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Motorola Cordless Phone Batteries

0101 C601 E30 MA351 MD7161
0102 C602 E31 MA352 MD7250
0103 C1001LX E32 MA354 MD7251
0104 C7650 E33 MA355 MD7260
100 CD2 E34 MA356 MD7261
23-272 CD201 E51 MA357 MD7261-2
200 CD202 E52 MA358 Ojo
210 CD203 G101 MA360 P8
350 CD204 GP60AAS3BMJ MA361 Princess
3SN-AA60-S-J1 CL101 H101 MA362 PVP-1000
3SN-AA80-S-J1 Classic H102 MA363 S801
3SN-AAA50H-S-J1 D5 H103 MA365 S802
3SN-AAA60H-S-J1 D10 H104 MA366 S803
425 handset D101 H105 MA451 S804
425 base nla D102 HCNN4002B MA471 S805
435 D103 HCNN4005A MA500 S1001
550 D104 IT6 MA550 S1002
555 D200 IT6-2 MA-551 S1003
560 D201 JST550 MA560 S1004
580 D202 K3 MA561 S12
600 D203 K301 MA580 S1201
610 D211 K302 MA581 S1202
700 D212 K303 MA681 S1203
800 D213 K304 MA791 S1204
825 D401 K305 MA3100 SCN2716D
2010X D501 L4 MA3150 SD4051
2025 D502 L301 MA3151 SD4052
2125 D503 L302 MA3153 SD-4500
2505 D504 L303 MA3163 SD-4501
3091 D700 L304 MA-T2288 SD-4502
3225 D701 L305 MD41 SD-4504
3248 D702 L401 MD44 SD-4505
3325 D711 L402 MD45 SD-4550
3367 D712 L402C MD60 SD-4551
3512W163 D713 L403 MD61 SD-4561
4325 D714 L403C MD70 SD-4581
43-9021 D800 L404 MD71 SD-4590
5525 D801 L404C MD400 SD-4591
5625 D802 L502 MD451 SD-7500
8000 D811 L502BT MD470 SD-7501
15095C D812 L510BT MD471 SD-7502
20100 D813 L511BT MD480 SD-7504
55251 D814 L512/CBT MD481 SD-7505
55521 D815 L514BT MD491 SD-7561/-2
56251 D1000 L515BT MD550 SD-7581
56521 D1001 L600 MD600 SNN4135
56725 D1002 L601M MD670 SNN4135A
519397-001 D1003 L602M MD671 SNN4176A nla
519398-001 D1004 L603M MD680 SNN5904A
525734-001 D1005 L700 MD681 StarTac
61638C D1010 L700C MD700 T31
80-5542-00-00 D1011 L701/m MD750 T101
80-5543-00-00 D1012 L702/cbt/cm/m MD751 T102
89-133-00000 D1013 L703/m MD760 T103
89-1337-00-00 D1014 L704/m MD761 T104
AA600BX3 D1015 L705/m MD781 T3101
AAA D1020 L800 MD791 T3151
B8 D1100 L801 MD4150 series VST series
B801 D1101 L802 MD4153 VST100
B802 D1102 L803 MD4160 series VST200
B803 D1103 L804 MD4163 VST2505
B804 D1104 L805 MD4200 VST3325
BT164342 D1105 L900 MD4250 VST3367
BT18433 D1110 L902 MD4260 VST350
BT184342 D1111 L903 MD7000 VST425
BT18443 D1112 L904 MD7001 VST4325
BT264342 D1113 L905 MD7081 VST435
BT28433 D1114 LXO609 MD7090 VST550
BT284342 D1115 LXO615 MD7091 VST555
BT28443 D4011 LXO630 MD7101 VST580
C50 D-AA600BX3 LXO642 MD7150 VST600
C51 Disney Classic MA61 MD7151 VST610
C70 Disney Princess MA300 MD7151-2 VST700
C401 Dynasty 500 MA303 MD7151-3 VST800
C402 Dynasty 550 MA350 MD7151-4 .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail if you don't see your Motorola model listed.

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