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About Us

BatteryCanada began operation in 1995 in order to offer Canadians a source of batteries which would be supplied from Canada rather than the alternative of cross border shipping and the associated duty, tax and customs brokering involved in making a purchase outside the country. Customers were faced with additional charges that were often much more than the cost of their purchase. It is now illegal to send lithium batteries by airmail from or to Canada and therefore any lithium battery mailed to Canada will likely be seized and confiscated by Canada Customs as they are considered "Dangerous Goods". Unscrupulous sellers will identify them on the package as something other than a battery to avoid this safety rule endangering passenger aircraft in Canada.

The success of BatteryCanada.com over the years has led to a number of variations on the BatteryCanada.com domain name, many of which are not in Canada and are often located in Asia. They are hard to distinguish from the real thing but often will not have a shipping or email address shown.

BatteryCanada offers a full range of replacement batteries and battery chargers for most consumer and industrial users. Over the years we have strived to broaden our product line particularly when a customer requests a battery they are finding difficult or impossible to find. As a result we carry one of the broadest and most diversified line of products available anywhere.

We strive to offer the best service possible to our customers and are always available by telephone or email to answer your enquiries. The evidence of this are the the thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers shown below and on the home page....