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Nikon Digital Camera Batteries & Chargers


1 AW1 CoolPix L24 CoolPix S700 D800
1 J1 CoolPix L26 CoolPix S710 D800E
1 J2 CoolPix L27 CoolPix S800C D810
1 J3 CoolPix L28 CoolPix S810c D810A
1 J4 CoolPix L100 CoolPix S1000/p/j D850
1 J5 CoolPix L110 CoolPix S1100pj D2100
1 S1 CoolPix L120 CoolPix S1200 D2200
1 S2 CoolPix L310 CoolPix S1200pj D3000
1 V1 CoolPix L330 CoolPix S2500 D3100
1 V2 CoolPix L340 CoolPix S2550 D3200
1 V3 CoolPix L610 CoolPix S2600 D3300
A1000 CoolPix L810 CoolPix S2700 D3500
CoolPix 100 CoolPix L820 CoolPix S2750 D5000
CoolPix 300 CoolPix L830 CoolPix S2800 D5100
CoolPix 600 CoolPix L840 CoolPix S3000 D5200
CoolPix 700 CoolPix N150 CoolPix S3100 D5300
CoolPix 775 CoolPix P1 CoolPix S3200 D5500
CoolPix 800 CoolPix P2 CoolPix S3300 D5600 nc
CoolPix 880 CoolPix P3 CoolPix S3400 D7000
CoolPix 885 CoolPix P4 CoolPix S3500 D7100
CoolPix 900 CoolPix P50 CoolPix S3600 D7200
CoolPix 900S CoolPix P60 CoolPix S4000 D7500
CoolPix 950 CoolPix P80 CoolPix S4100 DSLR
CoolPix 950S CoolPix P90 CoolPix S4150 DSLR D700
CoolPix 990 CoolPix P100 CoolPix S4200 E880
CoolPix 995 CoolPix P300 CoolPix S4300 F6
CoolPix 2000 CoolPix P310 CoolPix S4400 J1
CoolPix 2100 CoolPix P330 CoolPix S5100 J2
CoolPix 2200 CoolPix P340 CoolPix S5200 J5
CoolPix 2500 CoolPix P500 CoolPix S6000 KeyMission 170
CoolPix 3100 CoolPix P510 CoolPix S6100 KeyMission 360
CoolPix 3200 CoolPix P520 CoolPix S6150 L16
CoolPix 3500 CoolPix P530 CoolPix S6200 L18
CoolPix 3700 CoolPix P600 CoolPix S6300 L120
CoolPix 4100 CoolPix P610 CoolPix S6400 L340
CoolPix 4200 CoolPix P610c CoolPix S6500 MB-D12
CoolPix 4300 CoolPix P610s CoolPix S6600 P600
CoolPix 4500 CoolPix P900 CoolPix S6900 P900
CoolPix 4600 CoolPix P900s CoolPix S7000 P950
CoolPix 4800 CoolPix P950 CoolPix S8000 P1000
CoolPix 5000 CoolPix P1000 CoolPix S8100 P5000
CoolPix 5200 CoolPix P5000 CoolPix S8100s S1
CoolPix 5400 CoolPix P5100 CoolPix S8200 Z6
CoolPix 5600 CoolPix P6000 CoolPix S9050 Z6 II
CoolPix 5700 CoolPix P7000 CoolPix S9100 Z7
CoolPix 5900 CoolPix P7100 CoolPix S9200 Z7 II
CoolPix 7600 CoolPix P7700 CoolPix S9300 Zoom Touch 80
CoolPix 7900 CoolPix P7800 CoolPix S9400 Zoom Touch 150
CoolPix 8400 CoolPix S1 CoolPix S9500 Zoom Touch 400
CoolPix 8700 CoolPix S2 CoolPix S9700


CoolPix 8800 CoolPix S3 CoolPix S9900 9904
CoolPix 9100 CoolPix S4 CoolPix SQ AA
CoolPix A CoolPix S5 CoolPix SQ1 BP-NKL1
CoolPix A10 CoolPix S6 CoolPix SX610 BP-NKL2
CoolPix A100 CoolPix S7C CoolPix SX610C CP1
CoolPix A300 CoolPix S8 CoolPix SX710 CR123A
CoolPix A900 CoolPix S9 CoolPix W100 DDEN-EL2
CoolPix A1000 CoolPix S10 CoolPix W150 DL123
CoolPix AW100 CoolPix S30 CoolPix W300 EN-4
CoolPix AW100s CoolPix S31 D1 EN-EL1
CoolPix AW110 CoolPix S33 D1H EN-EL2
CoolPix AW110s CoolPix S50/c D1X EN-EL3
CoolPix AW120 CoolPix S51/c D2/H/s EN-EL3a
CoolPix AW130 CoolPix S52 D2X/s EN-EL3e
CoolPix B500 CoolPix S60 D2Z EN-EL4/a/e
CoolPix B600 CoolPix S66P D3S EN-EL5
CoolPix B700 CoolPix S70 D3/X EN-EL7
CoolPix B9100 CoolPix S80 D4 EN-EL8
CoolPix D7000 CoolPix S100 D4S EN-EL9
CoolPix I830 CoolPix S200 D5 EN-EL9A
CoolPix L1 CoolPix S202 D40 EN-EL9E
CoolPix L2 CoolPix S203 D40X EN-EL10
CoolPix L3 CoolPix S205 D50 EN-EL11
CoolPix L4 CoolPix S210 D60 DSLR EN-EL12
CoolPix L5 CoolPix S220 D70 EN-EL14
CoolPix L6 CoolPix S230 D70S EN-EL15
CoolPix L10 CoolPix S500 D80 EN-EL15A
CoolPix L11 CoolPix S510 D90 EN-EL15B
CoolPix L12 CoolPix S520 D100 EN-EL18
CoolPix L14 CoolPix S550 D200 EN-EL18A
CoolPix L15 CoolPix S560 D300/s EN-EL19
CoolPix L16 CoolPix S570 D400 nc EN-EL20
CoolPix L18 CoolPix S600 D500 EN-EL20a
CoolPix L19 CoolPix S610 D600 EN-EL25
CoolPix L20 CoolPix S620 D610 MH-27
CoolPix L22 CoolPix S630 D700 VFB12502
CoolPix L23 CoolPix S640 D750 Z50
. CoolPix S630 D780 Z50 ZFC

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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