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Liebert UPS Batteries


You must determine the number of batteries in your unit.

12v 7Ah battery Powersure 250
12v 7.5Ah battery PS1000MT-120
400KVA PS1000RM-120
AP166 PS1000RT2-120
GTX6000T-240X PS1000RT3-120W
GX1000RT-120 4 batts required PS1000RT3-120XRW
GX1500RT-120 PS1400MT-120
GXT1000RTE-120 PS1400RM-120
GXT1500RT-120 PS1440RT2-120
GXT2000RT-120 PS1500RT3-120W
GXT2100RT-120 PS1500RT3-120XR
GXT2-48VBATT 8 batts required PS1500RT3-120XRW
GXT2-300RT 3 batts required PS1920RT2-120
GXT2-1500RT 4 batts required PS2200RT2-120
GXT2-1500RT120 PS2200RT3-120XRW
GXT2-2000RT120 PS250-60
GXT2-3000RT120 PS250-60S
GXT2-500RT120 PSA1000MT-120
GXT2-700RT120 PSA500MT-120
GXT3000RT-120 PSA650MT-120
GXT3-1000MT120 PSP350MT3-120U
GXT3-1500RT 4 batts required PSP650MT-120
GXT3-1500RT120 RIAD750KVA
GXT2-2000RT 4 batts required S6KVA
GXT3-2000RT120 STATION 6
GXT6000T-208 UD1400VA
GXT6000T-208X UD2000
GXT700MT-120 UD2000R
Nfinity UPS Station D

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