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Batteries for Motorola 2 Way Radios

10X HNN9033B NTN4590A RDU4163D
2111863 HNN9034B NTN4592 RDV2020
33T200MI HNN9040 NTN4592A RDV2080D
60Q135901-C HNN9044 NTN4593A RDV5100
60Q149301 HNN9044A NTN4593C RDV5103
419MF HNN9044R NTN4593R RDX2080
425MK HNN9049/A NTN4594 RF
433MS HNN9049AM NTN4595/A RF2842
518MK HNN9049AR NTN4595B RF2861
525MF HNN9049AS NTN4595C RLN4884B
532MK HNN9049B NTN4595DR RLN5707
548MK HNN9049E/H NTN4595R RLN6305
600MA HNN9050/A NTN4596A RLN6308
724BR HNN9051 NTN4596C RLN6351
725BR HNN9051A NTN4596DR RMM2050
752AK HNN9051B NTN4693 RMU2040
1532 HNN9056 NTN4817 RMU2080
4002A HNN9056A NTN4817B RMV2080
4024BR HNN9233A NTN4818 RN4006
4463B HNN9234 NTN4822 RN4006AR
5110 HNN9360 NTN4822A RN4007
5130 HNN9360A NTN4822B RNN4006/B
45653 HNN9360B/C NTN4824/A RNN4007AR
53614 HNN9361A NTN4825 RNN4037AR
53615 HNN9628 NTN4825A RTN4000A
53617 HNN9628A NTN4851 RU2020BKF2AA
53720 HNN9628AR NTN4852 RU2080BKF8AA
53871 HNN9628B NTN4864B RU4100BKN9AA
53963 HNN9628C NTN4869A RU4103BKN9AA
53964 HNN9628HX NTN4970 RU4160BKN9AA
56315 HNN9628R NTN4992A RU4163BKN9AA
56317 HNN9628B NTN4992B RV2020BKF2AA
56318 HNN9701A NTN5049A RV2080BKN8AA
56553 HNN9720/A/B/C NTN5406 RV5100BKN9AA
56557 HNN9720X NTN5406A RV5103BKN9AA
92302XWXBA HNN9728 NTN5407A Saber
303752 HNN9808B NTN5413/A Saber1
60527L01 HNN9815 NTN5414/A Saber2
60-5201E01 HNN9828 NTN5414B Saber3
60-5201E02 HNN9858 NTN5414R Saber Astro
60-5201E05 HNN9987A NTN5415 Saber I
60-5201E06 HT10 NTN5415A Saber I R
60-5261E08 HT50 NTN5415B Saber II
60-5261L01 HT90 NTN5440 Saber II R
60-5261L02 HT200 NTN5447 Saber III
60-5261L03 HT210 NTN5447/A/B Saber MX
60-5261L04 HT220 NTN5447BR Saber MX1000
60-5261L10 HT220 Omni NTN5447C Saber MX2000
60-5261L11 HT220 Slimline NTN5447R Saber MX3000
605460J01 HT440 NTN5448 Saber R na
605692G01 HT600 NTN5448A SB10
605737E01 HT750 NTN5448B Seacom 1
605742E01 HT800 NTN5451 SECURE
605928J02 HT1100 NTN5451B SL7550
605928J03 HT1200 NTN5453 Slimline
605928J04 HT1225 NTN5453A SLK270
605928J05 HT1250 NTN5453B SLK280
605943J01 HT1250LS NTN5454A SMARTNET
606093K09 HT1500 NTN5521 SMP-318
6058422E02 HT1550/XLS NTN5521A SMP-418
6060737H02 HT5150 NTN5521B SMP-458
6060930D03 HT6000 NTN5521C SMP-468
6060930G01 HT7150 NTN5531 SMP-818
6060930G02 HT9150 NTN5531A SNN4802A
6060930G03 i60c NTN5531B SNN4933A
6060930G04 i95 NTN5545A SNN5292
6060930H03 i280 NTN5570 SNN5363A
6060930H05 i305 NTN5867 SNN5542
6060930K03 i315 NTN7004 SNN5570
6060930K04 i325 NTN7014 SNN5571B
6060930K05 i355 NTN7014A SNN5706B
6060930K06 i500 NTN7014AR Sonar
6060930K08 i500+ NTN7015A Sonar 725BR
6060930K09 i500PLUS NTN7016A Sonar BP2979
6060930K10 i560 NTN7034 SP21 RADIUS
6060930K13 i600 NTN7058A na SP66
6060930L03 i670 NTN7058AR na SP1225
6060930L04 i700 NTN7143/A/AR/B/C/R Spirit
6060930L05 i730 NTN7143CR Spirit 111
6060930L06 i733 NTN7144/A/B/C/R Spirit GT
6060930L10 i736 NTN7144AG Spirit M
6060930L11 i860 NTN7144AR Spirit MU21CV
6060930L12 iDEN i50 NTN7144CR Spirit MU22
6060930L13 iDEN i55 NTN7145A Spirit PRO+
6060930L14 iDEN i85 NTN7146A Spirit SU42
6060930L15 iDEN i90 NTN7146AR Spirit SV52
6060930L29 iDEN i270 NTN7147AR SP10
6060930L32 iDEN i280 NTN7149BR SP21
6060930L41 iDEN i370 NTN7150A SP-50
6060930L43 iDEN i370XL NTN7150AR SP-50+
6060930M01 iDEN i390 NTN7150R SP-50 Compact
6060930M02 iDEN i470 NTN7161B SP66
6060930M04 iDEN i600 NTN7162B Spirit HP50
6060930M05 iDEN i500 NTN7341/A/R SPRING
6060930M06 iDEN i550 NTN7372/A/R Standard Charge
6060936D02 iDEN i600 NTN7372BR STX
6060936E01 iDEN i700 NTN7394/A/AR STX3000
6060937H01 iDEN i1000 NTN7394B/C STX
6060937H02 iDEN i2000 NTN7394R SU21
6080384X65 iDEN R370 NTN7395/A SU22/C
6082132J01 IMPRES NTN7395AR SU42
6082387J01 Impres TURBO XPR6300 NTN7395R SU210
6084636H01 Impres TURBO XPR6350 NTN7395B SU220
6084641H01 Impres TURBO XPR6500 NTN7396 SV10
6084642H01 Impres TURBO XPR6550 NTN7396A SV11/D
6084643H01 IP370 NTN7396AR SV12
606084735H01 IR370 NTN7396BR SV21
A10 IR765 NTN7397B SV22/C
A12 IXNN4002A/B NTN7397BR SV52
AA JMMN4023 NTN7398A SX500R
AAA JMNN4024 NTN7398AR SX600
Aerotron JMNN4024AR NTN7411AR SX700
Alert JMNN4024BR NTN7434A SX710
AP10 JMNN4024R NTN7735A SX800/R
AP50 JMNN4025 NTN8098 SX900/R
AP73 JT100 NTN8098B T110
AP-6574 JT1000 NTN8100A T280
APX2000 KEBT-07-C NTN8100B T289
APX3000 KEBT-046 NTN8100/C T2000
APX4000 KEBT-047 na 2 contacts on door NTN8128A T2088
APX6000 KEBT-070 NTN8144 T2200 series
APX7000 KEBT-071-/a/c NTN8144A T2260
APX8000 KEBT-071-b NTN8249 T2267
Astro KEBT-071-/d/f/h NTN8251 T2282
Astro Digital KEBT-072 NTN8293/AR T2287
Astro Saber KEBT-072-A NTN8294/A T2288
AB-4 KEBT-072B NTN8294AR T2290
ATS2500 KEBT-082 NTN8294B T2297
AX series KEBT-086 NTN8294BB T2298
AXU4100 KEBT-086-B NTN8294BR T2390
AXV5100 KEBT-086-C NTN8294R T2700
BA-4 KEBT-650 NTN8295 T4800
BA6 KEBT-702 NTN8295AR T4900
BA100N KEM-P15353 NTN8297A T5000 series
BA200N KEMP34304 NTN8297/AR/BR T5030R
BAT56557 KEM-PK14190-50A NTN8299 T5300
BC120 Keynote NTN8299A T5320
BNH-370 L3000 Series NTN8299AM T5400
BP2946 LeCom NTN8299AR T5410
BP2947 LCS2000 NTN8299AS T5420
BP2979 LINGO-L1000 NTN8299B T5500
BPR40 Lingo L3000 NTN8299BR T5500A
BPR41 LTS2000 NTN8521A T5512
BPR2000 M370H1-A NTN8521 T5522
BR130 M8100 NTN8521A T5530
BT90 Mag One NTN8610/A/AR T5532
BZ4002 Mag One BPR40 NTN8610B/BR T5550
Carrycom Mag One Q5 NTN8614 T5600
CEP400 Mag One Q9 NTN8657 T5620
CLP446 Mag One Q11 NTN8818 T5700
CLP1010 Mag One VZ-9 NTN8818A T5710
CLP1040 MB NTN8818AR T5720
CLP1060 MB620R NTN8923 T5725
CLS446 MC NTN8923AR T5800
CLS1100 MD NTN8925 T5820
CLS1110 MD320CR NTN8970A T5900
CLS1114 MG160A NTN8971 T5920
CLS1410 MG167A NTN8971B T5950
CLS1413 MH NTN8994AR T6000
CLS1418 MH10 NTN9395/A T6220
CLS1450 MH70 NTN9815/A/AR T6500/r
CLS1453C MH230R NTN9815B T6620
Cooks Sonar MI500 NTN9815R T7000 series
Cosmo Minitor I (Spirit) NTN9816AR T7100
CP040 Minitor II NTN9816B T7150
CP10 Minitor III NTN9851AR/B T7200
CP40 Minitor IV NTN9857 T7400
CP50 Minitor V NTN9857AR T7450
CP100 MJ NTN9857B T8500
CP110 MJ270R NTN9857C T8510
CP125 MJ276 NTN9858/A T8550
CP140 MJ430CR NTN9858AR T9500
CP150 Mobius NTN9858B T9510
CP160 MotoTrbo NTN9858C T9550
CP170 MR NTN9858R T9580/r
CP180 MR350R NTN9862 T9680/r
CP185 MR355R NTN9862A TA2280
CP200 MR560 NTN9862C Talkabout Distance DPS
CP250 MR565CR NTNB96BR Talkabout FRS
CP308 MS560R NTNN4655B Talkabout FV200
CP340 MSC4006-1600 NTNN6923A Talkabout FV200AA
CP360 MT350 NTTN4496 Talkabout FV300
CP380 MT351R NYN8345A Talkabout FV500
CP450 MT500 Omni Omni Talkabout FV600
CP450LS MT500 Slimline P10 Talkabout FV700R
CP476 MT550 P020 Talkabout FV750
CP477 MT550OMNI P25 Talkabout FV800
CP885 MT700 P030 Talkabout MC220
CP1100 MT1000 P040 Talkabout MC225
CP1180 MT1500 P50 Talkabout MD200R
CP1200 MT2000 P50 Plus Talkabout MD200TPR
CP1300 MT2100 P60 Talkabout MD207R
CP1600 MT8250 P060 Talkabout MH230R
CP1660 MT8250LS P60 SP10 Talkabout MH230TPR
CQP4000 MT9000 P70 Talkabout MJ270R
CT150 MTH200 P080 Talkabout MJ276
CT250 MTH300 P88s Talkabout MR350R
CT450/LS MTH650 P93MGC20C2AA Talkabout MR350TPR
CT2050 MTH800 P100 Talkabout MR355R
D700 MTP200 P110 Talkabout MR356
DGP4150/+ MTP300 P200 Talkabout MS350
DGP6150/+ MTP600 P210 Talkabout MT350R
Dimension 2000 MTP700 P225 Talkabout MT352R
Director II MTP750 P1225 Talkabout MT352TPR
DLR1020 BT90 MTP800 P1225LS Talkabout MS350R
DLR1060 BT90 MTP850 P1325 Talkabout MS355R
DP2400 MTP3100 P2150 Talkabout MU350R
DP2600 MTP3200 P6500 Talkabout MU354R
DP3400 MTP3250 P8200 Talkabout SLK270
DP3401 MTR2000 P8260 Talkabout Spirit GT/GT Plus
DP3600 MTR3000 P8268 Talkabout SX700/R
DP3601 MTS1200 P8608 Talkabout SX710
DP4000 MTS2000 P8660 Talkabout T400
DP4400 MTS2010 P8800 Talkabout T460
DP4401 MTS2013 Pacer Talkabout T461
DP4600 MTX638 PC10 Talkabout T465
DP4601 MTX800 PG300 Talkabout T480
DP4800 MTX820 PLUS Talkabout T745R na
DP4801 MTX838 PM400 Talkabout T2088
DR3000 MTX850 PMLN4743A Talkabout T2200 series
DTR410 MTX850LS PMMN4001 Talkabout T2260
DTR510 MTX868 PMNN400A Talkabout T2267
DTR550 MTX888 PMNN400B Talkabout T2282
DTR560 MTX900 PMNN400C Talkabout T2287
DTR610 MTX950 PMNN441 Talkabout T2288
DTR650 MTX960 PMNN4000/A/B/C Talkabout T2290
DTR2450 MTX1000 PMNN4001/A/B/C Talkabout T2297
ECM9056 MTX2000 PMNN4002 Talkabout T2298
EM MTX3010 PMNN4002C Talkabout T2390
EM1000A MTX8000 PMNN4005 Talkabout T4500
EM1000R MTX8250/LS PMNN4005A Talkabout T4800
ENN4019A MTX9000 PMNN4005B Talkabout T4900
ENN4040 MTX9250 PMNN4008 Talkabout T5000
ENNN4019A MTXLS PMNN4008AR Talkabout T5022
EP150 MTZ2000 PMNN4013 Talkabout T5025
EP350 Multitone PMNN4017 Talkabout T5100
EP450 MU11/C/CV PMNN4017A Talkabout T5200
EX500 MU12/C/CV PMNN4018/A/R Talkabout T5240
EX560 MU21C/CV PMNN4018AR Talkabout T5300
EX600/XLS MU22CVS PMNN4018AS Talkabout T5320
Expo MU24CVS/CVST PMNN4019 Talkabout T5400
Extended Duty MV11/CV PMNN4020 Talkabout T5410
FRS4002A MV12/CV PMNN4021 Talkabout T5420
FTN6028A MV21C/CV PMNN4021A Talkabout T5500
FTN6029B MV22/CV PMNN4021AR/R Talkabout T5500A
FTN6004A MX300 SERIES PMNN4023 Talkabout T5512
FTN6573 MX320 PMNN4046 Talkabout T5522
FTN6574/a MX330 PMNN4046A Talkabout T5525
FUG10B MX340 PMNN4046AR Talkabout T5532
FUG11B MX350 PMNN4047 Talkabout T5600
FUG13B MX360 PMNN4052A Talkabout T5620
FV150 MX800 PMNN4052 Talkabout T5700
FV200AA MX1000 PMNN4053 Talkabout T5710
FV300/r MX2000 PMNN4058 Talkabout T5720
FV500 MX3000 PMNN4061 Talkabout T5725
FV600 MX3010 PMNN4063A Talkabout T5800
FV700/r N9628 PMNN4063AR Talkabout T5820
FV750 NLN4462/A/B PMNN4063/B/R Talkabout T5900
FV750R NLN4463/A/B PMNN4063BR Talkabout T5920
FV800 NLN5453A PMNN4064 Talkabout T5950
GA-3ANH NLN5860/A PMNN4065/A Talkabout T6000
GL2000 NLN5860B PMNN4066 Talkabout T6200
GM338 NLN5860C PMNN4066A Talkabout T6210
GM398 NLN5860D PMNN4069A Talkabout T6220
GMR635 NLN6238A PMNN4071/A/R Talkabout T6250
GMR638 NLN6682 PMNN4071AR Talkabout T6300
GP10 NLN6682A PMNN4072 Talkabout T6310
GP63 NLN6761 PMNN4075 Talkabout T6320
GP68 NLN6761A PMNN4075A Talkabout T6400
GP88 NLN6899 PMNN4075AR Talkabout T6500/r
GP88S NLN6899A PMNN4077A Talkabout T6530
GP140 NLN6900/A/B PMNN4077C Talkabout T6550
GP220 NLN7057A PMNN4080 Talkabout T7100
GP240 NLN7161 PMNN4080AR Talkabout T7200
GP280 NLN7161A PMNN4081 Talkabout T7400
GP300 NLN7162 PMNN4082 Talkabout T8500
GP308 NLN7162A PMNN4086 Talkabout T8510
GP320 NLN7279B PMNN4087 Talkabout T8550
GP328 NLN7320C PMNN4092 Talkabout T9500
GP328D NLN7353B PMNN4101 Talkabout T9550
GP328 Plus NLN7401 PMNN4104 Talkabout T9580
GP329 NLN7401A PMNN4148 Talkabout T9650/CAMO
GP330 NLN7434A PMNN4157 Talkabout T9680/CAMO
GP338 NLN7435A PMNN4157AR Talkabout TA280
GP339 NLN7694/A PMNN40184K Talkabout TLKR-T5
GP340 NLN7883A PMNN4403A Talkabout TLKR-T7
GP344 NLN8002A PMNN4404ART Tetra MH200
GP350-Radius NLN8047 PMNN4406 Tetra MH300
GP360 NLN8047A PMNN4407 Tetra MTH650
GP380 NLN8096A PMNN4409 Tetra MTH800
GP381 NLN8232B PMNN4412 Tetra MTP200
GP388 NLN8834 PMNN4415 Tetra MTP300
GP540 NLN8834B PMNN4416 TH440
GP580 NLN8834C PMNN4417 TLKR-T3
GP600 NLN8835 PMNN4418 TLKR-T4
GP628 NLN8835A PMNN4423A TLKR-T5
GP628 Plus NLN8835B PMNN4424 TLKR-T6
GP638 Plus NLN9726C PMNN4434/A TLKR-T7
GP640 NLN9998 PMNN4448 TLKR-T8
GP644 NLN9998B PMNN4476A TLKR-T80
GP680 NLN9998C PMNN4477AR TRB0
GP688 NMi500 PMNN4488 TS10
GP750 NNT4496 PMNN4497 UC4040
GP885 NNT4851/A/R PMNN4499 ULFRS-4002A
GP900 NNTH8971 PMNN6035 Visar
GP1200 NNTN4066 PMNN6074 Visar Hi-Cap
GP1280 NNTN4077 Power-Fone i390 VL50
GP2000/s NNTN4103 Power-Fone i500 VL120
GP2010 NNTN4190/a Power-Fone i600 VL130
GP2013 NNTN4190AR Power-Fone i1000 VX2600
GP2100 NNTN4435 PR400 VZ-9
GP3138 NNTN4435B PR860 Waris HT750
GP3188 NNTN4436 PR1500 Waris HT1250
GP3688 NNTN4436B PR6380 Waris HT1550
GP9720 NNTN4437AR PR6900 Waris Pro 7150
GT-2050 NNTN4437B PRO WC05708100A
GTP500 NNTN4496/A/AR/R PRO1150 WPLN4171A
GTX-Radius NNTN4497CR PRO5150 WPNN4013/A
GTX800 NNTN4655/A/B PRO5350 WPNN4037A
GTX900 NNTN4851 PRO5450 WPNN4039AR
H223 NNTN4851A PRO5550 WPNN4040
H236 NNTN4851AR PRO5750 WPNN4040AR
Handie Com NNTN4851R PRO 7150 WPNN4044AR
Handie Pro NNTN4852 PRO7350 WPNN4045AR
Handie Pro Series NNTN4852A PRO7750 WPNN4045R
HAT100 NNTN4970 PRO 9150 WPPN4012-R
HCNN4006 NNTN4970AR PRS-102 XIR8200
HKLN4440B NNTN6034A PTX600 XIR8260
HKNN4002/a NNTN6922A PTX700 XIRnp8268
HKNN4013/A/B NNTN7033 PTX760 XIRP6620
HNH9628HX NNTN7036 PTX780 XIRP8208
HNN4001A NNTN7037 NiMH PTX1200 XIRP8260
HNN4002B NNTN7038 Public XIRP8268
HNN4003A NNTN7038A PX86 XPR3000
HNN4003B/R NNTN7335 Q5 Q9 Q11 XPR3300
HNN8133C NNTN7335A R300 XPR3500
HNN8148 NNTN7453A R370 XPR4380
HNN8148A NNTN8020 R370XL XPR6000
HNN8148B NNTN8023 R470 XPR6100
HNN8148C NNTN8129AR R750 XPR6300
HNN8183C NNTN8386 IS Radius CP10 XPR6350
HNN8308 NNTN8818AR Radius CP50 XPR6380
HNN8308A NNTN9858 Radius CP150 XPR6500
HNN9008/A/R NRN4974 Radius CP185 XPR6550
HNN9008AR NT1500 Radius CP200 XPR6580
HNN9009/A/R NTN1171/RPX4747 Radius GP88 XPR7350
HNN9009AR NTN1592C Radius GP300 XPR7380
HNN9009RS NTN1676B Radius GP350 XPR7500
HNN9010A NTN4018 Radius GP600 XPR7550
HNN9010AR NTN4313A Radius GP350 XPR7580
HNN9011 NTN4326/A Radius HT10 XT220
HNN9011A NTN4326C Radius P10 XT420
HNN9011AR NTN4327A/B Radius P50 XTN446
HNN9012 NTN4327C Radius P50 Plus XTNI
HNN9012A NTN4463 Radius P60 XTNID
HNN9012AR NTN4463B Radius P100 XTN series
HNN9012R NTN4496 Radius P110 XTR446
HNN9013 NTN4497 RadiusP200 XTR8300
HNN9013A NTN4500 RadiusP210 XTS-750
HNN9013AR NTN4500A RadiusP1225/LS XTS1500
HNN9013BR NTN4500BR Radius Spirit XTS2000
HNN9013D NTN4500P Radius SP10 XTS2500
HNN9013R NTN4534A Radius SP21 XTS3000
HNN9018 NTN4537A Radius SP50 XTS3000R
HNN9018A NTN4538 Radius SP50+ XTS3500
HNN9018AR NTN4538A Rapid Charge XTS-4250
HNN9018B NTN4538C Raven IR/IP370 XTS5000/R
HNN9018R NTN4538DR Regency XU1100
HNN9027 NTN4539A RDM2070BFAAS XU2100
HNN9027A NTN4563/A RDM2070D XU2103
HNN9027R NTN4568A RDU2020 XU2600
HNN9028 NTN4584A RDU2023 XU2603
HNN9028AR NTN4584BR RDU2080 XV1100
HNN9029AR NTN4585A RDU2080D XV2100
HNN9031 NTN4588 RDU4100 XV2600
HNN9031B . RDU4103 ZPCUA

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Motorola Nextel model listed.