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  • Walkie Talkie Batteries

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  • PDT batteries

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  • Camcorder Batter

    Camcorder Batteries

  • Mobile Phone Battery

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  • iPhone Battery

    iPhone 4, 4s, Power All Day

  • Iphone Extended Battery

    iPhone 2, 3, 4, 4s All Day Power

  • iPhone Battery Case

    iPhone 5 Charging Dock

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A real Canadian Company for over 17 years.

Go Green Series Laptop Batteries for some models -full 3 year warranty -

(This should be of interest to business users)

Green Battery

Privacy Policy & Security - Battery Canada: collects only the information required to process your order which is kept completely confidential and is not sold or distributed to anyone. Credit card numbers are automatically deleted after being processed by your bank. Our secure server software (SSL) encrypts all of your personal information so that

it can't be read by others as it is sent to us. When people visit a web site with the intent of making an online purchase, they want proof of the identity of the site owner.

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Return Policy - Most products come with a no questions asked 30 day return policy & 1 year warranty with the exception of laptop batteries which have a 15% restocking fee and require a return authorization number to be issued prior to return to the warehouse.