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Aiptek Digital Camera & Camcorder Batteries & Chargers

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2PRO DV T200 PenCam Trio PocketDV C600
6108 DV Z100Pro PenCam VR Pocket DVH100
00-ZPT-NKA DV Z200Pro P-HD PocketDV M1
00-ZPT-NP60 DV Z300 PocketCam 1.3 Pocket DVT100
00-ZPT-NP120 DXG-595V PocketCam 5000 PocketDV T200
02491-0056-00 DZO Pocket Cam8900 PocketDV T290
02491-0057-00 DZO-V37 PocketCam Classic PocketDV100LE
8210 DZO-V38 PocketCam X Pocket DVZ100/LE
AA DZO-V58 Pocket DV Pocket DVZ200
AAA DZO-V58N Pocket DVII Pocket DVZ300
Action-HD DZO-V59S PocketDV AHD100 Pocket 1.3
A-HD DZO-Z33 PocketDV AHD300 Pocket 5000
A-HD+ DZO-Z53 Pocket DV AHDZ500PLUS PocketCam Classic
A-HD-1 Fidelity DV3100 Pocket DV200 PVR
A-HD2/2PRO FNP120 Pocket DV3100 R-AHDB
A-HD21X Go-HD Pocket DV3300 R-HDV
AHD100 Go-HD-720P Pocket DV3500 SlipCam 3200
AHD 200 H5 Pocket DV4100 SlipCam 4000
A-HD300 H100 Pro Pocket DV4500 SlipCam 4600
A-HD500 HD-1080P Pocket DV5100 TZA
A-HD600 HD-1720P Pocket DV5300 Usance 6108
A-HD720 HDDV 8300 Pocket DV5700 US-W
A-HD1080 HDV21X Pocket DV5800 V2T6
AHD-C100 HHD21X Pocket DV5900 V3T
AHD-GVS Hi-Speed HD 720P Pocket DV6800 V5T
AHD-H12 i2 3D-HD Pocket DV8000 V5T2
AHD Z7 i25 Pocket DV8700 V5T6
AHDZ600 iHD21X Pocket DV 8800LE V5V
DAM-Z5X IS-DV Pocket DV 8900 V5VP
DAM-Z5X2 IS-DV2 DV 8530 V5Z5FG
DAM-Z53 ISDV2+ Pocket DV AHD100 V5Z5FS
DV3100 ISDV2.4 Pocket DV AHD200 V26
DV3500 M-DV Pocket DV AHD300 V33
DV4100M Mini Pencam 1.3 PocketDV AHD-C100 V37
DV5100F mini PocketDV 8900 PocketDV AHD-Z600 V38
DV5300 mini PocketDV M1 Pocket DVDDV-V1 V39
DV5700 Mini STB-1 Pocket DV H100 V50
DV5800 MPVR Pocket DV Z100LE V58
DV5900 MPVR+ CB Pocket DV Z100PRO V58N
DV8000 MPVR 2K6 Pocket DV Z200PRO VAZ2S
DV8530 MZ-DV Pocket DV Z300HD VideoSharier VS1
DV8800 NP-60 Pocket DV AHDZ500Plus Z5X5P
DV8900 NP-120 Pocket DV AHDZ600 Z53
DV-H100 PDVR+ Pocket DVDDV-V1 ZHD11X
DV-M1 PenCam Mega 1.3 Pocket DV8800LE Zoom DV
DVPW-V3 PenCam SD 1.3 Pocket DV8800N .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Aiptek digital camera model listed.

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