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Canon Digital Camera Batteries & Chargers

Canon Digital Camera Batteries

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1D Mark 3 EOS D60 PC1680 PowerShot SD40
1D Mark 4 EOS D2000 PowerShot 350 PowerShot SD100
1DS Mark 3 EOS D6000 PowerShot 520 PowerShot SD110
1DX EOS Digital Rebel PowerShot 600 PowerShot SD200
60D EOS Kiss X50 PowerShot 800 PowerShot SD300
5251B001 EOS Kiss X8i PowerShot A5 PowerShot SD400
6185B001 EOS M3 ST600 PowerShot SD430
2300163 EOS Rebel T3 XA10 PowerShot SD450
A310 EOS Rebel T5 PowerShot A5 ZOOM PowerShot SD500
A550 EOS Digital Rebel XS PowerShot A10 PowerShot SD550
A75 EOS Digital Rebel XSi PowerShot A20 PowerShot SD600
A1000IS EOS Digital Rebel XT PowerShot A30 PowerShot SD630
A2000IS EOS Digital Rebel XTi PowerShot A40 PowerShot SD700 IS
BG-E4 EOS Elan 7N PowerShot A50 PowerShot SD750
D20 EOS Elan 7NE PowerShot A60 PowerShot SD770 IS
D2000 EOS KISS Digital PowerShot A70 PowerShot SD780 IS
D6000 EOS KISS Digital N PowerShot A75 PowerShot SD790 IS
Digital ELPH EOS KISS Digital X PowerShot A80 PowerShot SD800 IS
Digital IXUS EOS Kiss F PowerShot A85 PowerShot SD850 IS
Digital IXUS 12CR EOS Kiss X2 PowerShot A95 PowerShot SD870 IS
Digital IXUS 25 IS EOS Kiss X3 PowerShot A100 PowerShot SD880 IS
Digital IXUS 30 EOS KISS X50 PowerShot A200 PowerShot SD890 IS
Digital IXUS 40 EOS M PowerShot A300 PowerShot SD900
Digital IXUS 50 EOS Mark II PowerShot A310 PowerShot SD940 IS
Digital IXUS 55 EOS Mark III PowerShot A400 PowerShot SD950 IS
Digital IXUS 60 EOS Rebel 5D MKII PowerShot A410 PowerShot SD960 IS
Digital IXUS 65 EOS Rebel G  CR123 PowerShot A420 PowerShot SD970 IS
Digital IXUS 70 EOS Rebel K2 PowerShot A430 PowerShot SD960 IS
Digital IXUS 75 EOS Rebel 600D PowerShot A450 PowerShot SD980 IS
Digital IXUS 80 EOS Rebel 2000 PowerShot A460 PowerShot SD990 IS
Digital IXUS 85 IS EOS Rebel S  2CR5 PowerShot A470 PowerShot SD1000
Digital IXUS 90IS EOS Rebel SL1 PowerShot A480 PowerShot SD1100 IS
Digital IXUS 100 IS EOS Rebel T1i PowerShot A490 PowerShot SD1200 IS
Digital IXUS 110 IS EOS Rebel T2i PowerShot A495 PowerShot SD1300
Digital IXUS 120 IS EOS Rebel T3 PowerShot A510 PowerShot SD1400 IS
Digital IXUS 130 IS EOS Rebel T3i PowerShot A520 PowerShot SD3500 IS
Digital IXUS 200a EOS Rebel T4i PowerShot A530 PowerShot SD4000 IS
Digital IXUS 300 EOS Rebel T5 PowerShot A540 PowerShot SD4500 IS
Digital IXUS 320 EOS Rebel T6 PowerShot A550 PowerShot SX1 IS
Digital IXUS 330 EOS Rebel T6i PowerShot A560 PowerShot SX10 IS
Digital IXUS 400 EOS Rebel T6s PowerShot A570IS PowerShot SX20 IS
Digital IXUS 430 EOS Rebel X PowerShot A580 PowerShot SX30 IS
Digital IXUS 500 EOS Rebel XS PowerShot A590IS PowerShot SX40 HS
Digital IXUS 700 EOS Rebel XSi PowerShot A610 PowerShot SX50 HS
Digital IXUS 750 EOS Rebel XT PowerShot A620 PowerShot SX60 HS
Digital IXUS 800 EOS Rebel XTi PowerShot A630 PowerShot SX70
Digital IXUS 800 IS FV2 PowerShot A640 PowerShot SX100 IS
Digital IXUS 850 FV10 PowerShot A650 PowerShot SX110 IS
Digital IXUS 860 IS FV20 PowerShot A700 PowerShot SX120 IS
Digital IXUS 870 IS FV30 PowerShot A710 IS PowerShot SX130 IS
Digital IXUS 900Ti FV40 PowerShot A720 IS PowerShot SX150 IS
Digital IXUS 950 IS FV50 PowerShot A800 PowerShot SX160 IS
Digital IXUS 960 IS FV100 PowerShot A810 PowerShot SX170 IS
Digital IXUS 970 IS FV200 PowerShot A1000 IS PowerShot SX200 IS
Digital IXUS 980 IS FV300 PowerShot A1100 IS PowerShot SX210 IS
Digital IXUS 1000 HS FV400 PowerShot A1200 PowerShot SX220 HS
Digital IXUS i FV500 PowerShot A1300 PowerShot SX230 HS
Digital IXUS i Zoom FVM1 PowerShot A1400 PowerShot SX240 HS
Digital IXUS i5 FVM10 PowerShot A2000 IS PowerShot SX260 HS
Digital IXUS i7 FVM20 PowerShot A2100 IS PowerShot SX270 HS
Digital IXUS II FVM30 PowerShot A2200 PowerShot SX280 HS
Digital IXUS IIs FVM100 PowerShot A2300 PowerShot SX400iS
Digital IXUS v FVM200 PowerShot A2400 IS PowerShot SX500 IS
Digital IXUS v2 IXUS 85 IS PowerShot A2500 PowerShot SX510 HS
Digital IXUS v3 IXUS 105 / IS PowerShot A2600 PowerShot SX520 HS
Digital IXUS VII IXUS 115HS PowerShot A3000 IS PowerShot SX530 HS
Digital IXUS Wireless IXUS 125HS PowerShot A3100 IS PowerShot SX540HS
Digital IXUS XS IXUS 210 PowerShot A3200 IS PowerShot SX600 HS
Digital IXUS XT IXUS 220HS PowerShot A3300 IS PowerShot SX610 HS
Digital IXUS XTI IXUS 240HS PowerShot A3400 IS PowerShot SX700 HS
Digital Rebel IXUS 300 HS PowerShot A4000 PowerShot SX710 / HS
Digital Rebel XSi IXUS 310 HS PowerShot A4000 IS PowerShot SX720 HS
Digital Rebel XT IXUS 420F PowerShot D10 PowerShot SX730
Digital Rebel XTi IXUS 1000 HS PowerShot D20 PowerShot TX1
E1 IXY 10S PowerShot D350 PRO1
Elph 31 IXY 50S PowerShot E1 PV130
Elph 51 IXY 110 IS PowerShot Elph 31 Rebel T2i
Elph 100 HS IXY210 IS PowerShot Elph 51 Rebel T3i
Elph 110HS IXY410 PowerShot Elph 100 HS Rebel T4i
Elph 115IS IXY510 PowerShot Elph 110 HS Rebel T5i
Elph 130 IXY600 PowerShot Elph 115 IS S1 IS
Elph 135 IXY 930 PowerShot Elph 130 S410
Elph 140IS IXY D30A PowerShot Elph 200HS S500
Elph 150IS IXY D450 PowerShot Elph 300 HS SD110
Elph 200HS IXY Digital 10 PowerShot Elph 310HS SD700
Elph 300 HS IXY Digital 20IS PowerShot Elph 320 HS SX40 HS
Elph 310HS IXY Digital 25 IS PowerShot Elph 330 HS T1i
Elph 320HS IXY Digital 30 PowerShot Elph 500 HS T2i
Elph 330HS IXY Digital 40 PowerShot Elph 510 HS

Battery models

Elph 340HS IXY Digital 50 PowerShot Elph 520 HS 2CR5
Elph 500 HS IXY Digital 55 PowerShot Elph 530 HS 4E011
Elph 510HS IXY Digital 60 PowerShot Elph SD20 4722B01
Elph 520HS IXY Digital 70 PowerShot Elph SD780 7084A001
Elph 530 HS IXY Digital 73R PowerShot G1 7084A002
Elph SD20 IXY Digital 80 PowerShot G1 X AA NiMH
EOS-1D/s IXY Digital 85 PowerShot G1X Mk II AAA NiMH
EOS-1D/s Mark II IXY Digital 90 PowerShot G2 BP-2LH
EOS-1D Mark III IXY Digital 95 PowerShot G3 BP-2626R
EOS-1Ds Mark III IXY Digital 110 IS PowerShot G4 CAT-926-7188
EOS-1Ds Mark IV IXY Digital 200 PowerShot G5 CR2
EOS 1DX Mark 2 IXY Digital 201 PowerShot G5X CR123
EOS-1D IXY Digital 300 PowerShot G6 BP511
EOS-1D Mark III IXY Digital 320 PowerShot G7 BP-511A
EOS-1D Mark IV IXY Digital 400 PowerShot G7X BP-8
EOS-1D X IXY Digital 430 PowerShot G7X Mark 2 E160814
EOS-1Ds Mark III IXY Digital 450 PowerShot G9 ICALCE8
EOS-1Ds Mark IV IXY Digital 500 PowerShot G9X IXUS 115
EOS-1V IXY Digital 505 PowerShot G10 IXUS 220
EOS-3 IXY Digital 600 PowerShot G11 LP-E4
EOS-5D IXY Digital 700 PowerShot G12 LP-E5
EOS-5DII IXY Digital 800 PowerShot G15 LP-E6
EOS-5D MKII IXY Digital 810 PowerShot N LP-E6N
EOS-5DS IXY Digital 820 PowerShot N100 LP-E8
EOS-6D IXY Digital 900 PowerShot Pro1 LP-E10
EOS-6D MKII IXY Digital 910 PowerShot Pro70 LP-E12
EOS-7D IXY Digital 920 PowerShot Pro90 IS LP-E17
EOS-7D MKII IXY Digital 930 PowerShot S1 IS LP-E19
EOS-10 IXY Digital 1000 PowerShot S2 IS NB-1AH
EOS-10/D/s IXY Digital 2000 PowerShot S3 IS NB-1/L/H
EOS-20D IXY Digital D30/A PowerShot S10 NB-2AH
EOS-20Da IXY Digital D53Z PowerShot S20 NB-2JH
EOS-30D IXY Digital D450 PowerShot S30 NB-2L
EOS-40D IXY Digital i5 PowerShot S40 NB-2LH
EOS-50D IXY Digital L PowerShot S45 NB-2L12
EOS-60D IXY Digital L2 PowerShot S50 NB-3AH
EOS-60DA IXY Digital L3 PowerShot S51S NB-3L
EOS-70D IXY Digital L4 PowerShot S60 NB4-100
EOS-100D IXY Digital S200 PowerShot S70 NB4-300
EOS-300D IXY Digital S230 PowerShot S80 NB-4H
EOS-350D IXY Digital S330 PowerShot S90 NB-4L
EOS-400D IXY Digital Wireless PowerShot S95 / IS NB-4LH
EOS-450D IXY DV3 PowerShot S100 NB-5H
EOS-500D IXY DV5 PowerShot S110 NB-5L
EOS-550D IXY DVM PowerShot S120 NB-5LH
EOS-600D Twin IXY DVM3 PowerShot S200 NB-6H
EOS-650/D IXY Digital i5 PowerShot S230 NB-6L
EOS-700D IXY Digital L PowerShot S300 NB-6LH
EOS-750D IXY Digital L2 PowerShot S330 NB-7L
EOS-760D IXY I5 PowerShot S300 NB-8L
EOS-1000D IXY L PowerShot S330 NB-9L
EOS 1100D IXY L2 PowerShot S400 NB-10L
EOS 1200D KISS X Digital PowerShot S410 NB-11L
EOS-3000 Legria Mini X PowerShot S430 NB-11LH
EOS-8000D Media Storage M30 PowerShot S500 NB-12L
EOS-C100 Media Storage M80 PowerShot S600 NB-13L
EOS-C500 MV-430IMC PowerShot SD10 NBA-300
EOS D30 MV-XLi PowerShot SD20 NP-E2
EOS D60 PC1018 PowerShot SD30 NP-E3
EOS D30 PC1339 . .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Canon digital camera model listed.

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