport P8367
98479 L6 SNN4312 Timeport P8767
98481 L7 SNN4383 Timeport T250 n/a
99327 L71 SNN4394 Timeport T280
315002 SNN-4070 L72 SNN4395 Timeport 8167 Silver
A009 L2000 SNN4458 Timeport 8767 Silver
A45 L7000 SNN4459 Titanium i1X
A388 L7082 SNN4459F TNN6000B/C
A455 L7089 SNN4460 Toughtalk n/a(2 -B645 inside pack)
A555 LD739 SNN4472 TP500
A630 M70/A SNN4473 Triumph
A728 M75/A SNN4474 Tundra
A760 M77 SNN4475 TX200
A768 M77A SNN4502D U9
A780 M80 SNN4535 UC/2
A830 M260 SNN4554 Ultima
A840 M262 SNN4555 Ultra/2
A845 M800 bag phone SNN4556 Ultra Classic/II
A855 M800 car phone SNN4564 Ultra Lite
A860 M900BP SNN4604 V3 /c/e/i/m/t/x/z
A910 M3090 SNN4605 V3/G8.5/9/18/19
A920 M3097 SNN4606 V8
A954 M3188 SNN4607 V9
A955 M3288 SNN4679 V9M
A956 M3588/e SNN4697 V9X
A957 M3682 SNN4698 V40
A1600 M3688/e SNN4699 V50
A3100 M3782 SNN4700 V51
A23778627 M3788/e SNN4723 V60/c/i/g/i/t/x
AANN4010A M3888 SNN4771 V65/p
AANN4106/A M6088 SNN4772 V66/i/c/g
AANN4204/A Maxx VE SNN4773 V70
AANN4222A Maxx v3 SNN4803 V80
AANN4258 Maxx v6 SNN4805 V100
AANN4258A MB200 SNN4809/B V101
AANN4285 MB220 SNN4810 V120
AANN4285A MB300 SNN4810B V120C
AANN4285B MB501 SNN4811 V102X
ACTV MB502 SNN4811B V150
Adventure V750 MB520 SNN4813 V170
Alpha Star MB525 SNN4813B V171
America 34644AA MB526 SNN4814/B V173
Atrix 2 MB600 SNN4815B V176
Atrix 4G MB611 SNN4816/B V177
Atrix HD MB612 SNN4819/B V180
Aura MB632 Pro+ SNN4819C V186/m
BA265 MB810 SNN4820 V188
BA700 MB835 SNN4834/A V190
Backflip MB855 SNN4835/A/R V195
Bag Phone MS833 MB860 SNN4836/A/R V197
BagPhone SCN2423A MB865 SNN4837AR V200
BagPhone SCN2432A MB870 SNN4887 V220
BagPhone SCN2500A ME501 SNN4904 V235
BagPhone S2769A ME525 SNN4904B nimh na V252
Barrage ME600 SNN4905/A/C V257
BC50 ME632 SNN4908 V260
BC60 ME722 SNN4918 V261
BC70 ME863 SNN4934 V262
BD50 Microtac SNN4965A V265
BF5X Microtac Digital SNN4968B V266
BF6X Microtac Elite SNN5051 V267
BH5X Microtac Elite VIP SNN5051C V276
BH6X (Astrix 4G) Microtac Lite SNN5081B V290
BH6X (Droid X) Microtac 6000 SNN5175B V300
Bionic Microtac Select 6000E SNN5176B V303
BK10 Microtac SC-725 SNN5181B V323/i
BK60 Microtac 200 SNN5188A V325/i
BK61 Microtac 325 SNN5214 V330
BK70 Microtac 550 SNN5215A V360/p
BK71 Microtac 650 SNN5222B V360V
BK90 Microtac 650E SNN5254 V361
BK91 Microtac 900 SNN5263A V365
BL40 Microtac 950 SNN5292/A V400
BN10 Microtac Litell SNN5325C V500 series
BN11 Mike Clutch i465 SNN5332A V501
BN60 Mike i30SX SNN5339 V505
BN61 Mike i35S SNN5340 V515
BN70 Mike i55SR SNN5341A V525
BN71 Mike i58SR SNN5354 V535
BN80 Mike i85S SNN5363 V540
BP6X Mike i205 SNN5435/B V545
BP7X Mike i265 SNN5448 V547
BP60 Mike i296 SNN5449/B V550
BQ50 Mike i305 SNN5451 V551
BR50 Mike i315 SNN5451A V555
BR56 Mike i325 SNN5451B V557
BR91 Mike i335 SNN5461A V600/i
Bravo Mike i355 SNN5517/A V606
Brick Mike i365 SNN5529A V620
Brute i680 Mike i365is SNN5530/A V630
BS6X Mike i410 SNN5517A V635/i
BT7X Mike i420 SNN5529A V680
BT50 Mike i460 SNN5530A V710
BT51 Mike i530 SNN5535A V750
BT60 Mike i560 SNN5542/B V810
BT61 Mike i570 SNN5570/A V860
BT70 Mike i576 SNN5571 V870
BT90 Mike i580 SNN5571A V878
BT91 Mike i605 SNN5582 V950 The Renegade
BTRY-ES40EAB00 Mike i686 SNN5582A V975
BTRY-ES40EAB02 Mike i690 SNN5588 V980
Buzz Mike i700Plus SNN5588A/B V998
BV60 Mike i730 SNN5595 V1050
BW8X Mike i760 SNN5595B V2088
BX40 Mike i776 SNN5600 V2188
BX41 Mike i830 SNN5609A V2200
BX50 Mike i833 SNN5609B V2260
BX51 Mike i850 SNN5611 V2267
BX80 Mike i855 SNN5611A V2280
BX81 Mike i857 SNN5611B V2282
BX200 Mike i860 SNN5614B V2288
BZ60 Mike i870 SNN5615 V2290
Calgary Mike i876 SNN5615A V2297
CarryPhone Mike i877 SNN5623A na V2380
C33x Mike i880 SNN5652 V2397
C60 Mike i885 SNN5652A V2680
C115 Mike i890 SNN5653 V3000
C116 Mike i930 SNN5653A V3600
C139 Milestone SNN5653B V3620
C155 Milestone 2 SNN5654/A V3682
C168i Milestone 3 SNN5655 V3688
C250 Bag Phone na Milestone XT720 SNN5655A V3690
C256 Modulus 2 SNN5656 V8000
C257 Morrison SNN5660 V8060
C261 MOT325 SNN5668A V8062
C290 MOT720 SNN5669 V8068
C331  w/o antenna Moto E SNN5669A V8088
C331 with antenna MotoE 2nd generation SNN5674 V8160
C331t Moto E3 SNN5677A V8162 Timeport
C332 Moto E4 SNN5679A V8260
C332t Moto E XT830C SNN5681 VA76r
C333 Moto E XT1019 SNN5681A Vadar Series
C333C Moto E XT1023 SNN5683/A VE20
C341 Moto G 2015 SNN5685A VE75
C343 Moto G SNN5691A VE465
C343A Moto G2 SNN5695 Vegas
C350 Moto G 2nd gen SNN5695A Vegas Row
C353 Moto G 3rd gen SNN5696/A/B/C/E VU30
C353t Moto G3 SNN5699A VU204
C370 Moto G4 Play SNN5701/A W5
C380 Moto G4 2015 SNN5704/A/B/C W175
C385 Moto G4 Plus SNN5705/A/B/C/D W177
C390 Moto G5 SNN5706 W220
C450 Moto G Play SNN5706A W223
C520/e MotoGo! Flip SNN5706B W230
C550 Moto G Turbo SNN5712A W325
C650 Motorokr U9 SNN5714 W233
C651 Motokr Z6m SNN5715 W275
C975 Motoluxe SNN5716 W315
C980 MotoKey Social SNN5716A W370
Cabo MOTO ME525 SNN5717 W375
CE168 MOTO Q SNN5717A W376
Cedric MOTORAZR SNN5717B W377
CFNN1041 Moto X SNN5717C W380
Charm MB502 Moto X 2nd gen SNN5722 W385
Citrus WX445 Moto X 3a SNN5722A W388 Renew+
CLIQ Moto X 3605 SNN5723 W450
CLIQ MB600 Moto X+1 SNN5723A W490
CLIQ 2 Moto X Play SNN5725 W510
CLIQ 2 MB611 Moto X Pure SNN5725A W755
CLIQ XT MB501 Moto X Style SNN5726 W766
Clutch Moto Z SNN5726A W845
Comet/2000 Moto Z2 Play SNN5726B WP1223A
Contour/Courier/Charisma Moto Z6C SNN5742 WX390
D160 Moto Z9 SNN5742A WX395
D520/e Moto Z9 SNN5743 WX435
D560 Motorola Classic SNN5743A WX445
Debut i856 MOTORIZR Z6TV SNN5747 X1570
Defy/XT Motto/2 SNN5747A Xoom
Defy Pro Motus SNN5749/A/C/D X Phone
Devour A555 MO-V3 SNN5750 X Play
Dext MB220 MPx200 SNN5754 XPRT MB612
Dimension 4000 MPx220 SNN5756 XT5 Quench
Domino + MS833 BagPhone SNN5758 XT316
DPC Liberty MT620 SNN5759 XT317
DPC & Old Flip Phones MT710 SNN5760 XT319
DPC550 MT886 SNN5760A XT502
DPC650 MT875 SNN5761 XT531
DPC650e MT887 SNN5761A XT532
DPC950 MT917 SNN5762/A XT535
Droid MTH300 SNN5765 XT560
Droid A855 N370/600 SNN5765A XT603
Droid 2 A955 NNNTN5225A SNN5766 XT610 Pro
Droid 2 Global NNTN4655 SNN5766A XT615
Droid 3 NNTN4655A SNN5767 XT685
Droid 4 NNTN4655B SNN5768/A XT701
Droid Bionic NNTN4930/A SNN5769 XT702
Droid EB20 NNTN5195 SNN5771/A/B XT711
Droid Maxx NNTN5195A SNN5777/A XT720
Droid Maxx 2 NNTN5428 SNN5779/A/B XT760
Droid Pro A957 NNTN5428A SNN5781 XT800
Droid Pro XT610 NSNN5615 SNN5782/B XT830C
Droid R2D2 NSNN5695 SNN5783/A XT860
Droid Razr HD NSNN5805 SNN5783B XT862
Droid RAZR HD XT926 NSNN5809 SNN5783D XT865
Droid Razr i XT890 NTN1644 SNN5784/A XT875
Droid Razr M XT907 NTN1645 SNN5786A XT881
Droid Razr Maxx HD NTN1676 SNN5788/A XT882
Droid Turbo NTN1676B SNN5789 XT883
Droid Ultra NTN1699 SNN5789B XT885
Droid X NTN1792 SNN5789E XT894
Droid X2 NTN1793 SNN5792 XT889
Droid RAZR XT910 NTN1794 SNN5792B XT890
Droid RAZR XT912 NTN1795 SNN5793 XT894
Dynatac/CGSM/30/32 NTN1825 SNN5794 XT897
E6 NTN1826 SNN5794A XT898
E8 ROKR NTN1915 SNN5795 XT907
E65 NTN1916 SNN5795A XT910/MAXX
E310 NTN1939 SNN5796A XT912
E398 NTN1940 SNN5797 XT916
E550 NTN1985 SNN5797B XT918
E615 NTN1986 SNN5799 XT926
E680 NTN2508 SNN5804/A/B XT1019
E770 NTN8144 SNN5805 XT1021
E815 NTN8614A SNN5806 XT1022
E816 NTN8615 SNN5807 XT1023
E860 NTN8615A SNN5807A XT1025
E1000 NTN8615B SNN5807B XT1031
E1070 NTN8971 SNN5808 XT1032
EB20 NTN8971B SNN5808A XT1033
EB40 NTN8978 SNN5809 XT1036
EB41 NTN9809 SNN5809A XT1039
Eco A45 NTN9810 SNN5810 XT1053
ED30 NTN9810A SNN5810A XT1055
EG30 Olympus SNN5813/A XT1056
EL40 OM5B SNN5814 XT1058
Electrify OM6C SNN5814A XT1060
Elite II P270/C SNN5815/A XT1063
Enzo P280 SNN5819/B XT1064
EQ40 P893 SNN5820/A XT1068
ET40 P894 SNN5826/B XT1077
Etac/S P7000 SNN5827 XT1079
EU20 P7382/i SNN5827A XT1080
EV30 P7389/i SNN5828 XT1085
EV40 P7689 SNN5832 XT1092
EX34 P7789 SNN5833 XT1094
EX112 P8090 SNN5833A XT1096
EX115 P8097 SNN5833A XT1097
EX300 P8160 SNN5836 XT1100
Extreme P8167 SNN5836A XT1103
EX30 P8767 SNN5837 XT1115
EY30 PCC-920 SNN5838 XT1254
EZ30 PCH600 SNN5839 XT1526
F09PYD8372AG PEBL U6 SNN5840A is na XT1528
F19YNA8432DG n/a PEBL V3/c/i/m SNN5843 XT1540
F80F19A383AA Personal SNN5843A XT1541
F289603NAAA Personal Communicator SNN5846 XT1543
FB0-2 Photon 4G SNN5851/A XT1544
FC40 Photon Q 4G LTE SNN5863A XT1548
FL40 Piper SNN5865 XT1550
Flare/Spirit Pocketphone SNN5865A XT1557
Flip Pocket Classic 850 SNN5873A XT1560
Flipout Populus SNN5875A XT1561
Flip P Populus A130 SNN5876 XT1562
Flip Phone Populus D-160 SNN5877 XT1563
FNN7825A Premier SNN5877A XT1565
FT40 Prism SNN5879/A XT1572
FTN6029B Pro SNN5880/A XT1600
FX30 Profile 300 SNN5880
(with Droid X Cover)
G520 Profile 500 SNN5890 XT1603
GA40 Profile 700 SNN5890A XT1607
Ghost PT-500 SNN5891A XT1608
GK40 PT-550 SNN5892 XT1609
Global LT PT-900 SNN5893/A XT1644
Greco PT-950 SNN5894A XT1670
GS520 Q SNN5897A XT1671
GSM3200 Q9 Global SNN5899 XT1672
GSM3300 Q9c SNN5899B XT1675
GSM8400 Q9e SNN5905 XT1676
GSM8500 Q9h SNN5905A XT1677
GSM8700 Q9m SNN5905B XT1681
H63XAN6RR4AN QA1 SNN5910/B XT1683
HF5X QA30 SNN5913A XT1684
Hint Q Music 9m SNN5915A XT1685
Hint QA30 Quantico W845 SNN5916A XT1686
Hollywood Quench SNN5923 XT1700
HP6X Quench XT5 SNN5924A XT1750
HW4X r370 SNN5932A XT1755
i1 r470 SNN5944A XT1762
i9 RAC5044 SNN5945A XT1767
i30 RAC47472 SNN5949A XT1768
i30S Rapture SNN5953A YL456
i30SX RAZR SNN5955A Z3
i35S RAZR 3c SNN5956A Z6C
i50 i58s SNN5963B Z6cx
i50sr i58SR SNN5964A Z6m
i50sx i60C SNN5965A Z6tv
i55sr Droid RAZR HD XT926 SNN5966A Z6w
i58 RAZR maxx Ve SNN5967/A/B Z9
i80S RAZR V3a SNN5984A Zine ZN5
i85s . . ZN4

The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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