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Olympus Digital Camera Batteries & Chargers


02491-0053-00 Camedia D-360L FE-100 SP-350
02491-0066-00 Camedia D-370 FE-110 SP-500/UZ
55019564 Camedia D-380 FE-115 SP-510
AA Camedia D-390 FE-120 SP-550
AAA Camedia D-395 FE-130 SP-560
AZ-1 Camedia D-400 FE-140 SP-565UZ
AZ-2 Camedia D-425 FE-150 SP-570
220L  CR2016 Camedia D-435 FE-160 SP-590UZ
400 Stylus Camedia D-450 FE-170 SP-600UZ
49017 Camedia D-460 FE-180 SP-610UZ
BLH-1 Camedia D-490 FE-190 SP-620UZ
BLL-1 Camedia D-510 FE-200 SP-700
BLM-01 Camedia D-520 FE-210 SP-720UZ
BLM-1 Camedia D-530 FE-220 SP-800UZ
BLM-5 Camedia D-540 FE-230 SP-810UZ
BLN-1 Camedia D-545 FE-240 SP-820UZ iHS
BLS-1 Camedia D-550 FE-250 SRF-11
BLS-5 Camedia D-555 FE-270 SRF-22
BLS-50 Camedia D-560 FE-280 STF-22
BR402 Camedia D-565 FE-290 Stylus 1
BR403 Camedia D-575 FE-300 Stylus 300
BRIO D-100 Camedia D-580 FE-310 Stylus 400
Brio D-150 Camedia D-590Z FE-320 Stylus 410 Digital
BRIO D-230 Camedia D-595 FE-330 Stylus 500
BRIO Zoom D-150 Camedia D-600L FE-340 Stylus 550WP
C-1 Camedia D-620L FE-350 Stylus 600
C-1Z Camedia D-630 FE-360 Stylus 700
C-2 Camedia D-700 FE-370 Stylus 710
C-40Z Camedia D-705 FE-3000 Stylus 720
C-50 Camedia D-894 FE-3010 Stylus 725 SW
C-50Z Camedia E10 FE-4000 Stylus 730
C-60 Zoom Camedia E20P FE-4010 Stylus 740
C-70 Zoom Camedia E-100RS FE-4020 Stylus 750
C-100 Camedia µ 15 FE-4030 Stylus 760
C-120 Camedia µ 20 FE-4040 Stylus 770
C-150 Camedia µ 25 FE-5000 Stylus 780
C-160 Camedia µ 30 FE-5010 Stylus 790
C-180 Camedia Stylus 300 FE-5020 Stylus 800
C-200Z Camedia X-1 FE-5500 Stylus 810
C-211 Camedia X-2 Ferrari Digital 2004 Stylus 820
C-220 Zoom Camedia X-3 FL-36 Stylus 830
C-300Z Camedia X-350 FS-FC1 Stylus 840
C-310 Zoom Camedia X-450 G-720UZ Stylus 850
C-315 Camedia X-500 GES-LCCRV3 Stylus 1000
C-350 Camedia X-550 IR-300 Stylus 1010
C-350Z Camedia X-600 IR-500 Stylus 1020
C-360Z CR2016 LB-01E Stylus 1030
C-370Z CR-V3 LI-10B Stylus 1040
C-400L C-Z1 LI-12 Stylus 1050SW
C-410L D-40 Zoom LI-12B Stylus 1200
C-420L D-340R LI-20B Stylus 5010
C-450Z D-360L LI-30B Stylus 7000
C460 Zoom D-370 LI-40B Stylus 7010
C460 Zoom del Sol D-380 LI-40C Stylus 7030
C-470 D-390 LI-42B Stylus 7040
C-520 D-395 LI-50B Stylus 9000
C-700 Ultra Zoom D-400 Zoom Li60B Stylus C-50
C-720UZ D-450 Li70B Stylus Tough 3000
C-725/UZ D-450 Zoom Li80B Stylus Tough 6000
C-730UZ D-460 Li90B Stylus Tough 6020
C-740UZ D-460 Zoom Li92B Stylus Tough 8000
C-750UZ D-490 Zoom Mark II mirrorless Stylus Tough 8010
C-760 D-510 Zoom MJU 10 Digital Stylus Verve
C-765 Ultra Zoom D-520 MJU 15 Digital Stylus Verve 800
C-770 Ultra Zoom D-530 MJU 20 Digital Stylus Verve Digital
C-800L D-535Z MJU 25 Digital Stylus Verve Digital 757D
C-820L D-540 Zoom MJU 30 Digital Stylus Verve Digital S
C-830L D-550 Zoom MJU 40 Digital Stylus XZ-2
C-840L D-560 Zoom MJU 300 Digital Stylus XZ-10
C-900 Zoom D-565 Zoom MJU 400 Digital SZ-10
C-920 Zoom D-575 Zoom MJU 410 Digital SZ-11
C-1000L D-580 Zoom MJU 500 Digital SZ-12
C-1400L D-590/Z MJU 600 Digital SZ-14
C-1400XL D-600L MJU 700 Digital SZ-15
C-2000 D-620L MJU 710 Digital SZ-16
C-2000 Zoom D-630Z MJU 720 Digital SZ-20
C-2000Z D-Li92/B MJU 725 Digital SZ-30MR
C-2020 Zoom DS-2300 MJU 730 Digital SZ-31
C-2030 DS-3300 MJU 740 Digital T-10
C-2040 Zoom DS-4000 MJU 750 Digital T-100
C-2100 Ultra Zoom DS-5000 MJU 760 Digital TG-1
C-2500L DS-5000ID MJU 770 Digital TG-310
C-3000 Zoom EVOLT 620 MJU 780 Digital TG-320
C-3020Z EVOLT E-1 MJU 790 Digital TG-610
C-3030 Zoom EVOLT E-3 MJU 795 Digital TG-620
C-3040 Zoom EVOLT E-5 MJU 800 Digital TG-810
C-4000Z EVOLT E-30 MJU 810 Digital TG-820
C-4040Z EVOLT E-300 MJU 820 Digital TG-830
C-5000 EVOLT E-330 MJU 830 Digital Tough 725SW
C-5050/Z EVOLT E400 MJU 840 Digital Tough 770SW
C-5060 EVOLT E410 MJU 850 Digital Tough 1030SW
C-5500 EVOLT E420 MJU 1010 Digital Tough 3000
C-7000 EVOLT E450 MJU 1030 Digital Tough 7030
C-7070 EVOLT E-500 MJU 1050 Digital Tough TG-1
C-8080 Wide Zoom EVOLT E-510 MJU 1060 Digital Tough TG-2
Camedia AZ-1 EVOLT E-520 MJU 1200 Digital Tough TG-3
Camedia AZ-2 EVOLT E-600 MJU Ferrari Digital Tough TG-310
Camedia C-1 EVOLT E-620 MJU Mini Digital Tough TG-610
Camedia C-2 E-1 MJU Mini Digital S Tough TG-620
Camedia C-21 E-3 OM-D Tough TG-810
Camedia C-55 E-5 OM-D E-M1 Tough TG-820
Camedia C-100 E-10 OM-D E-M10 U1010
Camedia C-120 E-20N OMD-EM5 U1020
Camedia C-150 E-30 PEN E-P1 U1030
Camedia C-160 E-100RS PEN E-PL1 V104090 SU000
Camedia C-170 E-300 PEN E-PL2 VFL001
Camedia C-180 E-330 PEN E-PL3 VG-110
Camedia C-200 E-400 PEN E-PL5 VG-120
Camedia C-204E E-410 PEN E-PM1 VG-130
Camedia C-211/Z E-420 PEN E-PM2 VG-140
Camedia C-220 E-450 PS-BLL1 VG-160
Camedia C-300 Z E-500 PS-BLM1 VG-170
Camedia C-370 E-510 PS-BLS1 VR-310
Camedia C-480 E-520 PS-BLS5 VR-320
Camedia C-500 Z E-600 µ 10 Digital VR-330
Camedia C-507 E-620 µ 15 Digital VR-340
Camedia C-745 EA-BLM5 µ 20 Digital VR-350
Camedia C-755 E-M1 µ 25 Digital VR-360
Camedia C-960 E-M5 µ 30 Digital X-3
Camedia C-990 E-P1 µ 40 Digital X-200
Camedia C-1400 E-P2 µ 300 Digital X-250
Camedia C-2020 E-P5 E-M1 µ 400 Digital X-350
Camedia C-2030 E-PL1 µ 410 Digital X-450
Camedia C-2040 E-PL2 µ 500 Digital X-490
Camedia C-2100 E-PL5 µ 600 Digital X-500
Camedia C-2500L E-PL6 µ 800 Digital X-560
Camedia C-3000 Z E-PL7 µ 720 X-600
Camedia C-3020 E-PM1 µ 760 X-785
Camedia C-3100 E-PM2 µ 770 SW X-790
Camedia C-Z1 FE-20 µ 800 Digital X-795
Camedia D-40 FE-25 µ-mini Digital X-800
Camedia D-100 FE-26 µ-mini Digital S X-820
Camedia D-200 FE-36H SH-21 X-940
Camedia D-220L CR2016 FE-45 SH-25MR X-960
Camedia D-320 FE-46 SP-310 XZ-1
Camedia D-340R FE-47 SP-320 XZ-2

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.
Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Olympus digital camera model listed.

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