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Kindle E-Book Portable Reader Batteries

On your Kindle go to the "Settings" menu and then "Device Options" menu and then "Device Info" menu to idenitify the model number of your Kindle:

3HT7G KC2-D Kindle Oasis 3 ST29
1762A5 KC5 Kindle Oasis 3 10th gen
223337 Kindle Kindle Oasis 8th
26S1001 Kindle 2 Kindle Paperwhite 2 6th gen
26S1001-1A Kindle 3 Kindle Paperwhite 3 7th gen
26S1001-A1 (1ICP4/82/138) Kindle 4 Kindle Paperwhite 4 10th
26S1004 Kindle 4 4th gen Kindle Paperwhite 4 2018
26S1005 Kindle 5 Kindle Paperwhite 5th gen
26S1005-S Kindle 5 5th gen Kindle Paperwhite 6 2015
26S1006 Kindle 6 Kindle Paperwhite 10th gen
26S1009 Kindle 7 Kindle Paperwhite 2013
26S1014 Kindle 8 Kindle Paperwhite 2014 version
26S1015 Kindle 10th Kindle Touch
26S1018 Kindle 10th gen 2019 Kindle Touch 4th gen
26S1019 Kindle 499 Kindle Touch 3G 6" 2013 version
26S1021 Kindle 558 Kindle Touch 3G 6" 2014 version
53-000008 Kindle Basic 2 8th gen Kindle Touch 6" 2013 version
58-000092 Kindle Basic 3 Kids 10th gen Kindle Touch 6" 2014 version
53-000186 Kindle Basic 3 10th gen Kindle Touch 2019
53-014490 Kindle Basic 7th gen Kindle Voyage
58-000008 Kindle Basic 10th gen Kindle X
58-000015 Kindle D00111 KO1
58-000035 Kindle DX DXG M2V3R5
58-000043 Kindle DX M11090355152
58-000049 Kindle Fire MC-265360
58-000055 Kindle Fire 1st gen MC-265360-03
58-000056 Kindle Fire 2nd gen MC-266767
58-000065 Kindle Fire 5th gen MC-28A8B8
58-000084 Kindle Fire 7th gen MC-305070
58-000083 Kindle Fire 7" MC-308594
58-000089 Kindle Fire 7 5th gen MC-308695
58-000117 Kindle Fire 7" 7th gen 2017 MC-31A0B8
58-000119 Kindle Fire 8.7 MC-347993
58-000124 Kindle Fire 8 7th Generation MC-354775-03
58.000127 Kindle Fire 8.9" MC-354775-05
58-000151 Kindle Fire 2019 9th Generation MNHSNY133711TM
58-000161 Kindle Fire HD NM460GZ
58-000177 Kindle Fire HD 3rd gen P48WVB4
58-000181 Kindle Fire HD 6 PQ94WIF
58-000187 Kindle Fire HD 7" PR53DC
58-000219 Kindle Fire HD 7" 2nd gen QP01
58-000226 Kindle Fire HD 7" 3rd gen S11GTSF01A
58-000246 Kindle Fire HD 8 5th gen S11S01A
58-000252 Kindle Fire HD 8.9 S11S01B
58-000255 Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 2nd gen S12-T1
58-000271 Kindle Fire HD 3rd gen S12-T1-L
58-000280 Kindle Fire HD 3rd S12-T1-S
58-000303 Kindle Fire HD 6 4th gen S12-T2-D
58-000313 Kindle Fire HD 7" S13-R1-D
170-1001-00 Kindle Fire HD 7 3rd gen S13-R1-S
170-1012-00 Kindle Fie HD 7 4th gen S13-R2/A
170-1032-00 Kindle Fire HD 8 S512-T2-D
170-1032-01 Kindle Fire HD 8 5th S2011-001-S
170-1056-00 Kindle Fire HD 8 6th gen S2011-002-A
515-1058-01 Kindle Fire HD 8 7th gen S2011-002-S
2955C7 Kindle Fire HD 8th gen S2011-003-A
3555A2L Kindle Fire HD 8.9" S2011-003-S
A00100 Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 2nd gen S2012-001-D
B003BOA294563B74 Kindle Fire HD 10 S2012-002/D/S
B00VKIY9RG Kindle Fire HD 10 5th gen SG98EG
B00YYZCUGO Kindle Fire HD 10.1 SL056ZE
B01GEW27DA Kindle Fire HD 10.1 7th gen SQ46CW
B07DLPWYB7 Kindle Fire HD 10.1 9th Gen SR04KL
BA1001 Kindle Fire HD 2013
2 verions
C9R6QM Kindle Fire HDX SR87CV
D01100 Kindle Fire HDX 7 ST06
D01200 Kindle Fire HDX 7.0 ST08A
D01400 Kindle Fire HDX 7" 3rd gen ST10
D00701 Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 ST11
DP75SDI Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 3rd gen ST18/C
DR-A011 Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 4th gen ST22
DR-A013 Kindle Fire Kids Edition 7" ST28
DR-A014 Kindle Fire M8S26G ST29
DR-A015 Kindle Graphite ST33
E3GU111L2002 Kindle HD 8 SV98LN
EY21 Kindle Keyboard 3rd gen SW56RW
GB-S02-3555A2-0200 Kindle Oasis SX0340T
GP-S10-346392-0100 Kindle Oasis 1 SX034QT
GU045RW Kindle Oasis 2 SY69JL
J9G29R KIndle Oasis 2 8th gen Voyage
K72LL3 Kindle Oasis 2 9th gen Voyage 7th gen
K72LL4 Kindle Oasis 3 58-000117 WP63GW
KC2 . X43Z60

The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.