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CTX Laptop Batteries

CTX Laptop Batteries

  7 PJ200-1
  7 PJ200-2
  7 PJ200-3
  7 PJ233-2
  7 PJ266
  73 AT
  73 HT
  8 PJ266
  CyberNote 700G
  CyberNote NTF953
  CyberNote NTF953-D7232
  EZBook 330F
  EZBook 390T
  EZBook 400
  EZBook 486
  EZBook 500
  EZBook 600
  EZBook 650CDT
  EZBook 660CDT
  EZBook 700
  EZBook 700E
  EZBook 700G
  EZBook 700M
  EZBook 700V
  EZBook 730CS
  EZBook 750CDT
  EZBook 750CS
  EZBook 750MS

  EZBook 750MT
  EZBook 760MS
  EZBook 760MS-XJ
  EZBook 760MS-XK
  EZBook 760MTXK
  EZBook 764MS-XK
  EZBook 764MT
  EZBook 764MT-XK
  EZBook 770MS-XJ
  EZBook 770MT-XJ
  EZBook 772 MS-MK
  EZBook 772MT-MK
  EZBook 774 MTFK
  EZBook 774MS-MK
  EZBook 774MT-MK
  EZBook 777MS-MK
  EZBook 777MT-FK
  EZBook 777MT-MK
  EZBook 800
  EZBook 891
  EZBook 891E
  EZBook 893-T-FK
  EZBook CD
  MegaPro 486

Send an e-mail to if you don't see your CTX laptop listed with the manufacturer, model number and battery model.

(One year warranty on all computer batteries which are new and not refurbished or surplus)