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ZTE Cell Phone Batteries

3neo Li3707T42P3h463848 Quest
4G Smart Li3707T42P3h513651 Quest N817
466380PLV Li3708T42P3h453756 R200
485581PV Li3708T42P3h463548 R201
515978 Li3708T42P3h463657 R221
545978 Li3708T42P3h533447 R225
A6 Li3708T42P3h553762 R239
A34 Li3708T42P3h593662 R511
A39 Li3709T42P3h453756 R516
A75 Li3709T42P3h463657 R518
A410 Li3709T42P3H504047 R538
A430 Li3709T42P3H553447 R550
A450 Li3709T42P3h564146 R710
A711 Li3710T42P3h553457 R750
A833 Li3710T42P3h553457-NTC Racer
A880 Li3710T42P3h553657 Racer II
A933 Li3710T42P3h553762-H Racer T3020
A2017U Li3710T42P3h623846 Radiant Z740
AC30 Li3711T42P3H354246 Raise
AC33 Li3711T42P3h505048 Reef
AF3 Li3711T42P3h513857 Rio
AF5 Li3711T42P3h644440 Roamer
Agent Li3712T42P3h374141 S2X
Aglaia Li3712T42P3h444865 S100
Allstar Li3712T42P3h484952 S130
Arizona Li3712T42P3h52051 S131
Athena Li3712T42P3h535047 S132
Atlas Li3712T42P3h633959 S160
Aurora Li3712T42P3h634445 S182
Avail Li3712T42P3h654246h S189
Avail Z990 Li3712T42P3h684439 S191
Avid 4G N9120 Li3712T42P3h734141 S193
Avid 916 Li3713T42P3h444865 S200
Avid Plus Li3713T42P3h614057 S221
Avid Trio Li3713T42P3h644461 S251
Axon 7 Li3714T42P3h653457 S291
Axon 7 5.5" Li3714T42P3h654251 S300
Axon 7s A2018 Li3714T42P3h654252 S302
Axon 7 Mini Li3714T42P3h765039 S2002
Axon 7 Mini Dual Li3714T42P3h853448 S2003
Axon 7 Max Li3715T42P3H415266 S2005
Axon 7s Li3715T42P3h504857 S2014
Axon 8 Li3715T42P3h604550 Salute
Axon 8 A2018 Li3715T42p3H634254 Score M
Axon A1 Li3715T42P3h634463 Simio
Axon A1p Li3715T42P3H654353 Skate
Axon A2015 Li3715T42P3h734158 Skate 3
Axon Lux Li3716T42P3h585642 Skate 4
Axon M Li3716T42P3h594650 Skate G1315
Axon Max C2016 Li3716T42P3h604852 Small Fresh 3
Axon Mini Li3716T42P3h705742 Small Fresh 4
Axon Pro Li3716T43P3h595251 Smart E8
Axon Tianji Li3712T42P3h655041 Smart Touch
B2017G Li3717T42P3h523947 Smile Q
BA510 Li3717T42P3h563716 Solar
BA520 Li3717T42P3h583679 Sonata 3
BA601 Li3717T43P3h494650 Sonata 4G
BA602 Li3717T43P3h594650 Source
BA603 Li3719T42P3h644161 Speed
BA610 Li3720T42P3h585651 Supreme
BA910 Li3720T42P3h605656 T1
Base Lutea Li3720T42P3h704572 T2
Blade Li3720T42P3h816342 T6
Blade III Li3720T42P3h816342-NTC T7
Blade 2 Li3720T43P4h825839 T8
Blade 3 Li3720T43P6h903546 T54
Blade + Li3720T43P6h903546-H T82
Blade A1 Li3723T42P3h704572 T84
Blade A2 Li3723T42P3h794977 T90
Blade A2 Plus Li3725T42P3h796342 T95
Blade A3 Li3803T43P3hB34243 T100
Blade A5 Li3814T43P3h634445 T106
Blade A110 Li3815T43P3h615142 T108
Blade A112 Li3815T43P3h615142-I T165i
Blade A410 Li3816T43P3h604550 T220
Blade A210 Li3817T43P3h595251 T221
Blade A430 Li3817T43P3h724940 T230
Blade A450 Li3817T43P3h735044 T320
Blade A452 Li3818T42P3h735044 T760
Blade A460 Li3818T43P3h585642 T870
Blade A465 Li3818T43P3h605646 T870m
Blade A475 Li3818T43P3h635450 T930
Blade A510 Li3818T43P3h665344 T3020
Blade A512 Li3818T43P3h695144 Tania
Blade A520 Li3820T43P3h585155 Tempo Go
Blade A520C Li3820T43P3h604655 Tempo X
Blade A521 Li3820T43P3h636338 TMN Silverbeat
Blade A601 Li3820T43P3h785439 Touch Plus
Blade A602 Li3820T43P3h785440 Tough 2
Blade A603 Li3820T43P3h984237 Tough T54
Blade A610 Li3820T43P4h694848 Tough T90
Blade A610C Li3820T43P6h636338 Tureis
Blade A610T Li3820T43P6h903546 TXTster
Blade A910 Li3821T43P3h745741 U5/S
Blade Apex 2 Li3821T43P3hA04147 U85
Blade C Li3821T44P6h3342A5 U115
Blade C2 Li3822T43P3h675053 U200
Blade C310 Li3822T43P3H716042 U201
Blade C320 Li3822T43P3h725640 U208
Blade C341 Li3822T43P3h736044 U210
Blade D2 Li3822T43P3h746241 U215
Blade D6 Li3822T43P3h786032 U218
Blade D Lux Li3822T43P4h736040 U230
Blade G Li3822T43P4h746241 U232
Blade G2 Li3822T43P8h725640 U235
Blade G Lux Li3822T43P3h844941 U236
Blade G Plus Li3822T43P8h725640 U260
Blade GF3 Li3823T43P3h715345 U288
Blade L Li3823T43P3h735350 U288G
Blade L2 Li3823T43P3h816342 U350
Blade L2 Plus Li3823T43P6hA54236-H U500
Blade L3 Li3823T43PhA54236 U506
Blade L3 Plus Li3823T43PhA54236 U507
Blade L4 Li3824T43P3hA04147 U508
Blade L4 Pro Li3824T43P6hA54236-H U526
Blade L5 Li3824T44P3h706145 U600
Blade L5 Plus Li3824T44P4h716043 U700
Blade L110 Li3825T43P3h736037 U720
Blade L370 Li3825T43P3h755544 U722
Blade Max 3 Li3825T43P3h775549 U750
Blade Max View Li3825T43P3h846739 U788
Blade Q Lux Li3825T43P4h746243 U791
Blade Q Maxi Li3825T43P6h755543 U793
Blade Q Mini Li3827T44P6h726040 U795
Blade S6 Li3829T44P6h806435 U807
Blade S7 Li3830T43P3h745750 U808
Blade Spark Li3830T43P3h834243i U809
Blade Super Li3830T43P4h835750 U812
Blade V2 Lite Li3830T43P6h775556 U817
Blade V6 Li3830T43P6h856337 U819
Blade V6 Max Li3830T43P6h866439 U830
Blade V7 Li3830T43P6h966439 U860
Blade V7 Max Li3831T43P4H826247 U860E
Blade V8 Li3832T43P3h965844 U862
Blade V8 Lite Li3832T43P6h15435-1 U879
Blade V8 Mini Li3832T43P6hc15435-1 U880
Blade V8 Pro Li3823T43P6hc15435-i U880S
Blade V220 Li3834T43P3h965844 U880S2
Blade V580 Li3834T43P6h726452 U887
Blade V770 Li3839T43P6h406790 U889
Blade V Plus Li3839T43P6h786452 U900
Blade X Li3840T43P6h786451 U908
Blade X3 Li3841T43P3h4068A8 U930
Blade X7 Li3849T44P6h956349 U930HD
Blade Z Max Li3925T44P6h765638 U935
Blue Li3925T44P6hA54236 U950
Boost Mobile 4G 5.0MP Li3925T44P8h786035 U956
BV8P121 Li3927T44P8h726044 U960E
BV0701 Li3927T44P8h786035 U960S
BV0720 Li3928T44P4h735350 U960S3
BV0730 Li3928T44P8h475371 U969
BV0800 Li3929T44P6h796137 U970
BV0850 Li3930T44P6h816437 U980
C60 Li3930T44P8h866534 U981
C66 Li3931T44P8h686049 U985
C70 Li3931T44P8h756346 U988S
C76 Li3932T44P6h796137 U9180
C78 Li3932T44P6h806139 U9815
C79 Li3933T44P6h766343 Uhura
C88 Li3934T44P8h876744 Unico
C90 Li3936T44P6h836542 UX990
C150 Li3937T44P6h886639 V5
C160 Li3939T44P8h896741 V5 3
C170 Li3940T44P6h876442 V5 Max
C172 Li3940T44P8h846748 V5 Pro
C180 Li3940T44P8h907043 V5s
C190 Li3940T44P8h937238 V7
C200 Li3949T44P8h945754 V9
C220 Li3950T44P6h856751 V16
C230 Libero V66
C260 Libra V190
C300 Libra X880 V260
C310 Lux Q7 V270
C311 Lord V280
C321 M60 V290
C321+ Majesty V300
C332 Majesty Pro LTE V617
C339 Maven V685
C350 Max Blue 4G V716
C360 Max XL V717
C361 MBP890E V765
C362 Merit Straight Talk V765 Nuevas
C366 Midnight Pro V765M
C370 MF20 V779
C500 MF30 V788D
C369 MF80 V790
C580 MF90 V793
C600 MF91 V795
C610 MF287 V797
C620 MF910 V807
C865/m MF910 4G LTE V809
C880 Mimosa X V813
C880A MM8005-01 V815W
C880S Multy V818
C3621 N5/S V829
CG990 N61 V830/w
Chorus N72 V857
Concord 2 N73 V859 MKN
Concord V768 N281 V860
Crescen N600 V879
D6 Dual SIM TD-LTE N600+ V880
D90 N760 V880D
D90+ N762 V880G
D180 N788 V880S2
D190 N789+ V881
D300 N795 V882
D800 N798 V887
D810 N800 V889/F/M
D820 N807 V889D
D821 N810 V907
D930 N817 V930
Director N850 N818 V955
dtac Joey Jump 2 N850 V956
E150 N855D V960
E150CV16 N860 V965
E160 N861 V967S
E169 N880E/S V970
E250 N880F V975
E520 N880G V983
E700 N881E V985
E760 N881F V987
E850 N900D V988
Easy Touch Discovery 2 N909 V6700
Emblem N910 V8000
Engage LT N918T V9180
Essenze N919 V9815
F100 N928 Valet
F102 N939ST VFD511
F103 N960 VFD513
F105 N960S VIP Droid
F106 N968 VIP Droid 2
F107 N970 Vital
F110 N980 Vital N9810
F120 N983 Voyage Plus
F152 N986 Warp
F153 N988 Warp 2
F156 N988Z Warp 4G
F157 N8000 Warp Elite
F158 N9100ABB Warp LTE
F159 N9100KT Warp Sequent
F160 N9101 Whirl 2
F165 N9130 Whirl z660G
F168 N9132 WiMAX 2+
F188 N9136 WP650
F228 N9137 WP850
F230 N9180 X60
F233 N9500 X61
F252 N9510 X70
F256 N9511 X185
F280 N9516 X195
F285 N9518 X500
F290 N9560 X500M
F350 N9810 X670
F451 N9835 X763
F500 Next G X770
F582 Next Gm X771
F600 Ni3607T30P3S473211 X850
F850 Nova 3.5 X850 3G Racer
F851 Nova 4.0 X876
F852 NTZEZ667G3P4P X880
F858 NTZEZ853G3P5P X920
F860 Nubia M2 X925
F868 Nubia My Prague X930
F866 Nubia N1 X990
F870 Nubia N2 X998
F930 Nubia Prague S Xiaoxian 3
F950 Nubia Red Magic Yuanhang 2
F951 Nubia V18 Yuanhang 3
F952 Nubia X6 Yuanhang 4
Falcon Z-917 Nubia X8 Z-01K
Fanfare Nubia Z5 Z2 G111
Flash Nubia Z5 Mini Z11 Mini S Dual SIM
Force N9100 Nubia Z5S Z11 Mini S Dual SIM TD-LTE
Fury Nubia Z7 Z17 Mini
G6 Nubia Z7 Max Z18 Mini
G111 Nubia Z7 Mini Z160
G180 Nubia Z9 Z221
G380 Nubia Z9 Max Z222
G500 Nubia Z9 Mini Z223
G510 Nubia Z11 Z331
G530 Nubia Z11 Mini Z432
G540 Nubia Z11 Mini S Z557
G652 Nubia Z11 Max Z660G
G660 Nubia Z17 Z665
G661 Nubia Z17 Mini Z667
G682 Nubia Z18 Mini Z610DL
G717C NX401 Z557
G718C NX402 Z718/TL
G719C NX403A Z730 Concord 2
G720T NX404H Z740
G882 NX501 Z740G
G1315 NX503A Z750C
GC01 NX505J Z752C
Geek 2 NX507J Z753
GF120 NX508 Z759G
GH300C NX508J Z768G
Glidem NX510J Z777
G R221 NX511J Z787
Grand Era NX512J Z792
Grand M901C NX513J Z796C
Grand M901Q NX518J Z797C
Grand Memo NX523/J Z798BL
Grand Memo II NX529/J Z799VL
Grand Memo N5L LTE NX531/J Z812
Grand S NX541J Z813
Grand S LTE NX549J Z818L
Grand S2 NX551J Z820
Grand S Flex NX563J Z826
Grand Sil NX569H Z828
Grand X NX569J Z828TL
Grand X Z777 NX573J Z832
Grand X 2 NX575J Z833
Grand X 3 NX601J Z835
Grand X 3 LTE NX609J Z836BL
Grand X 4 NX611J Z837VL
Grand XM NX612/j Z839
Grand X Max NX902 Z850
Grand X Pro NZ501 Z850 Grand X2
Grand X Quad Obsidian Z855
G-X670 Open C Z861BL
G-X930 Orbic-RC-501L Z862VL
GX991 Overture Z900
H500 Overture 2 Z916BL
H520 Overture 3 Z917
H5000 Overture Z995 Z917VL
i628 OZTA1211 Z930/L
i799 P728B Z936L
i909 Paragon Z955A
ICP51/59/78SA Paragon 4G Z956
Imperial Prelude Z957
Imperial 2 Prelude 2 Z958
Imperial Max Prelude Z992 Z959 Grand X 3
Imperial N9101 Prestige Z963U/VL
Jasper Prestige 2 Z965
Jasper LTE Q5-C Z970
J-G380 Q7-C Z971
Joe Q30C Z978
K66 Q78 Solar Z981
K70 Q101T Z982
K80 Q201T Z986DL/U
Kis 3 Q301C/T Z988
Kis 3 Max Q501T/U Z990
Kis Flex Q503C/U Z992
Kis Q Q505T Z993
L530G Q507T Z995L
Leo M1 Q508/U Z998
Leo Q1 Q509T Z999
Lever Q519 ZFive 2
Lever LTE Q529 Zinger
Li3702T42P3h736445 Q701C ZMAX
Li3704T42P3h463548 Q705 ZMax 2
Li3706T42P3h383857 Q801/L/U Zmax Champ
Li3706T42P3h453756 Q802C/D ZMax Grand
Li3706T42P3h533251 Q802T ZMax Grand LTE
Li3707T42P3h443747 Q805T ZTU31
Li3707T42P3h463548 Quartz .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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