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HTC Cell Phone Batteries

0PA6A100 BA S440 HTC8925 S511
1 BA S460 Hurricane S520
1 M8 BA S470 Iolite 100 S522
1 S BA S540 Imagio S523
1 SC/ST/SU BA S560 Incredible S610D
1 V BA S570 Incredible 2 S620
1 X BA S650 Incredible PB31200 S621
1 VX BA S850 Incredible S S630
1 X BA S930 Inspire 4G S640
7 Mozart BA-S970 Iris/100/160 S640 Iris
7 Pro BB00100 Jade/100 S650
7 Surround BB81100 JADE160 S710
7 Trophy BB96100 JasJam (Hermes) S710E
8S BB99100 Juno S711
10 BCD26100 KAIS160 S720
603e BD26100 Kaiser S730
803S BD29100 Kaiser 100 S740
809d BD42100 Kaiser 110 S741
35H00060-04M BG32100 Kaiser 120 S743
35H00061-17M BG58100 Kaiser 140 Saga
35H00062-04M BG86100 Kii 100 SAPP160
35H00077-00M/-02M BH39100 KIIO160 SAPP300
35H00078-01M/-02M BH39150 Knight SAPP310
35H00080-00M BJ40100 Legend SAPP500
35H00081-00M BJ53100 Leo Sapphire
35H00082-00M BJ83100 Leo 100 Sapphire 100
35H00086-00M/88-00M BK76100 Lexikon SDA
35H00095-00M BL01100 LIBR100 Sedna
35H00101-00M BL11100 LIBR160 Sedna 100
35H00106-00M/-01M BLAC100 Libra 100 Sensation
35H00106-02M BLAC160 Libra 160 Sensation 4G
35H00106-04M Blackstone Libra S720 Shadow
35H00113-03M Blackstone 100 Love Shadow II 2009
35H00118-00M Blue Angel M1 Shift
35H00119-00M BM23100 M8 Shift X9500
35H00119-01M BM36100 M9 Shooter
35H00120-01M BM59100 Magic Sirius
35H00121-05M BM60100 Magician Sirius 100
BM65100 Magician Refresh Slider
35H00123-11M BN07100 Maple 100/120 Smart/F3188
35H00124-12M BOPJX100 Max 4G SMT5800
35H00125-07M/-11M BP6A100 MDA SMT6175
35H00127-02M Bravo MDA IV Snap
35H00127-04M Breeze/100/160 Mega 100 Sonata
35H00127-05M BSH5110 Merge SP5M
35H00127-06M BTE5800 Mogul Space Needle
35H00128-00M BTE6300B Mondrian Spark
35H00132-00M/05M BTE6425B Mont Blanc Speedy
35H00132-01M BTE6800 MP6590 Startrek/100
35H00134-17M BTE6875VWB MP6900 Status
35H00137-00M BTE6900 MP6950 Supersonic
35H00140-00M BTR5800 MP6950P Surround
35H00140-01M BTR5875 MTeoR T6
35H00140-02M BTR6200 MyTouch 3G T320/e
35H00141-00M/-02M/-03M BTR6200B MyTouch 3G Slide T328D
35H00141-12M BTR6300B MyTouch 4G T328T
35H00142-02M BTR6325 MyTouch 4G Slide T328W
35H00142-03M BTR6350B NBTE1034 T528D/T/W
35H00142-07M BTR6400B NBTS1047 T2222
35H00143-01M BTR6410/B Neon 161 T2223
35H00146-00M BTR6425/B Neon 200 T3232
35H00150-00M BTR6800 Neon 300 T3238
35H00150-01M BTR6850 Neon 400 T3333
35H00150-02M BTR6850B Nexus One T5353
35H00150-05M BTR6900 Nexus 9 T5363
35H00150-06M BTR6990B Nike 100 T5399
35H00152-01M Butteryfly S Nike 200 T5555
35H00152-02M Buzz NIKI160 T6161
35H00152-03M C110E Oboe T7272
35H00152-04M C620 Ocean Note T7278
35H00152-05M C625 OKTA Boss T7279
35H00152-11M Canary Omega T7373
35H00154-01M Cavalier One T7377
35H00155-00M ChaCha A810E One E8 T7378
35H00156-00M Charmer One E9 T7379
35H00157-00M CLIC100 One M7 T7576
35H00164-00M CONV160 One M8 T8188
35H00164-07M Converse 100 One M9 T8282
35H00166-00/01/02M Cruise see Touch One Max 803S T8290
35H00167-01M/03M/04M Dash One Max 8060 T8585
35H00167-04M Dash 3G One Me T8686
35H00168-02M Desire One S T8698
35H00168-03M Desire 300 One SC/ST/SU T8788
35H00180-00M Desire 301/e One V T9188
35H00181-01M Desire 320 One Vogue T9199
35H00185-01M Desire 501 One VX T9292
35H00185-02M Desire 510 One W8 T9295
35H00187-01M Desire 526 One X Tanager
35H00190-00M Desire 601 One X LTE Tattoo
35H00190-02M Desire 603 OPAJ5 Telstra
35H00190-03M Desire 619 Opal/100 Thunderbolt
35H00190-09M Desire 626 Oxyge Thunderbolt 2
35H00192-00M Desire 650 Ozone Thunderbolt 4G
35H00192-01/04M Desire 700 P3050 Tianxi
35H00194-/00M/02M Desire 709 P3050 Touch Tilt
35H00195-00M Desire 820 P3051 Tilt2
35H00199-/01M/12M Desire 6160 P3100 Tilt 8925
35H00201-04M Desire 7060 P3300 Titan
35H00204-01M Desire 7088 P3350 Titan 2
35H00207-01M Desire C P3450 Titan /100/6800
35H00211-00M Desire E9 P3452 Tivia T2223
35H00213-00M Desire HD P3470 TOPA160
35H00214-00M/01M Desire S P3479 Topaz 100
35H00215-00M/01M Desire Sense P3600 Tornado
35H00218-00M Desire V P3650 Tornado Noble
35H00228-01M Desire VC P3700 Tornado Tempo
35H00236-01M Desire Z P3701 Totem C2
35H00239-00M DIAM110 P3702 Touch
35H00267-01M Diam171 P4000 Touch2
35H00269-00M DIAM172 P4300 Touch 3G
99H10905-00 Diam500 P4350 Touch Cruise
3100 Diamond P4351 Touch Cruise 2009
3120 Diamond 100 P4500 Touch Diamond
3125 Diamond 140 P4550 Touch Diamond English
5800 Diamond 500 P4600 Touch Diamond French
6800 Diamond Pro P5310 Touch Diamond P3702
8100 Diamond Touch P5500 Touch Diamond II
8125 Doubleshot P5520 Touch Diva
8390 Douton P5530 Touch Dual 850
8525 Dragon P6300 Touch Dual
8925 DREA160 P6500 Touch Dual p5310
9188 Dream P6550 Touch Dual US
9500 Dream 100 PA16A Touch Find
A53 Droid Eris Panache Touch HD T8282
A55 Droid Eris 6200 Panda Touch Opal
A320E Droid Incredible PB00100 Touch P3050
A510/c/e Droid Incredible 2 PB31200 Touch Pro
A620 Droid Incredible 4G LTE PB99100 Touch Pro 2
A810E Droid Incredible HD PC36100 Touch Pro T7279
A3288 Droid Incredible S PC40210 Touch Pro HD
A3333 E9 PC93100 Touch Pro HD T8282
A6161 Elf PC10100 Touch T3238
A6262 ELF0160 PC10120 Touch Viva
A6263 Elf 300 PC40100 TRIN160
A6363 Elfin/100 PD15100 Trinity 100
A6366 EVO 3D PD26100 Triumph
A7272 EVO 3D X515A PD42100 Trophy
A7275 EVO 4G PD53100 Twin160
A8181 EVO 4G LTE PD98120 Typhoon
A9191 EVO Shift 4G PDG06100 TyTN
A9292 EXCA160 PG05100 TyTN II
Ace Excalibur/100 PG32130 TyTN II-Kaiser
Accord Excalibur S621 PG58100 TyTN III
ADR6200 F3188 PG76100 TyTN Hermes
ADR6275 F5151 PG76110 U Ultra
ADR6300 Faraday 2100 PG86100 U-1w
ADR6325 Faraday 2125 PG88100 Universal
ADR6363 Feeler PH26B V8
ADR6350 Fireball PH44100 Victor
ADR6400 Flounder PH85110 Vigor
ADR6425/LVW Forseer 100 Pharos Ville/C
Advantage Fortress Pharos 100 Vision
Advantage X7500 Freestyle PHOE170 Vivid
Advantage X7501 Fusion Phoebus Vogue
Alpine Fuze Phone 8X LTE Vogue 100
Amadeus G1 Photon VOX
Amaze 4G G1 Touch Pioneer Voyager
Andes G2 PM23200 VX6850
Apache G2 Magic PM59100 VX6900
Aria G2 Touch PM60120 VX6950
Arrive G3 Pocket PC Phone VX6975
ARTE160 G5 Polaris Wayllaby
Artemis/160/200 G6 Polaris 100/200 Whitestone
Athena 100 G8 PPC6700 Whitestone 100
Atlas G14 PPC6800 Wildfire
B0P3P100 G16 PPC6850 Wildfire S
B0P6P100 G20 Primo Willow
B0PGE100 GALA160 Prophet Windows Phone 8S
B2PZF100 Galaxy Pure Windows Phone 8X
B2PZ4100 Gemini Pyramid Wing
BACY32HNX1-BKM Golf Quartz Wing HERA100
BACY35HEV4-BK H4242 Radar 4G Wing HERA110
BAE270 Harrier Raider 4G Wing HERA160
BA S100 HD2 Raphael Wings 100
BA S110 HD3 Raphael 100 Wizard
BA S120 HD7 Raphael 101 Wizard 100
BA S130 HD Mini Raphael 800 Wizard 110
BA S150 HERA160 Rezone Wizard 200
BA S160 Herald 100 Rezound X710e
BA S170 HERM160 Rezound 4G LTE X7500
BA S180 HERM161 RHOD100 X7501
BA S190 HERM300 RHOD160 X9500
BA S210 Herman RHOD170 XV-5800
BA S230 Hermes/100/160/200 RHOD400 XV-6175
BA S240 Hero/100/130 RHOD500 XV-6700
BA S260 Hero 200 Rhodium 100/300 XV-6800
BA S270 Hero A6262 G3 Rhodium W XV6850
BA S320 Hero A6263 Robbie XV-6900
BA S330 Hero S Rome/100 XV6950
BA S340 Himalaya Rose XV-6975
BA S350 Holiday Rose 110 Yota 4G
BA S360 HT8525 Ruby Z
BA S370 HTC2100 S310 Z3
BA S380 HTC2125 S420 Z520E
BA S390 HTC3100 S430 Z560E
BA S400 HTC3125 S440 Z710e
BA S410 HTC5800 S510e Z715e
BA S420 HTC8525 . Zoom 2
BA S430 . . .

The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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