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Computer UPS & Security System Backup Batteries

All   batteries are built with the highest quality cells and meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications. That's why each battery comes with a 1 year warranty, your guarantee of quality.
Our low overhead enable us to provide you with the finest  batteries at great prices

UPS batteries by battery model

If you don't see your model listed then click on UPS Battery and match the dimensions, connector type, voltage and approximate current of your battery with the those shown.

ADT Easy Options Leadman Powerware
Advanced Power Systems Eaton Powerware Leoch Safe
Alpha Technologies EFI Liebert Safepower
APC Elgar Liftmaster Scooter
Ativa Emerson Lithonia Sealake FM12330
AT&T Energizer MCI Sigma
Belkin EnerSys Merich SL Waber
Best Technologies EnerSys Genesis MGE Smartlink
Chamberlain Enpower MicroUPS Sola
Clary EPD Minuteman Texas Instruments
Compaq EPE Technologies Mitsubishi Topaz
Computer Accessories Exide Motorola Toshiba
Conext Fairstone Technologies NCR Triad
Crestron CEN-UPS1250 Fenex NSSI Tripp Lite
CSB Battery Fenton Technologies OneAC TSI Power
CyberPower Systems Ferups Opti-UPS Ultra
Cyclon Geek Squad Pacific Power Source Unipower
DataShield General Electric Para Systems Unison
Datec General Power PCM Powercom Unisys
DEC Hawker Genesis PK Electronics Upsonic
Dell Hewlett Packard Powercom US Traffic Corporation
Deltec IBM Power Mate Verizon
DSC Infinity PowerOne KT625 Wang
Dynatech Intellipower PowerSentry 100897 Zapotek
. . PowerVar .

The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.