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Petsafe Dog Collar equivalent Batteries

A12 PIG00-10680
BC-50B PIG00-10773
BC-102 PIG00-10778
FF1 PIG00-11006
FF188 PIG00-11007
FR-200P PIG19-10761
L1325 PIG19-10764
MicroLite PIG19-11042
PAC00-12159 PIG20-11041
PBC00-10782 PIG22-11849
PBC00-11047 PIG22-11850
PBC00-11283 PIG22-11868
PBC00-12725 PIG22-11869
PBC00-12726 PIG23-10681
PBC00-12789 PIG23-10689
PBC23-10685 PRF-275-19
PBC23-10931 PRF-3004W
PBC23-10932 PRF-304W
PBC-102 PRF-3004W-20
PBC-302 PSBC-300
PBC00-10677 PUL-250
PCB00-1105 PUL-275
PBC19-10765 PUSB-150-19
PBC23-10685 PUSB-300
PCF-275-19 PVPP-300
PCF-1000-20 PWF19-10762
PDBC-300 R-21
PBDC-300-20 R-22
PDT00-10675 R-51
PDT00-10687 RF-250
PDT00-12470 RF-304
PDT24-10792 RFA-67/D
PDT24-10793 RFA-68
PDT100-10675 RFA-182
PEL-100 RFA-188
PG-250 RFA-417
PIF-275-19 SDT00-11907
PIF-300 SportDog SBC-6
PIF-300-21 SportDog SBC-18
PIG00-10674 Yard & Park Trainer PDT00-12470

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.
There is a $7 Cdn ($5.60US) shipping and handling charge.
90 day warranty & no questions asked 1 month return policy