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Konica Minolta Digital Camera Batteries & Chargers

Minolta Digital Camera Batteries

5D DiMage E40 DiMage Z1 RD-175
5Z DiMage E50 DiMage Z2 RD3000
7D DiMage E201 DiMage Z3 Revio C2
150VP DiMage E203 DiMage Z5 Revio KD-220Z
A2 DiMage E223 DiMage Z6 Revio KD-300Z
AA DiMage E323 DiMage Z10 Revio KD-400Z
a-7 Digital DiMage E500 DiMage Z20 Revio KD-410Z
a Sweet Digital DiMage EX1500 DiMage ZM 1500 Revio KD-500Z
DG-5W DiMage F100 Dynax 5D Z6
DG-X50 DiMage F200 Dynax 7D Z10
Digital Revio KD-118B DiMage F300 KD-25 Batteries
Digital Revio KD-200Z DiMage G100 KD-220Z 02491-0015-00
Digital Revio KD210Z DiMage G400 KD5002 02491-0026-00
Digital Revio KD220Z DiMage G500 M35Z 02491-0026-01
Digital Revio KD-300Z DiMage G530 Maxxum 5D 02491-0037-01
Digital Revio KD-310Z DiMage G600 Maxxum 7D BP-400 na
Digital Revio KD-400Z DiMage RD3000 Maxxum 50 CR-V3
Digital Revio KD-410Z DiMage S304 Maxxum 70 QD DLKALB4
Digital Revio KD-500Z DiMage S404 MD-MS702 DR-LB1
Digital Revio KD-510Z DiMage S414 MD-MT821 DR-LB4
DiMage 5 DiMage V MD-MT821 LB-01
DiMage 7/Hi/i DiMage X MN12Z-R LB-070
DiMage2300 DiMage X1 MN22Z-BK MBH-NP-1
DiMage 2330 DiMage X20 MN35Z NP-1
DiMage 5 DiMage X21 MN67Z NP-1H
DiMage 7 DiMage X31 MS-C1100 NP-45
DiMage 7Hi DiMage X50 /K/R/S Q-e-Mini NP-120
DiMage 7i DiMage X60 Q-e-Mini D NP-200
DiMage A1 DiMage X185H Q-e-Mini M NP-400
DiMage A2 DiMage XG Q-M100 NP-500
DiMage A200 DiMage Xi Q-M100V NP-600
DiMage DG-4W DiMage XL Q-M200 NP-700
DiMage DG-X50-K DiMage Xt Q-M2000 NP-800
. DiMage Xt Biz Q-Mini NP-900

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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