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IPC Laptop Batteries

8080, 8080P
HighNote 6020
HighNote 6120
HighNote Cel 400
HighNote M 7170
HighNote S15
HighNote S15 Series
HighNote U
Lifestyle Centrino (G553)
LifeStyle Centrino Expert (G556)
MagicNote F
MagicNote M
MagicNote U
MagicNote U 340S8
Mnote 410S
P2, P5
P5, P5E
MultiNote D410S
PowerNote 795, 797

PowerNote M 7321
PowerTec LT2000
StarNote 98
StarNote Galaxy
StarNote M 7521
StarNote M 7521, M 7521C
StarNote M, M
StarNote M, M Plus
StarNote M15
TopNote 5033
TopNote 6033
TopNote C 6133
TopNote F 200, F 205
TopNote F 210, F 219
TopNote G 795, G 797
TopNote H
TopNote H 340S2
TopNote PII 6033
TopNote U
Web@Note 8080
Web@Note 8170, 8175
Web@Note 8575, 8575AM
Web@Note 8640D, 8640M
Web@Note C (Green733)
Web@Note C (Green733e)
Web@Note T+ (Green732e)
Web@Note TT+ (Green736)
Web@Star 8170, 8175

Send an e-mail to if you don't see your IPC laptop listed with the manufacturer, model number and battery model.

(One year warranty on all computer batteries which are new and not refurbished or surplus)