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Harris Battery Eliminator

Outline Model Type Price Order
P7250 Battery Eliminator OSBE191210
Powers the portable radio via 12V outlet (cigarette lighter plug) $69.00Cdn
2 week lead time.

There is a $12 Cdn ($9.60US) shipping and handling charge.

Compatible Models

Harris BKB191210/3
Harris BKB191210/4
Harris BKB191210/6
Harris BKB191210/36
Harris BT-010942-001
Harris HMA2104-LiP
Harris Jaguar 700P
Harris Jaguar 700Pi
Harris P5100
Harris P5130
Harris P5150
Harris P5200
Harris P7100
Harris P7130
Harris P7150
Harris P7170
Harris P7200
Harris P7230
Harris P7250
Harris P7270
Harris XG-100P

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