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Yaesu FNB-25, FNB-26, FNB-27, 2 way radio battery

Outline Model Type Capacity Price  Order
FNB27 Battery WWH-FNB27S NiMH 12v
No longer available.

There is a $12 Cdn ($9.60US) shipping and handling charge.
1 year warranty & no questions asked 1 month return policy.

Li-ion, NiCd & NiMH Battery Charger

Outline Model Type Price  Order
FNB27 Charger Mastercharger UC1 with 014 adapter cup Charges all 3 battery chemistries and can charge other manufacturers radios with a different adapter cup. $142.00Cdn
no photo yet UC1 12 volt car cigarette lighter power adapter for UC1 charger For use with UC1 Charger $16.50Cdn

There is a $12 Cdn ($9.60US) shipping and handling charge.

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