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GQ Great Quality Laptop Batteries

536S Green720 RX-7333
A530 EM-520L1 na Green733 RX-7334
A535 L513 RX-7335 EM-6730L2 na
ECS-G733E L51-3S4000-C1L1 not BATL51 RX-7336
EM-410C2 L51-3S4000-S1P3 TX-2201
EM-520C2G na L51-3S4000-G1L1 ZX-220
EM-520L1 na LIPX050 ZX-330
EM-520P4G M536S ZX-536
EM-6730L2 na MX-320 ZX-550
EMC31J MX-3201 ZX-3310 EM-G330L2 na
EM-G320L MX-3202 EM-G320L ZX-5360
EM-G320L1 MX-3203 ZX-5361
EM-G320L2 NX-L51 ZX-5361-A
EM-G330L2 na NX-L510 ZX-5362
EM-G730L2 NX-L513 ZX-5501
ES1-2200 NX-L515 not BATL51 ZX-5530
ES1-4400 NX-L517 ZX-5531
Green320 RX-733 ZX-5532
Green550 RX-7330 ZX-5570
Green553 RX-7331 ZX-5572
. RX-7332 ZX-5580

Send an e-mail to sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your GQ laptop listed with the manufacturer, model number and battery model.

(One year warranty on all computer batteries which are new and not refurbished or surplus)