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HP Hewlett Packard Digital Camera & Camcorder Batteries & Chargers

Hewlett Packard Digital Camera Batteries

There are 2 versions of the NP40 battery.

AA PhotoSmart 740 PhotoSmart M407 PhotoSmart R937
A1812A PhotoSmart 812 PhotoSmart M415 PhotoSmart R967
BMW-F1 PhotoSmart 812xi PhotoSmart M417 PhotoSmart SW350
C320 PhotoSmart 850 PhotoSmart M425 L1812A
C720 PhotoSmart 912 PhotoSmart M437 L1812B
C735 PhotoSmart 912xi PhotoSmart M447 L1815A
C812 PhotoSmart 935 PhotoSmart M525 L2508-80001
C850 PhotoSmart 945 PhotoSmart M517 Li40
C935 PhotoSmart C20 PhotoSmart M525 Li40B
 C8872A PhotoSmart C30 PhotoSmart M527 Li140 na
C6326-66402 PhotoSmart C200 PhotoSmart M537 NP40
CA350 PhotoSmart C200xi PhotoSmart M547 NP40-1 call
CA NP-40 PhotoSmart C215 PhotoSmart M627 NP-45
CB350 PhotoSmart C30xi PhotoSmart M637 NP-60
CW450 PhotoSmart C315 PhotoSmart M737 PC460T
F507 PhotoSmart C320 PhotoSmart M742 PW460T
Flip MinoHD nr PhotoSmart C435 PhotoSmart M5878W PW550
Flip Ultra PhotoSmart C500 PhotoSmart Mz67 Q2232-80001 na
Flip UltraHD PhotoSmart C500xi L1812A Q2232-80003
HP-A1812A PhotoSmart C618 L1812B Q2232-80005
HP-L1812B PhotoSmart C635 L1815A Q6270A
NP-85 PhotoSmart C720 PhotoSmart PS425 Q6277A na
PB360T PhotoSmart C735 PhotoSmart R507 R07
PhotoSmart 120 PhotoSmart C812 PhotoSmart C8872A R607 Harajuku
PhotoSmart 215 PhotoSmart C850 PhotoSmart R07 S300
PhotoSmart 315 PhotoSmart C912 PhotoSmart R507 S510
PhotoSmart 318 PhotoSmart C935 PhotoSmart R607 SB360
PhotoSmart 318xi PhotoSmart C945 PhotoSmart R707 SW450
PhotoSmart 320 PhotoSmart E217 PhotoSmart R717 T200
PhotoSmart 435 PhotoSmart E317 PhotoSmart R725 T450
PhotoSmart 612 PhotoSmart E327 PhotoSmart R727 T500
PhotoSmart 612xi PhotoSmart E337 PhotoSmart R740 V1020H
PhotoSmart 618 PhotoSmart E400 PhotoSmart R742 na V5040U
PhotoSmart 620 PhotoSmart E427 PhotoSmart R817 V5060H
PhotoSmart 635 PhotoSmart M22 PhotoSmart R818 V5061U
PhotoSmart 715 PhotoSmart M23 PhotoSmart R827 V5560U
PhotoSmart 720 PhotoSmart M305 PhotoSmart R837 VG037612200008
PhotoSmart 733 PhotoSmart M307 PhotoSmart R847 VG376121700024
PhotoSmart 735 PhotoSmart M307xi PhotoSmart R927 WF985AA
. . . Y1789B

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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