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Ricoh Digital Camera Batteries & Chargers

Ricoh Digital Camera Batteries

5300 Caplio R50 DX-2G RDC-2E
15039 GR III Caplio R330 G600 RDC-7
00127721 Caplio RDC-i500 G700 RDC-7S
175843 Caplio RR1 G700SE RDC-200G
9005363 Caplio RR10 G800 RDC-300
910720 Caplio RR30 G800SE RDC-300Z
08407042001 Caplio RR120 G900 RDC-1500
AAA Caplio RR211 GR RDC-4200
Caplio 10G Caplio RR230 GR1s RDC-4300
Caplio 300G Caplio RR330 GR1v RDC-5000
Caplio 400G Caplio RR530 GR2 RDC-5300
Caplio 500 Caplio RR630 GR II RDC-6000
Capilo 500SE Caplio RR660 GR III RDC-7
Caplio CX1 Caplio RR770 GRD IV RDC-l500
Caplio CX2 Caplio RX GR Digital RDC-i700
Caplio 500G Caplio RZ1 GR Digital II S10
Caplio G3 Caplio R2S GR Digital III SL58
Caplio G4 CX1 GR Digital IV SL68
Caplio G600 CX2 GR Mk III Theta 360
Caplio G700 CX3 GW-3 Theta M15
Caplio GR CX4 GW-4 Theta S
Caplio GX CX5 GX8 Theta SC
Caplio GX8 CX6 GX100 Theta SC2
Caplio GX100 DB-20 GX200 Theta V
Caplio GX200 DB-20L GXR Theta Z1
Caplio Pro G3 DB-30 GXR-A12 WG-2
Caplio R1 DB-40 GXR-S10 WG-4
Caplio R1S DB-43 HZ15 WG-5
Caplio R1V DB-50 Klic-7006 WG-6
Caplio R2 DB-60 LB-012 WG-20
Caplio R2S DB-65 LB-050 WG-30W
Caplio R3 DB-70 PX WG-40
Caplio R4 DB-80 R6 WG-50
Caplio R5 DB-90 R7 WG-60
Caplio R6 DB-100 R8 WG-70
Caplio R7 DB-110 R10 WG-M
Caplio R8 DC-4210 R50 WG-M1
Caplio R10 DM-6370 RDC-1 n/a WG-M2
Caplio R30 DS-6365 RDC-2 X Stussy
Caplio R40 DX-1G . .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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