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Fuji Digital Camera Batteries & Chargers


30WP FinePix F305EXR FinePix S304 FinePix Z115
200FD Fine Pix F401Z FinePix S602Z FinePix Z200FD
@xia iX10 FinePix F402 FinePix S650 FinePix Z250fd
@xia iX100 FinePix F410/Z FinePix S700 FinePix Z300
A235 FinePix F420 FinePix S1600 FinePix Z700EXR
A700 FinePix F440 FinePix S1770 FinePix Z707EXR
A800 FinePix F450 FinePix S2500HD FinePix Z800EXR
BC-150 FinePix F455 FinePix S2600HD FinePix Z808EXR
Big Job DS260HD FinePix F460 FinePix S2800HD FinePix Z900EXR
DS-7 FinePix F470 FinePix S2900HD FinePix Z909EXR
DS-220 FinePix F480 FinePix S2950 FinePix Z950EXR
DS-260 FinePix F500EXR FinePix S2980 FinePix Z1000EXR
DS-260HD FinePix F505EXR FinePix S2990 FinePix Z1010EXR
DS-300 FinePix F550EXR FinePix S3000 GFX 50R
DS-330 FinePix F600 FinePix S3100 GFX 50S
DS-560 FinePix F601Z FinePix S3200 GFX 100
DS-565 FinePix F602 FinePix S3250 Instax 210
DX-5 FinePix F605 FinePix S3300 Instax Mini 8
DX-7 FinePix F610 FinePix S3350 Instax Mini 10
DX-8 FinePix F650 FinePix S3400 Instax Mini 90
DX-9 FinePix F660EXR FinePix S3450 Instax Wide 300
DX-10 FinePix F665EXR FinePix S3500 JX280
F440 FinePix F700 FinePix S4000 Medium Format GFX
F450 FinePix F710 FinePix S4050 Mini 25
FINE MX-1400 FinePix F750XRF FinePix S4200 Mini 50
FinePix 40i FinePix F770EXR FinePix S4500 Mini 50S
FinePix 50fd FinePix F775EXR FinePix S4800 Mini 55
FinePix 50i FinePix F800EXR FinePix S5000 MX-86W
FinePix 310 FinePix F810 FinePix S5100 MX-500
FinePix 401 FinePix F811 FinePix S5200 MX-600/Z
FinePix 402 FinePix F850EXR FinePix S5500 MX-700
FinePix 410 FinePix F900EXR FinePix S5600 MX-1200
FinePix 440 FinePix HS10 FinePix S5700 MX-1400
FinePix 450 FinePix HS11 FinePix S5800 MX-1500
FinePix 510 FinePix HS20EXR FinePix S6000 MX-1700 Zoom
FinePix 601 FinePix HS22EXR FinePix S6500 MX-2700
FinePix 603 FinePix HS25EXR FinePix S7000 MX-2900 Zoom
FinePix 865KG FinePix HS30EXR FinePix S8000FD MX-4800
FinePix 1300 FinePix HS33EXR FinePix S8100 MX-4900
FinePix 1400 Zoom FinePix HS35EXR FinePix S8600 MX-6800
FinePix 1700Z FinePix HS50EXR FinePix S9000 MX-6900
FinePix 2200 FinePix IS-1 FinePix S9100 NP-40ND
Fine Pix 2300 Zoom FinePix IS Pro FinePix S9500 S700
Fine Pix 2400 Zoom FinePix J10 FinePix S9600 S-6500fd
FinePix 2600Z FinePix J12 FinePix S9750 Share SP2
FinePix 2650 FinePix J15D FinePix SL240 X10
FinePix 2700 FinePix J20 FinePix SL245 X20
FinePix 2800Z FinePix J25 FinePix SL260 X30
FinePix 2900Z FinePix J26 FinePix SL280 X70
FinePix 30i FinePix J27 FinePix SL300 X100F
FinePix 3800/Z FinePix J28 FinePix SL305 X100S
FinePix 4700 Zoom FinePix J30 FinePix SL980 X100T
Fine Pix 4800 Zoom FinePix J35 FinePix SL1000 X100V
FinePix 4900 Zoom FinePix J38 FinePix T200 X-A1
FinePix 6800 Zoom FinePix J50 FinePix T205 X-A2
FinePix 6900 Zoom FinePix J100 FinePix T300 X-A3
FinePix 9403X FinePix J110 FinePix T305 X-A5
FinePix A101 FinePix J120 FinePix T310 X-A5 XC
FinePix A120 FinePix J150W FinePix T350 X-A7
FinePix A200 FinePix J210 FinePix T360 X-A10
FinePix A201 FinePix J250 FinePix T400 X-E1
FinePix A202 FinePix JV100 FinePix T410 X-E2/s
FinePix A203 FinePix JV105 FinePix T500 X-E3
FinePix A204 FinePix JV150 FinePix T550 X-E4
FinePix A205/S FinePix JV155 FinePix V5 XF1
FinePix A210 FinePix JV160 FinePix V10 XF10
FinePix A303 FinePix JV200 FinePix X10 XF16
FinePix A310 FinePix JV205 FinePix X20 X-H1
FinePix A330 FinePix JV250 FinePix X100F X-H2
FinePix A340 FinePix JV255 FinePix X100/T X-M1
FinePix A345 FinePix JX200 FinePix X-A1 XP140
FinePix A350 FinePix JX205 FinePix X-A3 X-PRO1
FinePix A400 FinePix JX250 FinePix X-A5 X-PRO2
FinePix A403 FinePix JX255 FinePix X-A10 X-Pro3
FinePix A500 FinePix JX280 FinePix X-E1 XQ1
FinePix A510 FinePix JX300 FinePix X-E2 XQ2
FinePix A600 FinePix JX305 FinePix X-E3 X-S1
FinePix A610 FinePix JX350 FinePix XF1 X-S10
FinePix A700 FinePix JX355 FinePix X-H1 X-T1
FinePix A800 FinePix JX360 FinePix X-M1 X-T2
FinePix A820 FinePix JX370 FinePix X-PRO1 X-T3 nc
FinePix A900 FinePix JX375 FinePix X-PRO2 X-T4
FinePix A920 FinePix JX380 FinePix XP10 X-T10
FinePix AV100 FinePix JX400 FinePix XP11 X-T20
FinePix AX200 FinePix JX405 FinePix XP15 X-T30
FinePix AX205 FinePix JX420 FinePix XP20 X-T100
FinePix AX250 FinePix JX500 FinePix XP22 X-T200
FinePix AX300 FinePix JX520 FinePix XP30 Z-30
FinePix AX305 FinePix JX530 FinePix XP31


FinePix AX330 FinePix JX540 FinePix XP50 AA
FinePix AX335 FinePix JX550 FinePix XP60 AAA
FinePix AX350 FinePix JX580 FinePix XP100 CGA-S005A/1B
FinePix AX355 FinePix JX590 FinePix XP130 CR2
FinePix AX380 FinePix JX700 FinePix XP140 D-L12
FinePix AX385 FinePix JX710 FinePix XP150 FNP-40
FinePix DS-260 FinePix JZ100 FinePix XP170 LI-42B
FinePix E350 FinePix JZ110 FinePix XP200 NH-10
FinePix E500 FinePix JZ200 FinePix X-T1 NH-20
FinePix E510 FinePix JZ250 FinePix X-T2 NP-30
FinePix E550 FinePix JZ260 FinePix X-T3 nc NP-40
FinePix E900 FinePix JZ300 FinePix X-T10 NP-40N
FinePix F10 FinePix JZ305 FinePix X-T20 NP-40ND
FinePix F11 FinePix JZ310 FinePix Z1 NP-45
FinePix F20 FinePix JZ500 FinePix Z2 NP-45A
FinePix F30 FinePix JZ505 FinePix Z3 NP-45B
FinePix F31fd FinePix JZ700 FinePix Z5 NP-45S
FinePix F40fd FinePix L50 FinePix Z5fd NP-48
FinePix F45fd FinePix L55 FinePix Z10FD NP-50
FinePix F47fd FinePix M FinePix Z20fd NP-50A
FinePix F50fd FinePix M603 FinePix Z30 NP-60
FinePix F50i FinePix MX-600 FinePix Z33WP NP-70
FinePix F60fd FinePix Real 3D W1 FinePix Z31 NP-80
FinePix F70EXR FinePix Real 3D W3 FinePix Z35 NP-85
FinePix F72EXR FinePix S1 FinePix Z37 NP-95
FinePix F75EXR FinePix S1 Pro FinePix Z70 NP-100
FinePix F80EXR FinePix S2 Pro FinePix Z71 NP-120
FinePix F85EXR FinePix S3 Pro FinePix Z80 NP-T125
FinePix F100fd FinePix S5 Pro FinePix Z81 NP-W126
FinePix F200EXR FinePix S20 Pro FinePix Z90 NP-W126S
FinePix F200fd FinePix S100FS FinePix Z91 NP-140
FinePix F250fd FinePix S200EXR FinePix Z100fd NP-150
FinePix F300EXR FinePix S205EXR FinePix Z110 NP-W235
FinePix F305 . . .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Fuji digital camera model listed.

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