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Samsung Cell Phone & Tablet Batteries

411 Galaxy R RL-A760 SGH-T101
620 Galaxy Relay Rogue SGH-T105
700T Galaxy Reverb Rookie SGH-T109
1000 series Galaxy Rugby GT-S5690r Rugby SGH-T119
1011 Galaxy Rugby LTE Rugby 2 SGH-T139
1020 Galaxy Rugby Pro Rugby 3 SGH-T239
1100 Galaxy S Rugby 4 SGH-T159
1900 Galaxy S II Rugby Smart SGH-T209
1910 Galaxy SII 4G S SGH-T219
2000 Galaxy SII HD LTE S30 M810 SGH-T229
2016 Duos Galaxy SII LTE SGH-i727r S50 SGH-T239
2500 Galaxy SII R760 S105 SGH-T249
3500 Galaxy SII SGH-i757M S275 SGH-T255
6100 Galaxy S II SPH-D710 S307 SGH-T259
8500 Galaxy SII Skyrocket i727 S366 SGH-T301G
A5 (2017) Galaxy S II T989 S410 SGH-T309
A8 Galaxy S II X S510 SGH-T319
A100 Galaxy S III S3030C SGH-T329
A117 Galaxy S3 S3110C SGH-T330
A127 Galaxy S III i9300 S3600 SGH-T336
A137 Galaxy S III Mini S3650 SGH-T339
A167 Galaxy S3 Mini SGH-T399 S4100 SGH-T340
A171 Galaxy S4 S5360 SGH-T349
A177 Galaxy S4 Active S5380 SGH-T356
A226 Galaxy S 4 Duos S5800 SGH-T359
A227 Galaxy S 4G S5830/D SGH-T369
A237 Galaxy S 4G T959V S7070 SGH-T399
A256 Hype Galaxy S 4 LTE S7350 SGH-T404G
A257 Magnet Galaxy S 4 LTE EU S8000 SGH-T406
A303 Galaxy S IV S8003 SGH-T409
A400 Galaxy S IV Duos SA540 SGH-T419
A420 Galaxy S IV LTE Saga SGH-T429
A436 Galaxy S IV LTE EU Saga i770 SGH-T439
A437 Galaxy S4 Mini Sailor SGH-T456
A460 Galaxy S4 Zoom SAMI500BATX SGH-T459
A500 Galaxy S5 SC06D SGH-T469
A516 Galaxy S5 Active SC-01F SGH-T479
A517 Galaxy S5 Dx SC-07 SGH-T499
A520 Galaxy S5 Mini SCBAS1 SGH-T509/S
A540 Galaxy S5 Neo SCH-200 SGH-T519
A560 Galaxy S5 Neo Duos SCH210 nla SM-T530
A570 Galaxy S5 Zoom SCH-211 nla SM-T531
A580 Galaxy S6 SCH-220 SM-T535
A600 Galaxy S6 Active SCH-250 SM-T537
A620 Galaxy S6 Duos SCH-400 SGH-T539
A630 Galaxy S6 TD-LTE SCH-410 SGH-T559
A637 Galaxy S6 Edge SCH411 SGH-T589/r
A640 Galaxy S6 edge Dual Sim SCH-610 SGH-T599V
A645 Galaxy S6 Edge+ SCH-611 SGH-T605
A650 Galaxy S7 SCH-620 SGH-T609
A655 Galaxy S7 Duos SCH-670 SGH-T619/s
A660 Galaxy S7 Edge SCH-800 SGH-T629
A667T Galaxy S7 XLTE SCH-810 SGH-T636
A670 Galaxy S8 SCH-811 SGH-T639
A680 Galaxy S8 Plus SCH-811i SGH-T659
A687 Galaxy S9 SCH-850 SGH-T669
A697 Galaxy S Advance SCH-870 SGH-T699
A706 Galaxy S Blaze 4G SCH-880 SGH-T709 nya
A707 Galaxy S Blaze Q SCH-910 SGH-T719
A717 Galaxy S Captivate G7 SCH-1000 SGH-T729
A720 Galaxy S Captivate i896 SCH-1011 SGH-T629
A727 Galaxy S Captivate i897 SCH-1021 SGH-T679
A736 Galaxy S Duos SCH-1900 SGH-T699
A737 Galaxy S Duos 3 SCH-1910 SGH-T719
A740 Galaxy S Epic Touch 4G SCH-2000 SGH-T729
A746 Galaxy Serrano SCH-2000i na SGH-T739
A747 Galaxy S Fascinate SCH-2010 SGH-T746
A760 Galaxy S Hercules SCH-2500 SGH-T749
A766 Galaxy S i500 SCH-2100 SGH-T759
A767 Galaxy S i9000 SCH-2200 SGH-T769
A777 Galaxy S Infuse 4G SCH-2500 SGH-T800
A797 Galaxy S Lightray SCH-2530 SGH-T809
A817 Galaxy S Mini SCH-3500 SGH-T819
A820 Galaxy S Relay 4G SCH-3510 SGH-T849
A836 Galaxy S Vibrant GT-i9000M SCH-5000 SGH-T859
A837 Galaxy Spica SCH-6000 SGH-T889V
A840 Galaxy Stellar SCH-6100 SGH-T899M
A847 Galaxy Stellar 4G SCH-8500 SGH-T900
A850 Galaxy Stratosphere SCH-8580 SGH-T919
A860 Galaxy Style Duos SCH-A220 SGH-T929
A870 Galaxy Tab A SCH-A310 SGH-T939
A877 Galaxy Tab P1000 SCH-A420 SGH-T959/d/p/v
A880 Galaxy Tab P1010 SCH-A460 SGH-T989
A886 Galaxy Tab 2 SCH-A500 SGH-T999
A887 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 SCH-A520 SGH-T8039
A890 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 SCH-A530 SGH-U100
A900/m Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 SCH-A540 SGH-U108
A920 na Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 SCH-A560 SGH-U540
A927 Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 SCH-A570 SGH-U550
A930 Galaxy Tab 3 Kids SCH-A580 SGH-U600
A940 Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 SCH-A600 SGH-U608
A950 Galaxy Tab 3 Neo SCH-A610 SGH-U700
A970 Galaxy Tab 3 Plus 10.1 SCH-A630 SGH-U708
A990 Galaxy Tab 3G SCH-A640 SGH-U740
A997 Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 SCH-A645 SGH-U800
AA1D625aS/7-B Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 SCH-A650 SGH-U808
AA-PBZN4NP Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 SCH-A655 SGH-U900
AA-PLZN4NP Galaxy Tab 4 Education SCH-A660 SGH-U908
AAaD429oS/7-B Galaxy Tab 4 VE 10.1 SCH-A670 SGH-U940
AB043446LA Galaxy Tab 7.0 SCH-A760 SGH-V200
AB043446LABSTD Galaxy Tab 7.7 SCH-A766 SGH-V205
AB043446LE Galaxy Tab 8.0 SCH-A790 SGH-V206
AB55344DABSTD Galaxy Tab 8.9 SCH-A795 SGH-V208
AB55344BA Galaxy Tab 10.1 SCH-A809 SGH-V804
AB394235CE Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T350 SCH-A850 SGH-W559
AB394235CECSTD Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T355 SCH-A870 SGH-W599
AB394635CE Galaxy Tab Active SCH-A886 SGH-W619
AB403450BA/B/STD Galaxy Tab E 9.6 SCH-A890 SGH-W629
AB403450BABSTD Galaxy Tab i800 SCH-A930 SGH-W699
AB403450GZBSTD Galaxy Tab i987 SCH-A940 SGH-W709
AB423643CE Galaxy Tab P100 SCH-A950 SGH-W999
AB463446BA Galaxy TabPRO 8.4 SCH-A970 SGH-X100
AB463446BABSTD Galaxy TabPro 10.1 SCH-A990 SGH-X105
AB463446/BC/BE/LE/LN Galaxy TabPro 12.2 SCH-i100 SGH-X150
AB463446BU Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 SCH-i110 SGH-X160
AB463446FZB Galaxy Tab S2 Nook 8.0 SCH-i200 SGH-X168
AB463446FZBSTD Galaxy Tab S2 Plus 8.0 SCH-i220 SGH-X180
AB463446LA Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 SCH-i400 SGH-X200
AB463651BA Galaxy Tab S2 Plus 9.7 SCH-i405 SGH-X208
AB463651BABSTD Galaxy Tab S 8.4 SCH-i415 SGH-X210
AB463651/BC/BE/BEC/BU Galaxy Tab S 10.5 R760 SGH-X300
AB463651GZ Galaxy Tab T849 SCH-i467 SGH-X308
AB463651GZBSTD Galaxy V SCH-i500 SGH-X426
AB463851BA/BSTD Galaxy Vibrant SCH-i510 SGH-X427
AB474350BA Galaxy Victory 4G LTE SCH-i520 SGH-X428
AB474350BABSTD Galaxy W SCH-i545 SGH-X430
AB483640BE Galaxy Win SCH-i569 SGH-X450
AB483640BEC Galaxy Win Duos SCH-i579 SGH-X475
AB483640BU Galaxy Win 2 Duos SCH-i589 SGH-X495
AB483640CA Galaxy Wonder SCH-i600 SGH-X496
AB483640CABSTD Galaxy Xcover SCH-i605 SGH-X497
AB483640DU Galaxy Xcover 2 SCH-i627 SGH-X500
AB503442BA/BSTD Galaxy Xcover 4 SCH-i640 SGH-X506
AB503442BAB Galaxy Y SCH-i730 SGH-X507
GB/T1827-2000 is not a battery model
SCH-i760 SGH-X510
AB503442CA Garda SCH-i770 SGH-X518
AB503442CABSTD Gem SCH-i815 SGH-X520
AB503445AA Genio Qwerty SCH-i829 SGH-X530
AB503445CA GH43-02186A SCH-i830 SGH-X568
AB503445CABSTD GH43-02389A SCH-i859 SGH-X600
AB514757BC GH43-02773A SCH-i909 SGH-X630
AB514757GZ GH43-02895A SCH-i910 SGH-X680
AB514757GZBSTD GH43-02924A Call SCH-i920 SGH-X820
AB533640AA GH43-02936A Call SCH-i925 SGH-X828
AB533640AAB GH43-03310A SCH-i930 SGH-X900
AB533640AABSTD GH43-03155A SCH-i939 SGH-X910
AB533640AE GH43-03295A SCH-LC11 SGH-X969
AB533640AEC GH43-03359A Call SCH-M530 SGH-X979
AB533640AECSTD GH43-03374B SCH-M828 SGH-X4200
AB533640BA GH43-03386A SCH-N150 SGH-Z105
AB533640BABSTD GH43-03442A SCH-N300 SGH-Z140
AB533640CA GH43-03447A SCH-N330 SGH-Z150
AB533640CABSTD GH43-03504A SCH-N370 SGH-Z170
AB533640CE GH43-03506A SCH-N400 SGH-Z240
AB533640CU GH43-03508A Call SCH-N719 SGH-Z370
AB553443DA GH43-03528A SCH-R100 SGH-Z510
AB553446BA GH43-03538A SCH-R200 SGH-Z560
AB553446BU GH43-03539A SCH-R300 SGH-Z518
AB553446CAB GH43-03613A SCH-R330 SGH-Z540
AB553446CA GH43-03663A SCH-R350 SGH-Z548
AB553446CABSTD GH4303664A SCH-R351 SGH-Z560
AB553446GZ GH43-03685A SCH-R355 SGH-Z568
AB563840CA GH43-03911A SCH-R360 SGH-Z620
AB603443AA GH43-04420A SCH-R400 SGH-Z720
AB603443AABSTD GH43-04535A SCH-R410 SGH-Z728
AB603443AASTD GH43-04560A SCH-R430 SGH-ZV60
AB603443CA GH68-15890A SCH-R450 SGH-ZX10
AB603443CABSTD GH-D730 SCH-R500 SGH-ZX20
AB653039CA GH-F210 SCH-R510 Shark 2
AB653039CABSTD GH-J800 SCH-R530 SHV-E110S
AB653443CA GH-Z568 SCH-R540 SHV-E120S
AB653443CAB Gio SCH-R560 SHV-E210S
AB653443CABSTD Giorgio Armani SCH-R561 SHV-E250/S
AB653850CA Glamour S7070 SCH-R610 SHV-E300/SL
AB653850CABSTD Gleam SCH-R630 SHV-E500
AB653850/CA/CC/STD Glyde SCH-R680 SHW-M410K
AB653850CE Gravity see model # SCH-R720 SHW-M440S
AB653850CU Gravity 2 SCH-R730 Sidekick 4G
AB653850EZ Gravity 3 SCH-R740 Skyrocket
AB653850EZBSTD Gravity S nya SCH-R800 Slash M310
AB663450BA Gravity Smart SCH-R810 SLM
AB663450BAB/STD Gravity T456 SCH-R850 Slyde m540
AB663450BZ Gravity Touch SCH-R860 Smart T589
AB663450GZ Gravity Touch 2 SCH-R900 SM-A500
AB813851CA GB2700 SCH-R910 SM-A800
AB823450xxxx GS2X SCH-R915 SM-A5000
ABPA3108WA GS 5 Active SCH-R920 SM-A8000
Access GT2 SCH-R940 SM-C105A
Ace GT-7511 SCH-R950 SM-C111
Ace II e GT-7560M SCH-R970 SM-C115
Ace II X GT-B3210 SCH-S300 SM-C1010
Ace World Edition GT-B3310 SCH-S307 SM-C1150ZWAPHN
Acclaim GT-B3410 SCH-S308 SM-E500
Admire 4G GT-B3410R SCH-T300 SM-G310
Admire R720 GT-B5310 SCH-T308 SM-G313
Advance GT-B5722 SCH-U310 SM-G355
Alias GT-B7300 SCH-U340 SM-G357
Alias 2 GT-B7330 SCH-U380 SM-G360
Altius GT-B7510 SCH-U410/t SM-G361
Ancora GT-B7610 SCH-U420 SM-G386
Apollo GT-B7620 SCH-U430 SM-G510F
Appeal i827 GT-B7722 SCH-U440 SM-G530
ASC29087 GT-B7732 SCH-U450 SM-G531
Ativ Pro GT-B7800 SCH-U460 SM-G550
Ativ S GT-C3050/C SCH-U470 SM-G600
Ativ SE GT-C3053 SCH-U490 SM-G610
Ativ S Odyssey i930 GT-C3060 SCH-U510 SM-G710
Ativ Tab GT-P8510 GT-C3222 SCH-U520 SM-G730
Attain GT-C3322 SCH-U540/t SM-G750
B100AE GT-C3300 SCH-U550 SM-G800
B105/BC/BE/BK/BU GT-C3303 SCH-U620 SM-G850
B309 GT-C3500 SCH-U640 SM-G890
B450BC GT-C3510 SCH-U650 SM-G900/T
B450BU GT-C3520 SCH-U660 SM-G903
B500/AE/BE / BU /BZ GT-C3590 SCH-U680 SM-G920
B600BC GT-C3610 SCH-U700 SM-G920W8 na
B600BE GT-C3750 SCH-U706 SM-G925
B600BU GT-C5510U SCH-U740 SM-G928
B600BZ GT-C6112 SCH-U750 SM-G930
B605 GT-E329i SCH-U810 SM-G935
B700BE / BU GT-E1117 SCH-U820 SM-G950
B740AE GT-E1210 SCH-U900 SM-G955
B780A GT-E1070 SCH-U940 SM-G3606
B800/BE/BK/BU GT-E1100 SCH-U960 SM-G3608
B2700 GT-E1150 SCH-V200 SM-G3609
B3410 GT-E1190 SCH-V205 SM-G5108
B5310 GT-E2120 SCH-V206 SM-G5109
B5510 GT-E2210 SCH-V300 SM-G5306
B5702C GT-E2330 SCH-V310 SM-G5308
B5712C GT-E2520 SCH-V330 SM-G5309
B5722 Duos GT-E2530 SCH-V410 SM-G5500
B7300 GT-E3300 SCH-V420 SMG-6000
B7320 GT-i1819 SCH-V3000 SM-G9006
B7330 GT-i869 SCH-W999 SM-G7102
B7610 GT-i5500/m SCH-X199 SM-G7105
B7620 GT-i5510/m SCH-X219 SM-G7106
Beat GT-i5700 SCH-X290 SM-G7108
Beat DJ GT-i5800/L/D SCH-X308 SM-G7508
Behold GT-i5801 SCH-X600 SM-G7509
Behold2 GT-i6320c SCH-X699 SM-G9008
BEX279HSA GT-i6330 SCH-Z400 SM-G9009
BEX476HKA GT-i6410 Seek SM-G9287
Blackjack GT-i7110 SGH-108 SM-G9500
Blackjack II GT-i7275 SGH-197 SM-G9508
Blade GT-i7500/L SGH-300 SM-G9550
Blast GT-i7680 SGH-410 SM-J100
BSL1397SEB GT-i8000 SGH-500 SM-J110
BST034ADE GT-i8150 SGH-600 SM-J120
BST097ASE GT-i8160/P SGH-2040 SM-J320
BST153ASE GT-i8180 SGH-A107 SM-J500
BST195ASE GT-i8190 SGH-A117 SM-J700
BST219ASE GT-i8262D SGH-A127 SM-J3109
BST300ASE GT-i8268 SGH-A137 SM-J3119
BST331ASA GT-i8305 SGH-A167 SM-J5008
BST331ASAB GT-i8320 SGH-A171 SM-J7008
BST-346AKA n/a GT-i8350 SGH-A177 SM-J7009
BST346APA GT-i8370 SGH-A197 SM-N750S
BST-346ASA GT-i8510 SGH-A226 SM-N7502
BST364BSA GT-i8530 SGH-A227 SM-N7505
BST0369DE GT-i8550 SGH-A237 SM-N7506
BST383ASR GT-i8552 SGH-A256 SM-N7507
BST0399DE GT-i8558 SGH-A257 SM-N900
BST456ABEC/STD GT-i8700 SGH-A300 SM-N910/C
BST467AKR silver grey GT-i8750 SGH-A436 SM-N915
BST531AB/A nla GT-i8910 SGH-A437 SM-N920
BST531ABA nla GT-i9000m SGH-A501 SM-N9000
BST531ABAB nla GT-i9020 SGH-A508 SM-N9002
BST0819SE GT-i9070/P SGH-A516 SM-N9005
BST0989SE GT-i9100M SGH-A517 SM-N9006
BST1019SE GT-i9101 SGH-A539 SM-N9008 Call
BST1139SE GT-i9103 SGH-A597 SM-N9100
BST1399SEB GT-i9190 SGH-A637 SM-N9106W
BST2488SE/B GT-i9195 SGH-A657 nya SM-N9109W
BST3078BE/C GT-i9200 SGH-A687 SM-P350
BST3108xx GT-i9205 SGH-A700 SM-P600
BST4048BE GT-i9210 SGH-A701 SM-P601
BST4358BA GT-i9220 SGH-A706 SM-P605
BST468/AB/BA GT-i9250 SGH-A707 SM-P607
BST4968BA GT-i9250M SGH-A717 SM-P900
BT-B7732 GT-i9260 SGH-A727 SM-P901
BTE41 GT-i9268 SGH-A736 SM-P905
BTS850 GT-i9295 SGH-A737 SM-T110
C11PNCH GT-i9300 SGH-A746 SM-T111
C225 GT-i9308 SGH-A747 SM-T113
C414/r GT-i9500 SGH-A766 SM-T116
C417 GT-i9502 SGH-A767 SM-T210
C5212 GT-i9505 SGH-A777 SM-T210R
Caliber GT-i9600 SGH-A796 SM-T211
Captivate Glide i927 GT-i9602 SGH-A797 SM-T217S
Captivate i896 GT-i9700 SGH-A800 SM-T230
Captivate i897 GT-M2310 SGH-A801 SM-T231
Celox GT-M2510 SGH-A808 SM-T235
Cetus GT-M2710 SGH-A811 SM-T310
Chart GT-M3200 SGH-A827 SM-T311
Chat 322 GT-M3318C SGH-A836 SM-T315
Cleo GT-M7500 SGH-A837 SM-T320
Code SCH-i200 GT-M7600 SGH-A847 SM-T321
Comeback T559 GT-M7603 SGH-A867 SM-T325
Conquer 4G GT-N5100 SGH-A877 SM-T327A
Convoy/2/3/U640/U660 GT-N5110 SGH-A885 SM-T330
Cooper GT-N7000 SGH-A886 SM-T331
Corby GT-N7100 SGH-A887 SM-T335
Corby Plus GT-N7105/T SGH-A897 SM-T337
Corby Pro GT-N7108 SGH-A997 SM-T350
Corby TXT GT-N8000 SGH-B100 SM-T355
Craft GT-N8010 SGH-B130 SM-T357W
D307 GT-N8013 SGH-B189 SM-T520
D347 GT-P3100 SGH-B289 SM-T525
D357 GT-P3113 SGH-B300 SM-T530
D407 GT-P8010 SGH-B309 SM-T530NU
D410 GT-P1000 SGH-B320 SM-T531
D800 GT-P1010 SGH-B508 SM-T533
D806 GT-P3113 SGH-B520 SM-T535
D807 GT-P5100 SGH-B2100 SM-T537
D820 GT-P5110 SGH-C19 SM-T560NU
D900 GT-P5113 SGH-C100 SM-T567/V
Diva GT-P5200 SGH-C110 SM-T700
Delve GT-P5210 SGH-C120 SM-T705
Dream 2 GT-P5213 SGH-C128 SM-T707
DoubleTake U450 GT-P5220 SGH-C130 SM-T710
Droid Charge GT-P6200 SGH-C140 SM-T713
E105 GT-P6210 SGH-C158 SM-T715
E315 GT-P6800 SGH-C170 SM-T719
E316 GT-P6810 SGH-C178 SM-T800
E317 GT-P7000 SGH-C180 SM-T800
E335 GT-P7100 SGH-C188 SM-T805
E900 GT-P7500 SGH-C207 SM-T810
E908 GT-P7510 SGH-C225 SM-T813
E1120C GT-P7511 SGH-C230 SM-T815
E1310C GT-P8110 SGH-C238 SM-T817
E1360C GT-P8220/E SGH-C260 SM-T819
E2100C GT-S3030 SGH-C268 SM-T900
E2210B GT-S3100 SGH-C300 SM-T905
E2210C GT-S3370 SGH-C308 SM-T920
EB124465YZ GT-S3650 SGH-C327 SM-W750
EB404465VA GT-S3653 SGH-C370 Smiley
EB404465VABSTD GT-S3830U SGH-C400 Snap
EB424255VA GT-S5150 SGH-C408 SO1S416AS/5-B
EB424255VABSTD GT-S5230 SGH-C414/m/r Solstice A887
EB425161LA GT-S5250 SGH-C416 SP3379D1H
EB425161LU GT-S5260 SGH-C417 SP3496A8H
EB425365LU GT-S5510/T SGH-C450 SP3676B1A
EB454357VU GT-S5511/T SGH-C520 SP368487A
EB464358VA GT-S5530 SGH-D307 SP3770E1H
EB464358VU GT-S5560 SGH-D347 SP3782A9A
EB484659VA GT-S5570 SGH-D357 SP397281A
EB484659VABSTD GT-S5600 SGH-D407 SP4960C3/A/B
EB484659VUBSTD GT-S5603 SGH-D410 Spex R210
EB485159LA GT-S5608U SGH-D415 SPH-10
EB494353VA GT-S5620 SGH-D500/C SPH-600
EB494353VU GT-S5630C SGH-D507 SPH-810
EB494358VA GT-S5660 SGH-D508 SPH-1300
EB494358VU GT-S5670 SGH-D520 SPH-3600
EB504465IZ GT-S5690M SGH-D528 SPH-5000
EB504465LA GT-S5820 SGH-D600 SPH-A110
EB504465VA GT-S5830/D SGH-D608 SPH-A120
EB504465VK GT-S6500 SGH-D700 SPH-A303
EB504465VU GT-S7220 SGH-D710 SPH-A310
EB504465VUBSTD GT-S7230 SGH-D720 SPH-A400
EB504465YZ GT-S7260 SGH-D728 SPH-A420
EB504465YZBSTD GT-S7262 SGH-D730 SPH-A460
EB505165YZ GT-S7270 SGH-D780 SPH-A500
EB524759VA/VU GT-S7272 SGH-D788 SPH-A503
EB535151VU GT-S7275 SGH-D800 SPH-A513 Fin
EB535151VUBSTD GT-S7500 SGH-D802 SPH-A520
EB535163LA GT-S7560M SGH-D806 SPH-A523
EB535163LAGSTA GT-S7562 SGH-D807 SPH-A540
EB535163LZ GT-S7710 SGH-D820 SPH-A560
EB535163LZBXAR GT-S7898 SGH-D828 SPH-A570
EB555157VA GT-S8300 SGH-D830 SPH-A580
EB555157VABSTD GT-S8500 SGH-D838 SPH-A600
EB575152LA GT-S8530 SGH-D840 SPH-A620
EB575152VA GT-S8600 SGH-D848 SPH-A640
EB575152VU HA32ARB SGH-D870 SPH-A645
EB585157LU Halley SGH-D880 SPH-A650
EB585157VA Heat Helio SGH-D888 SPH-A655
EB585157VK Hercules SGH-D900 SPH-A660
EB585157VKBSTD Hero SGH-D908 SPH-A680
EB595675LA Hero 2 SGH-D980 SPH-A700
EB595675LU Highlight T749 SGH-D988 SPH-A720
EB615268VA Highnote SGH-E100 SPH-A740
EB615268VU Hue SGH-E105 SPH-A760
EB625152VA Hue Ii SGH-E189 SPH-A790
EB625152VU Huron SGH-E210 SPH-A800
EB664239XZ Hype A256 SGH-E218 SPH-A820
EB-B130BE i220 SGH-E250 SPH-A840
EB-B220AC i225 SGH-E251 SPH-A860
EB-B600/CE/BE/BU i257 SGH-E258 SPH-A870
EB-B600BZ i325 SGH-E300 SPH-A880
EB-B800BE i467 SGH-E308 SPH-A900/m
EB-B900/BC/BE/BK/BU i509 SGH-E310 SPH-A920 nla
EB-BA500ABE i515 SGH-E315 SPH-A940
EB-BA700ABE i547 SGH-E316 SPH-A960
EB-BA800ABE i601 Blackjack SGH-E317 SPH-A964
EB-BC115/BBC/BBE i616 SGH-E319 SPH-D600
EB-BE500ABE i627 SGH-E330 SPH-D700
EB-BG355BBE i637 SGH-E335 SPH-D710
EB-BG358BBC/BBE i700 SGH-E350 SPH-D720
EB-BG360BBE/CBC/CBE i717 SGH-E380 SPH-i300
EB-BG510CBC i727 SGH-E388 SPH-i325
EB-BG530/BBC/BBE/CBU i730 SGH-E420 SPH-i330
EB-BG750BBC/BB/BBU i777 SGH-E428 SPH-i350
EB-BG800BBE i830 SGH-E480 SPH-i500
EB-BG850/BBC/BBE/BBU i857 SGH-E500 SPH-i550
EB-BG890ABA i896 SGH-E508 SPH-i700
EB-BG900/BBC/BBE/BBU/BBZ i897 SGH-E630 SPH-i800
EB-BG900BBUSTA i900 SGH-E635 SPH-L700
EB-BG903/BA/BBA/BBE/BU i908 SGH-E700 SPH-L720
EB-BG920ABA na i910 SGH-E715 SPH-L900
EB-BG920ABE i927 SGH-E740 SPH-M100
EB-BG925ABE i939 SGH-E747 SPH-M210
EB-BG928ABE i5700 SGH-E780 SPH-M220
EB-BG930/ABA/ABE i7110 Pilot SGH-E788 SPH-M230
EB-BG935/ABA/ABE i8000 SGH-E830 SPH-M240
EB-BG950ABE i8190 SGH-E838 SPH-M250
EB-BG955/ABA/ABE i8510 SGH-E840 SPH-M260
EB-BJ100/BBE/BCE/CBE/CBZ i8910 SGH-E870 SPH-M270
EB-BJ111ABE i9000 SGH-E878 SPH-M300
EB-BJ120/BBE/BEGWW/CBU i9100 SGH-E900 SPH-M305
EB-BJ700BBC i9192 SGH-E908 SPH-M310
EB-BN750/BBC/BBE i9195 SGH-E950 SPH-M320
EB-BN903/BA/BBA/BBE/BU i9198 SGH-F110/miCoach SPH-M330
EB-BN910/BBE/BBU i9250 SGH-F118 SPH-M340
EB-BN915BB/C/E/K i9300 SGH-F250 SPH-M350
EB-BN916BBC i9500 SGH-F258 SPH-M360
EB-BN920/ABA/ABE Illusion i110 SGH-F266 SPH-M370
EB-BT111/ABE/ABC Impact SGH-F268 SPH-M380
EB-BT330FBE Impression A877 SGH-F278/i SPH-M400
EB-BT330FBU Indulge SGH-F299 SPH-M420
EB-BT355ABA Infuse 4G SGH-F309 SPH-M500
EB-BT355ABE Innovate SGH-F330 SPH-M510
EB-BT530FBC Inspiration i510 SGH-F339 SPH-M530
EB-BT530/E/FBU Instinct SGH-F369 SPH-M540
EB-BT567ABA Instinct HD SGH-F379 SPH-M550
EB-BT705/FBC/FBE/FBU Instinct M800 SGH-F400 SPH-M560
EB-BT710ABA/ABE Instinct HD M850 SGH-F406 SPH-M570
EB-BT750FBC Instinct HD S50 SGH-F408 SPH-M580
EB-BT750FBU Intensity SGH-F480 SPH-M610
EB-BT800FBC/FB/FBJ Intensity II SGH-F488 SPH-M620
EB-BT810AB/A/E Intensity U450 SGH-F490 SPH-M630
EB-F1A2GBU Intercept SGH-F509 SPH-M800
EB-F1M7FLU Intrepid i350 SGH-F768 SPH-M810
EB-L1D7IBA IP-830W SGH-G600 SPH-M850
EB-L1D7iBK J706 SGH-i187 SPH-M910
EB-L1D7iVZ Jack SGH-i257 SPH-M920
EB-L1D7iVZBSTD Jack i637 SGH-i317 SPH-M930
EB-L1F2HVU Jet SGH-i320 SPH-M950
EB-L1G6LL Jitterbug J SGH-i330 SPH-M4300
EB-L1G6LLA Juke SGH-i337 SPH-N200
EB-L1G6LLAGSTA Katalyst T739 SGH-i467 SPH-N240
EB-L1G6LLK Knack SGH-i500 SPH-N270
EB-L1G6LLU Lightray SGH-i515 SPH-N300
EB-L1G6LLUC Link SCH-r351 SGH-i537 SPH-N400
EB-L1G6LLUCSTD Linx SGH-i547C S Phone
EB-L1G6LVA M210 SGH-i558 SPH-R540
EB-L1H2LLD M220 SGH-i560 SPH-T100 n/a
EB-L1H2LLU M240 SGH-i600 SPH-T130
EB-L1K6ILA M300 SGH-i607 SPH-VI660
EB-L1K6ILZ M320 SGH-i616 SPH-Z400
EB-L1L7LLU M330 SGH-i617 SPi-600
EB-L1M1NLA M340 SGH-i620 SSB-160ELP
EB-L1M1NLU M350 SGH-i627 ST26A
EB-L1M9KLA M359 SGH-i637 STH-N275
EB-L1P3DVU M360 SGH-i640 STH-N375
Elevate M380 SGH-i677 Stellar SCH-i200
Emporio Armani M390 SGH-i688 Straight Talk
Entro SPH-M350 M500 SGH-i700 Stratosphere II
Epic 4G M510 SGH-i717 Stratosphere 4G
Epic 4G Touch M520 SGH-i727 Stratosphere i405
Epix M530 SGH-i728A Stripe A117
Eternity M540 SGH-i730 Stripe T329
Evergreen M550 SGH-i740 Strive
Exclaim M550 M580 SGH-i747 Sunburst
Exhibit II 4G M610 see full model # SGH-i747M Sway
Exhibit 4G M620 SGH-i757M Swift
Express 2 M630 SGH-i777 Sync
F266 M800 SGH-i780 T109
F400 M820 SGH-i788 T119
F406 M828C SGH-i827D T130
Fascinate SCH-i500 M900 SGH-i847 T159
Flipshot M910 SGH-i857 T229
Focus M920 SGH-i896 T300
Focus 2 M2710C SGH-i897 T301G
Focus Flash M3510 SGH-i900 T329
Focus i917 M7500 SGH-i907 T336
Focus S M7600 SGH-i908 T339
Forever SGH-A886 M8910 SGH-i917/r T349
Freeform SCH-r350 Magnet SGH-i927/r T359
Galaxy 7.0 Plus ME571K SGH-i937 T369
Galaxy 550 Memoir SGH-i957M T379
Galaxy 551 Messenger SGH-i997/r T399 na
Galaxy A5 Midas SGH-iT999 T409
Galaxy A7 Milky SGH-i8510 T419
Galaxy A8 Duos Miss Player SGH-J200 T439
Galaxy A7000 MM-700 SGH-J578 T456
Galaxy A7009 MM-A700 SGH-J600 T459
Galaxy Ace MM-A880 SGH-J608 T469
Galaxy Ace S5830 MM-A900/m SGH-J610 T479
Galaxy Ace 2 MM-A920 nla SGH-J618 T499
Galaxy Ace 2 /x/e MM-A940 SGH-J630 T509
Galaxy Ace 3 B100AE Moment SGH-J638 T519
Galaxy Ace 3 SGH-T399 Monte SGH-J706 T539
Galaxy Ace 3 Light Muscat SGH-J750 T559
Galaxy Ace 3 LTE Muse SGH-J758 T589 /r
Galaxy Ace 4 MyShot R430 SGH-J800 T609
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 Mysto SGH-J808/E T619
Galaxy Ace Duos Mythic SGH-K90 T629
Galaxy Ace Q N105 SGH-L170 T636
Galaxy Admire 4G N150 SGH-L288 T639
Galaxy Alpha N200 SGH-L310 T669
Galaxy AMP 2 N300 SGH-L600 T719
Galaxy Appeal i827 N370 SGH-L700 T729
Galaxy Apollo N400 SGH-L708/E T739
Galaxy Ativ Tab3 N7000 SGH-L760 T746
Galaxy Attain N8000 SGH-L768 T749
Galaxy Avant P207 SGH-L810 T809
Galaxy Beam P6200 SGH-L870 T819
Galaxy Captivate P6210 SGH-M100 T900
Galaxy Core 2 NBTE1028 SGH-M110 T919
Galaxy Core 4G NBTS1041 SGH-M150 T939
Galaxy Core Lite NBTS1054 SGH-M200 T959
Galaxy Core Lite 4G NBTS1058 SGH-M220 T989
Galaxy Core LTE NBTS1074 SGH-M300 T1000
Galaxy Core LTE EB-L1H2LLU Net 10 SGH-M310 T3600E
Galaxy Core Max Nexio S160 SGH-M320 T4000E
Galaxy Core Max Duos Nexus/3 SGH-M359 T4450E
Galaxy Core Mini Nexus 4G LTE SGH-M500 T4500E
Galaxy Core Prime Nexus 7 2nd SGH-M510 T4800E
Galaxy Core Prime Value Nexus 7 FHD SGH-M600 T8220E
Galaxy Discover SCH-R740C Nexus 7 HD SGH-M610 T9500C
Galaxy Discover SGH-S730M Nexus i9250 SGH-M618 T9500E
Galaxy Duos Nexus Prime SGH-M620 TAAG
Galaxy E5 Nexus S SGH-M810 Tender
Galaxy Europa Nimbus SGH-M919 TH1B825AS/5-B
Galaxy Exhilarate Noble SGH-N025 TH1Z719GS/D-B
Galaxy Express Prime Odyssey SGH-N055 Tocco Icon
Galaxy Express 3 Omnia see model # SGH-N075 Trace
Galaxy Fame Omnia II SGH-N100 TracFone
Galaxy Fit Omnia 3G SGH-N105 Trance
Galaxy Gio Omnia 7 SGH-N171 Transfix
Galaxy Grand 2 Omnia HD SGH-N188 Transform
Galaxy Grand On Omnia i900 SGH-N400 Transform Ultra
Galaxy Grand Prime Omnia Pro SGH-N600 Trill R520
Galaxy Grand Prime Value Omnia SCH-i910 SGH-N611 TwoStep R470
Galaxy Grand Quattro P207 SGH-N620 U340
Galaxy J1 P777 SGH-N625 U410
Galaxy J1 Ace P3110 SGH-N628 U430
Galaxy J1 6 P6200 SGH-P100 U440
Galaxy J1 2016 P6210 SGH-P107 U450
Galaxy J1 Duos P7100 SGH-P207 U470
Galaxy J2 P7500 SGH-P220 U510
Galaxy J2 Duos Payt SGH-P260 U540
see full model #
Galaxy J3 Player Light SGH-P270 U550
Galaxy J5 Player Star SGH-P300 U740
Galaxy J7 Player Star 2 SGH-P308 U820
Galaxy K zoom PM840 SGH-P400 U900
Galaxy Light PM-A740 SGH-P408 U940
Galaxy Luna PM-A840 SGH-P510 Ultra Classic
Galaxy M Precedent SGH-P528 Uproar
Galaxy M Pro Preston SGH-P705 Upstage
Galaxy Mega Prevail SGH-P730 VGA1000
Galaxy Mega 2/Duos/LTE Propel Pro SGH-P735 VGA-A620
Galaxy Mega On R100 SGH-P738 VGA-1000
Galaxy Mini R200 SGH-P777 VI660
Galaxy Mini 2 R225 SGH-P900 VI-A820
Galaxy Nexus/3 R300 SGH-P910 Vibrant
Galaxy Nexus i515 R330 SGH-P920 Vibrant T959
Galaxy Nexus i9250M R350 SGH-P960 Vice
see phone model #
Galaxy Nexus SPH-L700 R360 SGH-Q105 Vitality
Galaxy Note 1 R380 SGH-R200 VM-A680
Galaxy Note 1 i717 R390 SGH-R210 Voicer 411
Galaxy Note 1 GT-N7000 R400 SGH-R210S Voicer 811
Galaxy Note 1 GT-i9220 R410 SGH-R225 W531
Galaxy Note II R420 SGH-R225M Wafer R510
Galaxy Note II LTE R450 SGH-R450 Wava S5800
Galaxy Note II LTE 32GB R460 SGH-R860 Wave GT-S8500M
Galaxy Note II LTE 64GB R500 SGH-S105 Wave II
Galaxy Note III R510 SGH-S100 Wave 3
Galaxy Note 3 Mini R520 SGH-S139 Wave 533
Galaxy Note 3 Neo R560 SGH-S159 Wave 575
Galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos R561 SGH-S169 Wave 723
Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE R600 SGH-S179 X290
Galaxy Note 4 EB-BN916BBC R610 SGH-S189 X-426
Galaxy Note 4 EB-BN910BBE/BBU R630 SGH-S199 X-427
Galaxy Note 4G R640 SGH-S209 X-495
Galaxy Note 4 LTE R680 SGH-S239 X-496
Galaxy Note 5 R720 SGH-S269 X-497
Galaxy Note 8.0 R760 SGH-S275/M X-507
Galaxy Note 9 R850 SGH-S299 X-820
Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE R860 SGH-S300 X-828
Galaxy Note 10.1 T8220E R880 SGH-S307 XE700
Galaxy Note 12.2 R900 SGH-S359 XE700T1A
Galaxy Note Edge R910 SGH-S366 XE700TIC
Galaxy Note LTE Rant SGH-S399 XQ700TIC
Galaxy NotePro 12.2 Reality SGH-S401 YP-GS1CB
Galaxy On5 Reclaim SGH-S501 Z400
Galaxy On7 Relay 4G SGH-S720 Z560
Galaxy Premier Renown SGH-S730/i Zeal
Galaxy Prime Replenish SGH-730M Zero F
Galaxy Pro REPP SGH-S366 ZX10
Galaxy Q T589 Restore SPH-M570 SGH-S8300 ZX20
Galaxy Quick . . .

The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it willlast on a charge, the higher the better.

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