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AST Laptop Batteries

  Advantage 386SX/25
  Advantage 486SX/33
  Advantage 486SX/33 Desktop
  Advantage Explorer 123W
  Advantage Explorer 173W
  Advantage Explorer 212
  Advantage Explorer 486DX4/100
  Advantage Explorer 486SX/25
  Advantage Explorer 486SX/33
  Advantage Explorer XL
  Advantage NB486SX/33
  Advantage NBSX/20
  Advantage NBSX/25C
  Advantage NBSX/33
  Advantage SME 486
  Ascentia 200GXMA Mini-Notebook
  Ascentia 200M
  Ascentia 280M
  Ascentia 6233T
  Ascentia 6266T
  Ascentia 6266X
  Ascentia 6300X
  Ascentia 6300XV
  Ascentia 700N
  Ascentia 800N
  Ascentia 810N
  Ascentia 900N
  Ascentia 910N
  Ascentia 925N
  Ascentia 950N
  Ascentia A
  Ascentia A40
  Ascentia A41
  Ascentia A42
  Ascentia A43
  Ascentia A51
  Ascentia A60
  Ascentia A70

  Ascentia AD40
  Ascentia J
  Ascentia J10
  Ascentia J20
  Ascentia J30
  Ascentia J50
  Ascentia J55
  Ascentia M
  Ascentia M5200T
  Ascentia M5260X
  Ascentia M6000
  Ascentia P
  Ascentia P30
  Ascentia P50
  Ascentia P70
  Ascentia P80
  Ascentia VL
  Bravo NB
  Bravo NB386SL/33
  Bravo NB4/25C
  Bravo NB4/25S
  Bravo NB4/33
  Bravo NB486
  Bravo NBTFT/Color
  Luxxon SuperBook PCM
  PowerExec 3/25
  PowerExec 3/25C
  PowerExec 3/25SL
  PowerExec 4/25
  PowerExec 4/25SL
  PowerExec 4/33
  PowerExec 4/33SL
  PremiumExec 286
  PremiumExec 386
  PremiumExec 386SL
  PremiumExec 386SX
  PremiumExec 386SX/20

Send an e-mail to sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your AST laptop listed with the manufacturer, model number and battery model.

(One year warranty on all computer batteries which are new and not refurbished or surplus)