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Sokkia Survey Equipment Batteries

2B Total Station CX 107 SET6
3B Total Station DL30 SET10K
4B Total Station DX Total Station SET22D
10 series DX 100 SET30R
30R series DX 101AC SET30RK series
30R3 series DX 102AC SET50RX
50-14000-011 DX 103AC SET100
50-14000-059 DX 105AC SET110M
100 Total Station FX Total Station SET130R
210 FX100 SET 200
230r Total Station FX101 SET210/K
300 Total Station FX102 SET230R/K3
310 FX103 SET230R3
500 FX105 SET230RM
500S GIR1600 SET250R/X
500 Total Station GNSS Receivers SET300
510 GPS SET310
510 Total Station GRX1 SET330R/K/3
530 Total Station GRX2 SET330R3
610 GRS1700 CSX SET350R/X
630 Total Station GSR2700 ISX SET500
3110R total Station Gyro X II SET510/K
4100 Total Station IM 55 SET530R/K/3
4110 total Station IM 100 SET530R3
4110R Total Station IM 101 SER550R/X
502-0-0010 IM 102 SET600
7380-46 IM 103 SET610/K
25260 IM 105 SET630R/K
58513-00-00 IVB Total Station SET630R3
58514-00-00 IX 500 SET650R/X
60991 IX 502 SET1000
61783-00-00 IX 503 SET1030R3
665101 IX 505 SET2000
740139 IX 1000 SET2030R3
6466045 IX 1001 SET2100
402000040 IX 1003 SET3000
Allegro GPS IX 1005 SET3030R3
Axix 3 DGPS GIR1400
LP-30 SET3100
BDC-18 LP-31 SET3110R
BDC-18A LV1 SET4000
BDC25 Monmos Net 1 200 3D SET4100
BDC25A NET1200 SET4110R
BDC25B NET AX Series SET B/C Series II
BDC25M NTA2442 Set-X Series Total Stations
BDC35 Powerset 1030R3 SHC-236
BDC39 Powerset 3000 SHC-336
BDC39B Powerset 3030R3 SHC250
BDC46 PS236 SHC2500
BDC46A PS-1223 SHC5000
BDC46B Radian IS SLD30
BDC46C RCP4-5 SRX Robotics
BDC58 RC-PR5A SRX Total Station
BS13VH1 SDL30 Stratus L1
BT-G1 SDL30M SX Robotic Total Station
BT-66Q SDL50 SX Series
CDC68 SDR31 SX Robotic Total Station
CX Total Station SDR33 SX-100
CX 52 SDR8100 SX-101P
CX 55 SET02N SX-102P
CX 65 SET030R SX-103P
CX 100 SET05N SX-105P
CX 101 SET2B SX-101T
CX 102 SET3B2 SX-102T
CX 103 SET4B SX-103T
CX 105 SET5A SX-105T

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.
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