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Powers any USB input device!
Powers 5 volt devices!

Pocket-Size Universal iPhone, iPad, Cell Phone, Battery Charging System & 5 volt Power Supply

External battery solution

Charges the iPhone 4S almost 4 times
Makes a great gift. Carry it in your purse, pocket or car.
Stop getting caught with a dead battery in your cell phone.
Comes with 9 different adapter tips and 110 volt charger & USB cable. USB, miniUSB & microUSB adapters.
5600mAh battery capacity - 1000mAh output current
Weight: 142g=5oz
102.2mm x 44.5mm x 25mm

Pocket Size Batteries

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5 volt external power pack

Helix 11000mAh Portable Power Pack with 3 USB ports for Mobile Phones & Tablets PPW11000 Li-ion External Battery Pack
3 high output 2.4A USB ports charges iPad/Tablets & smartphones.
Charge one iPad/Tablet up to one full time. Fully charge iPhone up to 4 times.
Power Pack itself will recharge in 8.5 hours.

4.72 x 2.95 x 0.93"

No Longer Available
Red Power Bank CS-PW003R Li-ion 5.0v
White Power Bank CS-PW003W Li-ion 5.0v
Apple 12W charger 0012ADU00 Original Apple 12 watt USB power adapter 5.0v

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