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Panasonic Cell & Mobile Phone Batteries

Panasonic Digital Camera Batteries

500 EB-BSU8S G600 P-09A
705/P/X EB-GD55 GD30 P-10A
706P EBH10 n/a GD32 P10
824P EBH20 n/a GD35 P51
830P EBH30 n/a GD50 P342i
831P EBH40 n/a GD52 PA600 n/a
920P EBH50 GD55 PAGD88
921P EBH60 GD55 silver PMBAG1
930P EBH63 GD55 white PMBAK1
3510 n/a EBH64 GD67 SA6
3511 n/a EBH65 GD68 SA7
A100 EBH66 GD70 SC3
AAP29235 EB-P0057 GD76 TP-500
Allure EB-P0525 n/a GD80 TX-210
CF-P1 EB-SA7 GD85 TX-220
CMH10 n/a EB-TX220/CS GD86A TX-320
EB362 EB-TX310/CST GD87 VS2
EB500 EB-TX-320 GD88 VS3
EB530 EB-VS2 GD90 VS6
EB3510C n/a EB-VS3 GD92 VS7
EB3560 n/a EB-VS6 GD93 X11BPTA-0X70-LI001
EB3570 n/a EB-X100 GD95 X60
EB-A10 EB-X200 GD96 X66
EB-A100 EB-X300 GD97 X68
EB-A102 EB-X500 GU87 X-70
EB-A200 EB-X700 GU88 X77
EB-A500 EB-X800 H600 X-80
EBBM10 n/a EU2000 n/a HH-900 n/a X-88
EBBMM10 n/a G50 HP600 n/a X200
EB G51 MX6 X300
EB-BS210/B/G G55 MX7 X313
EBBS310T G60 P-01A X400
EB-BS320 G70 P-02A X-700
EB-BSD55 G450 P-03A X-708
EB-BSD55W G500 P-07A X800
EB-BSU87S G520 P-08A .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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