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Streamlite, Maglite, Inova, Surefire, etc, Flashlight Batteries

All batteries are built with the highest quality cells and meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications. That's why most batteries  come with a 1 year warranty, your guarantee of quality.
Our low overhead enable us to provide you with the finest Flashlight batteries at great prices.

108-439 75175 G2 N38AF001A
108-817 75300 Galls FL017 na NABC 720382000
108-000-439 75375 Galls FL078 NABC 720383000
108-000-817 76524 Galls FL080 NP4.5-6
123A 77175 Galls FL126 Panasonic BF-541
6P 78540 Galls FL128 Panasonic BF-541A/B
8AX 90038 Galls FL160 PE6V12
8AX Nitrolon 90020 na Galls FL172 Pelican 2353-301-000
8AX Nitrolon AC/DC 90041 Galls MFL017 na Pelican M9
8NX 90042 Galls MFL076 Quantum Turbo Z
8NX Nitrolon 90043 Galls MFL078 PolyStinger
8NX Nitrolon AC/DC 90044 Galls MFL080 PolyStinger LED/DS LED
8X 90062 Galls MFL128 PS-640-F1
9AN 90064 Galls MFL160 Ray-o-vac 301K
9N 90120 na Galls MFL172 Romisen RC-U8
15X1701 90241 Gates 41B038AF00101 RX1019
20X1701 90242 GE 41B038AF00101 S318
41B038AF00101 90243 GE40070149 Saft 407835-000
9032 90244 Hawker/Enersys 41B038AF00101 Saft 407820000
9850J 90262 House of Batteries P240C-L4/E Scorpion tactical lights
9926J 90264 Inova T4(old style) SF123A
20170 90337 na Inova T4(with reflector) SF223
20171 90338 Inova T4(2005 & 2006 models) Sho-me
20175 90341 Inova T4-BO(sn's starting "B") SL15X
25170 200394 Inova T4-M0 SL20
35170 201701 Inova T4-MO SL20S
44007 351701 Inova tactical lights SL20X
45630 40070131 Intec ESR4EE3060 SL20X-LED
45937 40070149 Interstate NIC0050 SL20XP
60064 40070158 Interstate NIC0085 SL20XP LED
9032 40070249 Interstate NIC0086 SL35
9926J 405462100 Interstate NIC0478 Sl-35X
18650 AA Interstate NIC0748 SL40
72030 AAA Interstate NIC0749 SL90
74000 ARXX075 Interstate NIC0804 SL90X New version
74001 ARXX235 Jabro JB-S48 SL90338
74002 C JSL48 ST75175
74004 D Junior Luxion Stinger
74011 B90 Key-mate Stinger Classic LED
74013 B92 L7 Stinger HD
74021 Battery 90338 LB40 Stinger HP
74022 BP4.5-6 Litebox 45937, SL40 Stinger HT
74023 BP65 Litebox 551391 Stinger LED
74031 C9-MCU SSC P7 LED Litebox Lantern Stinger LED HD
74032 Coast TT7526CP Litebox LB 40 Stinger Lite Pipe
74033 Coast V16 Penlight Litebox LED 45630 Stinger Poly
74175 CR123A M6 Guardian (Older models) Stinger XT
74201 D2 MA5 Stinger XTHP
74202 Dantona 9525 Mag Charger Strion
74203 Dantona NC-1/2D-5-A-B Mag Light 25170 Stylus
74204 Division II Mag Light 201701 Stylus Reach
74205 DL223AC Mag Light 40070249 Stylus Reach 18
74206 Dorcy 41-4297 Mag Light BE0101565 Super Stinger
74300 Dorcy 41-4295 Mag Light ET2600D Surefire CR123A
74301 Duracell PC148 Mag Light N38AF001A Surefire DL223AC
74302 Duracell PC2440 Mag Light RX1019 Surefire tactical lights
74303 Duracell PC2445M Makita ML900, ML902 Survivor Division 1 na
74304 Duracell PC2912 MB20 Battery Magazine Survivor Division II
74311 Empire FLB-LiN8 Millenium Forend (B option) Survivor SL90X new version
74312 Empire FLB-NCD1 Mini Stinger Survivor SL90X Old style na
74313 Empire FLB-NCD2 ML500 SY640C
74321 Empire FLB-NCD3 ML5000 T4 (old style)
74322 Empire FLB-NCD4 Multiplier MS512 T4 (with reflector)
74323 Empire FLB-NCD5 Multiplier MSL-3XP T4-BO
74331 ESR4EE3060 Multiplier MSL20 Ultra Stinger
74332 ET2600D Multiplier MSL-20XP UR611
74333 Eveready 9450BP Multiplier MSL35 Vulcan
. Fenix TK35 . WF-501B

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.