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Polaroid Digital Camera & Camcorder Batteries & Chargers

Polaroid Digital Camera Batteries

2LR50 i631 PDC 1200 PhotoMax PDC 5080
335 i633 PDC 1300 PhotoMax PDC 5350
350 i634 PDC2000 PhotoMax PDC 5355
360 i639 PDC 2030 PoGo
450 i733 PDC 2050 POLXS100
532 i735 PDC 2070 PR-100DG
02491-0066-00 i737 PDC 2150 PR-101DG
02491-0066-07 i739 PDC 2300Z PR-102DG
AA i830 PDC 2350 PR-103DG
AAA i831 PDC 3000 PR-104DG
A200 i832 PDC 3030 PR-105DG
A300 i834 PDC 3035 PR-106DG
A310 i835 PDC 3070 PR-107DG
A500 i836 PDC 3080 PR-108DG
A520M i1032 PDC 3350 PR-109DG
A530 i1035 PDC 4370 PR-100DG
A531 i1036 PDC5350 PR-110DG
A540 i1037 PDC 6350 PR-111DG
A544 i1237 Photo Max MP3 PR-112DG
A550 i1437 PhotoMax PDC 310 PR-113DG
A700 iM1836 PhotoMax PDC 330 PR-114DG
A800 ion 50 PhotoMax PDC 345 PR-115DG
A801 ion 80 PhotoMax PDC 640 PR-116DG
A932 ion 130 PhotoMax PDC 700 PR-117DG
AE42308P na ion 230 PhotoMax PDC 800 PR-118DG
AE852650P ion 330 PhotoMax PDC 1050 PR-135DG
CAA-03040 izone 300 WIN402334 nr PhotoMax PDC1075 AE42308P na PR-530L
Countdown 90 izone 310 nr PhotoMax PDC 1100 PRCR-V3
CZA-05300B izone 330 PhotoMax PDC 1200 Studio 4
DC-5350 izone 550 PhotoMax PDC 1300 T730
DS-5370 izone Photo Viewer PhotoMax PDC 2000 T737
DVC-00725F Li-10B PhotoMax PDC 2030 T830
DVC-00725F LP200709 PhotoMax PDC 2050 T830A
DVF-130 M536 PhotoMax PDC 2070 T831
DVF-720 M630 PhotoMax PDC 2150 T833
DVG-720 M635 PhotoMax PDC 2300Z T1031
DVG-1080P M737T PhotoMax PDC 2350 T1035
Fun! Flash 640 NP40 PhotoMax PDC 3000 T1232
Fun! Flash 640SE NP45 PhotoMax PDC 3070 T1234
Fun! Flash 820 NP60 PhotoMax PDC 3080 T1235
Fun! Flash Digital 320 NTA2217 PhotoMax PDC3150 T1455
GB3396NA002 PDC640 PhotoMax PDC3350 VG0376120700002
i531 PDC 640 Plus PhotoMax PDC 3370 VG0376122100008
i532 PDC700 PhotoMax PDC 4055 WIN402334 nr
i533 PDC800 PhotoMax PDC 4355 X530
i534 PDC-1050 PhotoMax PDC 5055 XS100HD
i630 PDC 1100 PhotoMax PDC 5070 XS100i
. . . ZK10

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail if you don't see your Polaroid digital camera or battery model listed.

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