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Panasonic Cordless Phone Batteries

Panasonic Cordless phone Batteries

3830DH n/a KX-T3970 KX-TC9080 KX-TG4111 KX-TGA230/W/B
3841 n/a KX-T3971 KX-TC9350 KX-TG4112 KX-TGA232
A-43 KX-T3980/R KX-TC9568XB KX-TG4113 KX-TGA233
A276 KX-T3990 KX-TC9768XB KX-TG4114 KX-TGA234
AA KX-T4000 KX-TCA8 KX-TG4133 KX-TGA235
AAA KX-T4001 KX-TCA14 KX-TG4222 KX-TGA236
Abrivo KX-T4006 KX-TCA50 KX-TG4223 KX-TGA238
BATT-103 KX-T4008C KX-TCA158 KX-TG4311B KX-TGA241
BB-GT1500/b KX-T4030C KX-TCA180 KX-TG4312B KX-TGA242
BB-GT1502 KX-T4035C KX-TCA631CS KX-TG4313 KX-TGA243
BB-GT1520 KX-T4040C KX-TCC-06/B KX-TG4321 KX-TGA244/W/B
BB-GT1522 KX-T4060C KX-TCC106/B/C KX-TG4322 KX-TGA245
BB-GT1540/b KX-T4065C KX-TCC116/B KX-TG4323 KX-TGA246
BB-GTA150/b KX-T4108 KX-TCC425B KX-TG4324 KX-TGA248
BK-40AAABU KX-T4109 KX-TCC440 KX-TG4500 KX-TGA270 /C/R/S
BT15 KX-T4168 KX-TCC902 KX-TG4500B Handset KX-TGA271 /B//V/W
BT2499 KX-T4169 KXTCC912/C KX-TG4500B (backup) KX-TGA272 /S
CGA-LB102 KX-T4200/R KX-TCC936 KX-TG4731 KX-TGA273 /S
EXP9700 KX-T4300/B KX-TCC942/B KX-TG4732 KX-TGA290
GES-PCF10M KX-T4310 KX-TCL100B KX-TG4733 KX-TGA300/B
HHR-4DPA/2B KX-T4330/B/R KX-TCM410W KX-TG4734 KX-TGA301
HHR-4MPA/BT/2B KX-T4340 KX-TCM412B KX-TG4771 KX-TGA351
HHR-4MPT KX-T4342 KX-TCM415 KX-TG4772 KX-TGA400/B
HHR-4MRA KX-T4350/R KX-TCM417B KX-TG4777 KX-TGA401/C
HHR-07TA3U2B KX-T4355R KX-TCM418 KX-TG5050 KX-TGA402/C
HHR-15F2G1 KX-T4360 KX-TCM418B KX-TG5055 KX-TGA410
HHR-15F2G3 KX-T4365 KX-TCM420 KX-TG5100/B/M/S KX-TGA420B
HHR-55AAABU KX-T4370 KX-TCM422 KX-TG5110/M KX-TGA421
HHR-150AA23 KX-T4500 KX-TCM440/B KX-TG5210 KX-TGA450
HHR-P102 KX-T4550 KX-TCM914 KX-TG5212M KX-TGA470
HHR-P103/A/1/B KX-T4560 KX-TCM933 KX-TG5213 KX-TGA471B
HHR-P104/A KX-T4600 KX-TCM935 KX-TG5230/M KX-TGA473
HHR-P105/A1B KX-T5712 KX-TCM936 KX-TG5240M KX-TGA477
HHR-P107 KX-T6161 KX-TCM937 KX-TG5242 KX-TGA500
HHR-P301 KX-T6200B KX-TCM938 KX-TG5243 KX-TGA510M
HHR-P302 KX-T6201B KX-TCM939 KX-TG5421 KX-TGA520
HHR-P303 KX-T6205B n/a KX-TCM940/B/D/W KX-TG5422 KX-TGA522/M
HHR-P305A KX-T6210B KX-TCM941 KX-TG5423 KX-TGA523/M
HHR-P401 KX-T7880 KX-TCM943/B KX-TG5428 KX-TGA524/M
HHR-P402/A KX-T7885 KX-TCM944 KX-TG5431 KX-TGA528
HHR-P501 KX-T8000 KX-TCM947 KX-TG5432 KX-TGA541
HHR-P504 KX-T8036A KX-TCM970 KX-TG5433 KX-TGA542
HHR-P505/A/1B KX-T8832 KX-TCM1004 KX-TG5436 KX-TGA545
HHR-P506/A KX-T9000 KX-TCS970 KX-TG5438 KX-TGA546
HHR-P507 KX-T9020 KX-TD0155 KX-TG5439 KX-TGA547
HHR-P509/A KX-T9050/BH KX-TD0156 KX-TG5441 KX-TGA548
HHR-P511/A/1B KX-T9100 KX-TD7590 KX-TG5451 KX-TGA549
HHR-P513/A KX-T9150 KX-TD7680 KX-TG5452 KX-TGA550
HHR-P516 KX-T9200 KX-TD7684 KX-TG5453 KX-TGA551
HHR-P543 KX-T9220 KX-TD7685 KX-TG5456 KX-TGA552
HHR-P546/A KX-T9250 KX-TD7690 KX-TG5471 KX-TGA560
HHR-P592A KX-T9300 KX-TD7694 KX-TG5480 KX-TGA570
HHR-T306 KX-T9310 KX-TD7695 KX-TG5561 KX-TGA571S
HQRP KX-T9320 KX-TD7696 KX-TG5562 KX-TGA572S
KC-TC150W KX-T9400 KX-TD7890 KX-TG5566 KX-TGA573S
KSU KX-T9410 KX-TD7894 KX-TG5571 KX-TGA600
KX242 KX-T9500 KX-TD7895/W KX-TG5576 KX-TGA601/cb/cm
KX243 KX-T9500C KX-TD7896 KX-TG5577 KX-TGA630
KX246 KX-T9505 KX-TG0155 KX-TG5583 KX-TGA631
KX571 KX-T9509 KX-TG0158 KX-TG5621 KX-TGA641/C/T
KX572 KX-T9520 KX-TG200ALB/B/CB KX-TG5622 KX-TGA650
KX912 KX-T9525 KX-TG205/B KX-TG5623 KX-TGA651
KX936 KX-T9550 KX-TG210/ALB/B KX-TG5631 KX-TGA659
KX937 KX-T9600 KX-TG234 KX-TG5632/M KX-TGA660
KX938 KX-T30810 KX-TG236 KX-TG5633 KX-TGA670
KX942 KX-T37101 KX-TG240B KX-TG5634 KX-TGA680
KX2420 KX-T37201 KX-TG258 KX-TG5651 KX-TGA725
KX2421 KX-T37301 KX-TG410 KX-TG5652 KX-TGA740B
KX2422 KX-T39101 KX-TG502 KX-TG5653 KX-TGA750B
KX2431 KX-T39102 KX-TG505W KX-TG5671 KX-TGA805
KX2432 KX-TA38 KX-TG523 KX-TG5672 KX-TGA806
KX2621 KX-TAM240-B KX-TG547 KX-TG5673 KX-TGA820/C/B
KX2622 KX-TC10O/B/W KX-TG548 KX-TG5761 KX-TGA850
KX2632 KX-TC106 KX-TG549 KX-TG5766 KX-TGA910/E
KX2670 KX-TC109 KX-TG659 KX-TG5767 KX-TGA930
KX2680 KX-TC15O/W KX-TG664 KX-TG5771 KX-TGA931CT
KX2690 KX-TC155 KX-TG762 KX-TG5776/s KX-TGA935
KX-4410 KX-TC157 KX-TG773 KX-TG5777 KX-TGA939
KX-5766 KX-TC160/B/W KX-TG823X KX-TG5779 KX-TGA950C
KX5767 KX-TC162B KX-TG1000N KX-TG6021 KX-TGA2705
KX5776 KX-TC165/B KX-TG1031 KX-TG6022 KX-TGA4225
KX5777 KX-TC170/B/W KX-TG1032/S KX-TG6023 KX-TGA4311
KX5779 KX-TC180/B KX-TG1033/S KX-TG6025 KX-TGA4312
KX6702 KX-TC185 KX-TG1034 KX-TG6026 KX-TGA4313
KX-A16 KX-TC187/B/CB KX-TG1035 KX-TG6031 KX-TGA4734
KX-A36 KX-TC190 KX-TG1050N KX-TG6032 KX-TGA6411
KX-A36A KX-TC197B KX-TG1061M KX-TG6033 KX-TGA6412
KX-A37 KX-TC280/B/D KX-TG1062M KX-TG6034 KX-TGA6500
KX-A38 KX-TC282B KX-TG1713 KX-TG6051 KX-TGM240/ALB/B/S
KX-A39 KX-TC289 KX-TG1723 KX-TG6052 KX-TGP500
KX-A40 KX-TC410W KX-TG1733 KX-TG6053 KX-TGP550
KX-A43 KX-TC415 KX-TG2000/A/L/B KX-TG6054 KX-TGT2335
KX-A45 KX-TC417 KX-TG2000/B(backup) KX-TG6071 KX-TH102
KX-A92 KX-TC424 KX-TB2000(handset) KX-TG6072 KX-TH111
KX-A150 KX-TC900/B/C/D/W KX-TG2120 KX-TG6073 KX-TH112
KX-A276 KX-TC901/W KX-TG2122 KX-TG6074 KX-TH1211
KX-A278 KX-TC902/B/W KX-TG2130 KX-TG6075 KX-TH1212
KX-F390 KX-TC903W KX-TG2205/W KX-TG6311 KX-THA11
KX-F900 KX-TC904 KX-TG2207 KX-TG6312 KX-THA12
KX-FG2451 KX-TC905 KX-TG2208/B KX-TG6313 KX-THA17
KX-FG5210 KX-TC907 KX-TG2214/W KX-TG6321 KX-THA19
KX-FG5212 KX-TC908 KX-TG-2215/B KX-TG6322 KX-TL901B
KX-FG5213 KX-TC909 KX-TG2216/BV/RV/FV/SV KX-TG6323 KX-TS5-B/W
KX-FG6550 KX-TC910/B/C/DB KX-TG2217/S KX-TG6324 KX-TS10-W
KX-FMC230 KX-TC911/C/B KX-TG2219 KX-TG6411T KX-TS17-W
KX-FP391 KX-TC912B KX-TG2222 KX-TG6412 KX-TS21W
KX-FPC91 KX-TC913 KX-TG2224/W KX-TG6413 KX-TS25W
KX-FPC95 KX-TC914/B KX-TG2226/WV/BV KX-TG6421 KX-TS27-W
KX-FPC96 KX-TC917HSB KX-TG2227/S KX-TG6423 KX-TS3282
KX-FPC135 KX-TC919 KX-TG2235/B KX-TG6431 KX-TS4100B
KX-FPC141 KX-TC919/B KX-TG2236/S KX-TG6432 KX-TS4200B
KX-FPC161 KX-TC928 KX-TG2237/S KX-TG6433 KX-TSC7-W
KX-FPC165 KX-TC930/B KX-TG2238/S KX-TG6434 KX-TSC14/B/W
KX-FPC166 KX-TC933 KX-TG2239 KX-TG6440 KX-TSC50-B
KX-FPC185/C KX-TC934B KX-TG2247/S KX-TG6441 KX-TSC55-B
KX-FPG175/CR KX-TC935 KX-TG2248S KX-TG6442 KX-TU301
KX-FPG176 KX-TC936 KX-TG2249S KX-TG6443 KX-UDT111
KX_FPG371 KX-TC938 KX-TG2257/S KX-TG6444 KX-UDT121
KX_FPG372 KX-TC940/B/W KX-TG2258/S KX-TG6445 KX-UDT131
KX_FPG376 KX-TC942 KX-TG2267/B KX-TG6473 KX-VA7020
KX_FPG377 KX-TC943 KX-TG2287 KX-TG6500 N4HKGMA00001
KX-FPG378 KX-TC955RUB KX-TG2300 KX-TG6502 N4HHGB00001
KX-FPG379 KX-TC956RUB KX-TG2302B KX-TG6511 N4HHEPA00001
KX_FPG381 KX-TC970/W KX-T2303 KX-TG6512 N4HHGMB00001
KX-G650 KX-TC976RUB KX-TG2312W KX-TG6513 N4HHGMB00005
KX-GA271W KX-TC1000/B KX-TG2313W KX-TG6521 N4HKGMB00001
KX-GTA150 KX-TC1001/W KX-TG2314W KX-TG6524 N4HUGLB00001
KX-P372DH KX-TC1002 KX-TG2323 KX-TG6525 P-01H-F2G1
KX-P592 KX-TC1004 KX-TG2322B KX-TG6531 P-03RM-F2GS
KX-PCC902C KX-TC1005 KX-TG2335/S KX-TG6532 P-03RM-F2G3
KX-PRA10 KX-TC1006 KX-TG2336S KX-TG6533 P-04AF-L22K/1/2
KX-PRX110 KX-TC1010/C/B KX-TG2343W KX-TG6534 P06RM/F3G66
KX-PRX120 KX-TC1025 KX-TG2344B KX-TG6541 P08S/3U2B
KX-PRX150 KX-TC1026 KX-TG2346 KX-TG6542 P-60AAR
KXT KX-TC1040/W KX-TG2347 KX-TG6543 POWBTG1000N
KX-T25 KX-TC1045 KX-TG2352/W KX-TG6544 P-P102
KX-T38 KX-TC1120 KX-TG2355/S KX-TG6545 P103/A/1/B
KX-T42 KX-TC1210 KX-TG2356S KX-TG6551 P104
KX-T150W KX-TC1211 KX-TG2357/B/C KX-TG6572 P107A
KX-T180W KX-TC1220 KX-TG2382/B KX-TG6582 P-P105
KX-T187 KC-TC1221/B/X KX-TG2383 KX-TG6583 P-P201/PA/1B
KX-T210B KX-TC1222 KX-TG2386 KX-TG6631 P-P202
KX-T300R KX-TC1225 KX-TG2388 KX-TG6632 P-P301
KX-T308 KX-TC1226 KX-TG2396 KX-TG6633 P-P302
KX-T308OR KX-TC1227 KX-TG2397 KX-TG6641 P-P303
KX-T385H KX-TC1230 KX-TG2400 KX-TG6642 P-P304/PA/1B
KX-T800 KX-TC1231 KX-TG2400B KX-TG6643 P-P305A
KX-T880 KX-TC1232 KX-TG2401/B/S KX-TG6644 P-P341
KX-T900 KX-TC1238 KX-TG2403B KX-TG6645 P-P501
KX-T1001 KX-TC1245 KX-TG2405 KX-TG6671 P-P502
KX-T1016 KX-TC1271 KX-TG2407 KX-TG6672 P-P504
KX-T1232 KX-TC1272 KX-TG2411 KX-TG6700 P-P507/A/BA1
KX-T1410 KX-TC1281 KX-TG2411CB KX-TG6702/B P-P508/A/1B
KX-T1430 KX-TC1282 KX-TG2413 KX-TG6722 P-P510/A
KX-T1450 KX-TC1400/B KX-TG2420 KX-TG6723 P-P511/A/1B
KX-T1460 KX-TC1401/B KX-TG2421 KX-TG6724 P-P513
KX-T1520 KX-TC1402/B/W KX-TG2422 KX-TG6725 P-P539
KX-T2105 KX-TC1403/B KX-TG2423 KX-TG6726 P-P543/PA1-B
KX-T3000/H/R KX-TC1405CB/W KX-TG2424 KX-TG6841 P-P545
KX-T3185D-B KX-TC1410/B KX-TG2431 KX-TG6842 P-P592/PA/1B
KX-T3185D-W KX-TC1430/W KX-TG2432 KX-TG6843 P-P801
KX-T3280 KX-TC1431/W KX-TG2451 KX-TG6844 P-P802
KX-T3380 KX-TC1447/B KX-TG2480 KX-TG6845 PQHP509SVC
KX-T3600 KX-TC1450/B/CV KX-TG2481/C/B/S KX-TG6873 PQHHR115AA31
KX-T3610 KX-TC1451 KX-TG2500/B/S KX-TG7250 PQHHR150AA21
KX-T3620 KX-TC1457 KX-TG2501 KX-TG7252 PQHHR-150AA23
KX-T3640 KX-TC1460 KX-TG2503 KX-TG7431 PQP85AA3A
KX-T3702 KX-TC1461 KX-TG2550/B/C/S KX-TG7432 PQHHR-150AAZ1
KX-T3705/H KX-TC1468 KX-TG2551/CS/LAS KX-TG7433 PQLV30042YAM
KX-T3710/B KX-TC1481/B KX-TG2553/B/C/S KX-TG7434 PQP 25F301A New
KX-T3712 KX-TC1484/B/C KX-TG2560/B/C/S KX-TG7511 PQP 25F 301A Old
KX-T3720/B KX-TC1486/B/C KX-TG2562 KX-TG7531 PQP28S303A
KX-T3725/B KX-TC1493/C KX-TG2563/B/C/F/S/W KX-TG7532 PQP 50AA61
KX-T3730 KX-TC1500/B/S KX-TG2564/S KX-TG7533 PQP 60AAF3G2
KX-T3732 KX-TC1501/B KX-TG2570/B/C/F KX-TG7534 PQP 60AAF3G20RP-P504
KX-T3748 KX-TC1502 KX-TG2575 KX-TG7571 PQP60AAS3G2
KX-T3800/R KX-TC1503/B/W/C KX-TG2581 KX-TG7621 PQP85AA3A
KX-T3805/H/R KX-TC1507 KX-TG2583/B/C/S/W KX-TG7622 PQP504SVC
KX-T3806 KX-TC1520/B KX-TG2584/S KX-TG7623 PQP506SVC
KX-T3807 KX-TC1696B KX-TG2593/B KX-TG7624 PQPK57-ZA
KX-T3815 KX-TC1700B KX-TG2611/CB KX-TG7641 PQPP511SVC
KX-T3818 KX-TC1701/B/V KX-TG2620 KX-TG7642 PQQT
KX-T3820 KX-TC1703/C/B KX-TG2621 KX-TG7643 PSPT3HRAAU41
KX-T3821 KX-TC1710B KX-TG2622 KX-TG7644 PSPT3HRAAU411
KX-T3822/R KX-TC1711/B KX-TG2624 KX-TG7645 PQSUHGLA1ZA
KX-T3823 KX-TC1712 KX-TG2631 KX-TG7732 PQWBTC1461M
KX-T3823R KX-TC1713/B/C/B KX-TG2632 KX-TG7733 PQWBTG1000N
KX-T3824 KX-TC1720/B KX-TG2650/C/N KX-TG8052 PQWRT3831RM
KX-T3825 KX-TC1721B KX-TG2670N KX-TG8202/B PSZZTD142CE
KX-T3830 KX-TC1722 KX-TG2680/N KX-TG8231/B R03
KX-T3831 KX-TC1723/B/C KX-TG2690/N KX-TG8232 T444
KX-T3832 KX-TC1731/B/W KX-TG2700/S KX-TG8233 TB-39
KX-T3835 KX-TC1733B KX-TG2720/S KX-TG9200HG Type 1
KX-T3838 KX-TC1740/C/B KX-TG2730/S KX-TG9333T Type 2
KX-T3841 KX-TC1741/B KX-TG2740/S KX-TG9120 Type 3
KX-T3842 KX-TC1743W KX-TG2750/S KX-TG9140 Type 4
KX-T3845 KX-TC1750B KX-TG2770/S KX-TG9150 Type 5
KX-T3848/B/R KX-TC1800B KX-TG2970 KX-TG9312CT Type 6
KX-T3850 KX-TC1801/B KX-TG3021 KX-TG9313CT Type 7
KX-T3850R KX-TC1802 KX-TG3022 KX-TG9321 Type 8
KX-T3855/B/R KX-TC1808 KX-TG3024 KX-TG9322 Type 9
KX-T3856 KX-TC1811B KX-TG3031 KX-TG9331CT Type 10
KX-T3857 KX-TC1831B KX-TG3032 KX-TG9332CT Type 11
KX-T3860/W KX-TC1848 KX-TG3033 KX-TG9333CT Type 13
KX-T3865 KX-TC1850B KX-TG3034 KX-TG9334CT Type 14
KX-T3870 KX-TC1851B KX-TG3510 KX-TG9341 Type 15
KX-T3875 KX-TC1852 KX-TG3511 KX-TG9342 Type 16
KX-T3880/R KX-TC1858 KX-TG3520 KX-TG9343 Type 17
KX-T3900/R KX-TC1860 KX-TG3521 KX-TG9344 Type 18
KX-T3905 KX-TC1861B KX-TG3522 KX-TG9348 Type 19
KX-T3908 KX-TC1862 KX-TG3526 KX-TG9361 Type 20
KX-T3908/B/W KX-TC1866B KX-TG3531 KX-TG9371 Type 21
KX-T3910 KX-TC1867B KX-TG3532 KX-TG9372 Type 22
KX-T3912 KX-TC1868B KX-TG3533 KX-TG9381 Type 23
KX-T3920/B KX-TC1870B KX-TG3536 KX-TG9382 Type 24
KX-T3925 KX-TC1871B KX-TG4000/B(backup) KX-TG9391 Type 25
KX-T3930 KX-TC1872B KX-TG4000(handset) KX-TG9392 Type 27
KX-T3932/B KX-TC1881B KX-TG4011N KX-TG9471 Type 29
KX-T3935 KX-TC1886B KX-TG4012N KX-TG9472 Type 30
KX-T3940/W KX-TC1890/B KX-TG4013N KX-TG9541C Type 31
KX-T3945 KX-TC1891B KX-TG4021N KX-TG22208 Type 34
KX-T3950/W KX-TC2106 KX-TG4022N KX-TGA100N Type 35
KX-T3960/W KX-TC2550 KX-TG4023N KX-TGA101CS Type 39
KX-T3962 KX-TC4065C KX-TG4024N KX-TGA106/c/m Type 43
KX-T3965 KX-TC4109B KX-TG4031B KX-TGA200/B Type 45
KX-T3967 KX-TC4169 KX-TG4032B KX-TGA210 Type 92
KX-T3968 KX-TC4310 KX-TG4033B KX-TGA224/C/G/W VA7020
. KX-TC9020 KX-TG4034B KX-TGA226 VB-44240A
. . KX-TG4053B KX-TGA228/s VB-44249ABR

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Panasonic cordless phone model listed.

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