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Kenwood 2 Way Radio Batteries

BT9 NX-248 TH-F7 TK2180 series
BT-32 NX300 TH-FTE TK2200
CP-213 NX-320 TH-G7A TK2202
LF series NX-340 TH-G71A TK2206
LH series NX-348 TH-G71E TK2207
FNB41 NX-410 THK2AT TK2212
FTH1010 NX5000 Series THK2ET TK2300
GM series NX5200 THK4AT TK2302
H-79A NX5300 TH-K20 TK2306
KNB-1 NX5400 TH-K40 TK2307
KNB-3/A PB-1 TK25A TK2312
KNB-4/A PB-2 TK26AT TK2360
KNB-5/A PB-4 TK-27A TK-2400
KNB-6/A PB-6 TK-28A TK-2402
KNB-7/A PB-7 TK44AT TK-3000
KNB-9/A/B PB-8 TK-45A TK3100
KNB-11A PB-12 TK79A TK3100K2
KNB-12A PB-13/H TK100 TK3101
KNB-14 PB-14 TK180 TK3102
KNB-14A PB-15 TK190 TK3102GK
KNB-15A PB-17 TK200 TK3107
KNB-16A PB-18 TK208 TK3118
KNB-17/A PB-19 TK210 TK3130
KNB-17Li PB-32/H TK220 TK3131
KNB-18A PB-33 TK230 TK3140
KNB-19A PB-34 TK230SP TK3148
KNB-20/N PB-36/H TK238 TK3160
KNB-21 PB-37/H TK240 TK3168
KNB-21N PB-38/H/M TK240/D TK3170
KNB-22 PB-39/M TK250/G TK3173
KNB-22A PB-40 TK259 TK3180
KNB-22N PB-41 TK260 TK3185
KNB-24L PB-42/H TK261 TK3200
KNB-24Li PB-42Li TK270 TK3200 Series
KNB-25/A PB-43/HL TK272G TK3201
KNB-26/N PB-43N TK278 TK3202/L
KNB-26A PB45 TK280 TK3206
KNB-27/N PKT-03K TK290 TK3207
KNB-29 PKT-23/K TK300 TK3212
KNB-29L ProTalk LT TK308 TK3230
KNB-29N Pro Talk XLS TK310 TK3300
KNB-30/A RAD0222 TK320 TK3301
KNB-31/A TCP-113 TK330 TK3302
KNB-32/A TH-20B TK330SP TK3306
KNB-32N TH-22AT TK338 TK3307
KNB-33L TH25AT TK340 TK3312
KNB-35L/LI TH26AT TK340D TK3360
KNB-41 TH27/A TK350/G/N TK-3400
KNB-41C IS TH28 TK353/N TK-3402
KNB-41NC IS TH-30B TK355 TK-3501
KNB-43L TH-42AT TK359 TK5210
KNB-45L TH-44AT TK360 TK5210
KNB-46L TH45AT TK370 TK5220
KNB-47L TH46AT TK372/G TK5230
KNB-48L TH47 TK373 TK5310
KNB-50NC TH48 TK378 TK5320
KNB-52N TH55AT TK380 TK5330
KNB-53 TH75AT TK385 TK5400
KNB-54N TH77AT TK388 TK5410
KNB-55L TH78 TK390 TK5430
KNB-56N TH-79A TK410 TK-D240
KNB-57L TH-79E TK430 TK-D340
KNB-63L TH-205/A TK431 TKM107
KNB-65L TH-208 TK480 TK-U100
KNB-69L TH210 TK481 TR2500
KNB-71L TH215 TK490 UBZ-GM14
KNB-74L TH-225 TK-2000 UBZ-LF68
KNB-72LC TH-235/A TK2100 UBZ-LH14
KNB-75L TH-308 TH2100K2 UBZ-LH14BK
KSC-31 TH-315 TK2102GK UPB-2
KSC-32 TH320 TK2107 Viking VP5000 series
Nexedge NX-200/g TH415 TK2140 VP5330
Nexedge NX-210 TH-D7/A/G TK2148 VP5430
Nexedge NX-300/g TH-D72/A/E TK2160 VP6000
NX200 TH-D74A TK-2168 VP6230
NX210 TH-F6A TK2170 VP6330
NX-220 TH-F6E TK2173 VP6430
NX-240 . . XLS

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Kenwood model listed.