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Jabra & GN Netcom Headset Batteries

100-55400000-02 3SNAAA80H-S-J1 PA-PL002
100-55400000-60 AHB302323 Pro 900
100-55400001-02 AHB390836 Pro 920
100-93040000-02 AHB412434PJ Pro 923
100-96600003-02 AHB5-2229PS Pro 925
100-96600003-60 AHIB360819(29)-2P Pro 930
70868-01 B8350735 Pro 935
7170 BT250V Pro 9400
73366-01 BT500V Pro 9450
9120 BT2010 Pro 9460
9125 BT2020 Pro 9465 Duo
9300E BT3030 Pro 9470
9350 BT4010 Speak 510
0440-409 CPL-556 Sport Stereo
2901-249 not available Evolve 65 Sport Wireless Plus
14151-01 GN9120 Street2
14151-02 GN9300 VH110
14151-04 GN9330E Voyager Legend
14192-00 HS-11 Wave

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your GN Netcom model listed.

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