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Audiovox UT Starcom Cell Phone Batteries

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105 9200 CDM-7075 MVX-475
120 9500 CDM-7076 MVX-480
180 9800 CDM-7126 MVX-480XL
401 9900 CDM-7176 MVX485
405 9950 CDM-7900 MVX-500
406 ALAA CDM-7945 MVX-501
410 Arc CDM-8000XL MVX-502
425 AU-6600 CDM-8074 MVX-505
430 AU-6700 CDM-8100 MVX-506
440 AU-8200 CDM-8100PP MVX-507
460 AU-8500 CDM-8150 MVX-525
470 AU-8600 CDM-8200 MVX-530
475 AU-8900 CDM-8200BM MVX-535
480 AU-8920 CDM-8300 MVX-550
500 Blitz CDM-8400 MVX-560
501 BTE300 CDM-8410 MVX-565
502 BTE5700B CDM-8425 MVX-605/XL
505 BTE8900B CDM-8450 MVX-700
506 BTE8930 na CDM-8450BM MVX-750
507 BTR-1 CDM-8455 MVX-800
525 BTR-8B CDM-8460 MVX-805
530 BTR-605 CDM-8500 MVX-850
550 BTR-1100 CDM-8600 MVX-855/XL
560 BTR-1450 CDM-8600BM NBATS8100
605/XL BTR-1900B CDM-8610 P903
700 BTR-4000 CDM-8615/BM PCD-TXTM8
750 BTR-4100 CDM-8615VMC PCD TXT8030
800 BTR-5600/B CDM-8630 PCS-1400
805 BTR-5700 CDM-8900 PCS-1450/VM
850 BTR-6700 CDM-8905 PCX-100XL
855 BTR-6700B CDM-8910/BM/VM PCX-110/XL
855XL BTR-6800 CDM-8912 PCX-1000
860 BTR-6900 CDM-8915 PCX-1100/XL
1000 BTR-7025 CDM-8920 PCX1110/X/XL
1100 BTR-7126 CDM-8930 na PCX3500
1300 BTR-8030/B CDM-8932 PCX-3600XL
1450M BTR-8200/B CDM-8940 PLS-7075
2032 BTR-8300 CDM-8945 PM-8920
2500 BTR-8400 CDM-8950 PPC-4100
3000 BTR-8460 CDM-8955 PPC-5050
3300 BTR-8500 CDM-8960 PPC-6600
3600 BTR-8600 CDM-8975 nya PPC-6601
4000 BTR-8610 CDM-9000 PPC-6700
4500 BTR-8900 CDM-9100 PPC-6800
5600 BTR-8910 CDM-9100SP PPC-6850
5700 BTR-8930 na CDM9150/X PR350
5800 BTR-8955 CDM-9155/GPX PRT9200 Bag Phone
6600 BTR-8975 CDM-9200 PRT9100AU Bag Phone
6700 BTR-9100 CDM-9500 PV-200
6800 C211 nya CDM-9900 PV-250
7000 C500 CDM-9950 Quickfire nya
8000 C511 CDMA2000 SMT-5600
8100 C711 Coupe SMT-5700
8150 C721 CS-SP230L SMT-5800
8200 C741 Escapade Snapper
8200BM CDM-100 F9100 SP230
8400 CDM-105 Flasher V7 SPV-C500
8410 CDM-120(2001 model) GS300 STR7025
8450 CDM-120(2006 model) GTX75 nya TDM2500/XL
8455 CDM-130 GZ1 TM-150
8490 CDM-130XL GzOne Boulder TX8010
8500 CDM-135 G'zOne Boulder TXT8010
8600 CDM-135XL G'Zone Type V TXT8026c
8610 CDM-136 G'Zone Type S nya LG Canu TXT8030
8615/B CDM-180 HTC Typhoon TXTM8
8630 CDM-220 MP6900 VI600
8900 CDM-1300 MP6950 Vox8610
8910/BM/VM CDM-1450 MVX-300 WP8990
8912 CDM-3000/XL MVX-401 XV5700
8915 CDM-3300 MVX-405 XV5800
8920/T CDM3500 MVX-406 XV6600
8930 CDM-4000/XL MVX420 XV6700
8932 CDM-4000 MVX-425 XV6800
8945 CDM-4000AT MVX-430 XV6850
9000 CDM-4000BA MVX-440 XV6900
9100 CDM-4500 MVX-450 XV6950
9150X CDM-7000 MVX-460 Z800
9155-GPX CDM-7025 MVX-465 Zephyr
. CDM-7026 MVX-470 .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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