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LG Laptop Batteries

6911B00092A R200 na
A1 Express Dual R310
A32-H13 R400
A32-H17 R405
A33-H17 R405-A
A405 Series R405-G
A3222-H13 R410
A3222-H23 R460
A3226-H13 R470
Aurora Xnote S430 R480
Aurora Xnote S530 R490
BA70.AA9 R500 na (LB62119E)
BTY-L71 R510
BTY-M66 R560
BTY-S11 R570
BTY-S12 R580
C1 R590
CR650 Series R700
E200 R710
E210 RD310
E300 RD400
E310 RD410
E500 S1 series
EB300 S425
F1 S525
F1 Express S530
Gram 14 S535
K1 series S900
K1 Express series SQU-528
LB3211LK SQU-804
LB52113D SQU-805
LB6211 SQU-807
LB6211LK SQU-902
LB6211NK SQU-904
LB62119E na SQU-914
LE50 T1 series
LG40 na Tiger One
LG50 na V1 series
LG551 W1
LGE50 Widebook P430 Call
LGR40 Widebook R410
LGR41 Widebook R460
LGR48 Widebook R480
LGR50 na Widebook R490
LGR58 Widebook R510
LGR70 Widebook R560
LGR71 Widebook R580
LGW6 Widebook R590
LM40 X12
LM40A X13
LM50 X100
LM60 X110
LM70 X120
LM series X130
LS series X110 10" UMPC
LS40 X110-L.A7B2A9
LS45 X110-SVC.A001
LS50 Xnote A405
LS55 Xnote A410
LS70 XNote A505
LS75 Xnote A510
LT20 Xnote A515
LU20 Xnote A520
LW series Xnote AD510
LW6 Xnote AD520
LW20 Xnote C400
LW25 Xnote CD400
LW40 Xnote E210
LW60 Xnote E310
LW65 Xnote P33
LW70 Xnote P43
LW75 Xnote P53
M1 Express series Xnote P330
M/N E500 Xnote P420
P1 Xnote P430
P43 Xnote P530
P53 Xnote PD420
P100 Xnote S430
P300 Xnote S530
P420 series Xnote T280
P430 Xnote T290
P530 Xnote X140
PD420 Xnote X170
R1 Xnote XD170
R40 Z1 series
R41 Z450
R48 .

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(One year warranty on all computer batteries which are new and not refurbished or surplus)