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ZTE Cell Phone Batteries

545978 Grand X 2 T95
A6 Grand X 3 T100
A410 Grand X 4 T106
A2017U Grand XM T108
AC30 H520 T930
Agent Imperial 2 T3020
Aglaia Jasper Tough 2
Allstar J-G380 Tough T54
Avid Plus Leo Q1 Tough T90
Axon 7 Li3715T42P3H415266 TXTster
BA510 Li3716T42P3h594650 U85
BA601 Li3717T43P3h494650 U115
Blade III Li3717T43P3h594650 U208
Blade 2 Li3715T42p3H634254 U215
Blade 3 Li3814T43P3h634445 U230
Blade + Li3712T42P3h684439 U232
Blade A510 Li3822T43P8h725640 U235
Blade A601 LI3822T4P3h716042 U260
Blade C Li3825T43P3H846739 U506
Blade C2 Li3831T43P4H826247 U507
Blade D6 Li38820T43P3h585155 U508
Blade G Li3823T43P3h735350 U526
Blade G Plus Li3824T44P3h706145 U600
Blade L Li3931T44P8h756346 nya U700
Blade L110 M60 U720
Blade Q Maxi Majesty U722
Blue Merit Straight Talk U795
Boost Mobile 4G 5.0MP Midnight Pro U807
C70 MF20 U817
C76 MF30 U830
C78 Mimosa X U880/E
C79 N281 U900
C88 N600 U908
C90 N760 U930
C150 N762 U970
C170 N800 U981
C190 N807 U988S
C200 N810 V9
C220 N818 V16
C230 N850 V765M
C366 N855D V807
C370 N860 V813
C500 N861 V829
C580 N880E/S V860
C600 N880F V880/D
C610 N881E V881
C620 N910 V889/F/M
Chorus N970 V889D
D90 na N986 V907
D820 N9132 V930
D821 N9510 V956
D930 N9511 V970
E150 N9516 V975
E160 N9835 VIP Droid 2
E250 Next G Warp
E520 Ni3607T30P3S473211 Warp 2
E850 Obsidian Warp 4G
Emblem Prestige Warp LTE
Essenze Q801/L/U Warp Sequent
F100 Q802T WP650
F102 Q805T WP850
F103 R225 X185
F105 R516 X500
F106 R518 X500M
F107 R710 X770
F110 R750 X771
F120 Racer X850
F152 Reef X920
F153 Roamer X925
F156 S100 Z160
F157 S131 Z221
F158 S132 Z222
F159 S160 Z223
F160 S189 Z432 Montgomery
F165 S191 Z750C
F290 S193 Z752C
F451 Salute Z759G
F930 Score M Z777
F350 Simio Z818L
F950 Smart Touch Z826
F951 Solar Z828
Fury Source Z796C
G6 T1 Z820
G380 T6 Z850
G1315 T8 Z850 Grand X2
GC01 T54 Z900
Grand X T82 Z959 Grand X 3
Grand X Z777 T90 Z990

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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