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Sanyo Cell & Mobile Phone Batteries


750 Katana SCP-27LBPS SCP-6760
820 Katana II SCP-29LBPS SCP-6780
2400 Katana 6600 SCP-30LBPS SCP7000
2300 Katana DLX SCP-38LBPS SCP7050
2400 Katana Eclipse SCP-48LBPS SCP7200
2700 Katana Eclipse X SCP-49LBPS SCP7300
3100 Katana LX SCP200 SCP7400
4000 LX3800 SCP350 SCP7500
4500 M1 SCP550 SCP8100
4700 Mirro SCP820 SCP-8200
4920 Mirro 3810 SCP2300 SCP-8300
5000 MM-5600 SCP2400 SCP-8400
6000 MM-7400 SCP2500 SCP-8500
6200 MM-7500 SCP2700 SCP-9000
6400 MM-8100 SCP3000 SCP-C200
7000 MM-8300 SCP3100 Solo
7050 MM-9000 SCP3200 SPV-S750
7300 MVP SCP3800 SY-200
7400 PHS-J98 SCP3810 SY-3100
7500 PM-8200 SCP3820 SY-4000
8100 Pro-200 SCP4000 SY-4900
8200 Pro-700 SCP4500 SY-4920
8300 PT-1689 SCP4700 SY-4930
8400 RL2000 SCP4900 SY-5600
C26 RL2500 SCP4920 SY-6600
C27 RL4920 SCP5000 SY-7200
C99 RL4930 SCP5100 SY-7300
DuraPlus RL7300 SCP-5150 SY-7400
E4233 RL7500 SCP5300 SY-7500
Eclipse S1 SCP5400 SY-8100
ESPN S750 SCP5455 SY-8200
FOR SY 200 SCP-02LBPS SCP-5500 SY-8300
G1000 SCP-08LBPL SCP6000 SY-9000
Incognito SCP10LBPL SCP6200 SY-KA2
Innuendo SCP11LBPS SCP6400 T218X
J88 SCP12LBPS SCP-6550 Verno
J90 SCP18LBPS SCP6600 Vi-2300
J95 SCP-22LBPS SCP6650 VM4500
J98 . . .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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