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2H.02A1M.001 DC3410 nr DC-E720 E850
02491-0001-10 DC4330 DC-E800 E1000
02491-0015-00 DC4500 DC-E820 E1020
02491-0026-00 DC5330 DC-E1000 E1030
02491-0026-01 DC6310 DC-E1020 E1050
02491-0037-00 DC5330 DC-E1030 E1035
02491-0037-01 DC-C30 DC-E1035 E1220t
02491-0056-00 DC-C35 DC-E1050/t E1230
02491-0057-00 DC-C40 DC-E1220 E1240
02491-0051-21 DC-C50 DC-E1230 E1250
02491-0061-21 DC-C51 DC-E1240 E1260
1300 DC-C60 DC-E1250 E1280
2110 DC-C62 DC-E1250 E1420
3310 DCC420 DC-E1255 E1430
AA DCC480 DC-E1260 E1460
AAA DCC500 DC-E1280 E1465
AC100 DCC510 DC-E1450 E1480
ACAE220 DCC520 DC-E1460 EH600
AE100 DCC530 DC-E1480 EL2870U
AE110 DCC540 DC-GH200 ExPro
AE115 DCC610 DC-L1020 G1
AE120 DCC630 DC LM100 G2F
AE200 DCC640 DCP10 GH200
AE210 DC-C700 DCP500 GH220
AE220 DCC740 DCP600 GH600
AE250 DCC740i DCP860 GH650
BATS4 DCC750 DCS30 GH700
BLB2 DCC800 DCS40 GH800
C540 DCC840 DC-S1410 LH500
C640 DCC850 DC-S1420 LM100
C740S DCC1000 DC-SC30 LR100
C750 DCC1020 DC-SC50 LR200
C1020 DCC1030 DC-T700 LT100
C1030 DCC1035 DC-T800 M1
C1035 DCC1050 DC-T850 M11
C1220 DCC1060 DC-T1260 M21
C1230 DCC1220 DC-T1460 M22
C1250 DCC1230 DC-W1220 M23
C1255 DCC1420 DCX600 M31
C1268 DCC1430 DCX710 NP-40/DBA/DCA
C1280 DCC1450 DCX720 NP-60
C1420 DCC1460 DCX725 NP900
C1430 DCC1480 DCX735 P600
C1450 DCC2300 DCX800 P1410
C1460 DCC2310 DCX835 S11
C1480 DCC2410 DiVi Cam 428 S21
CR-V3 DC-E30 DLi-102 S30
D35 DC-E40 DLi-203 S1410
D36 DC-E41 DLi-216 S1420
D032-05-8023 DC-E43 DLi-213 S1430
DC300 mini DC-E50 DSC T800 SW270C
DC1000 DC-E53/+ DSC X800 SW271
DC1016 DC-E63/+ DV-S11 T700
DC1030 DC-E300 E40 T850
DC1300 DC-E310 E41 T1260
DC1500 DC-E510 E510 T1460
DC2110 DC-E520 E520 TK810
DC2300 DC-E520+ E600 V200
DC2310 DC-E521 E610 W1220
DC2410 DC-E600 E720 W1240
DC3310 DC-E605 E800 W5700
DC3400 DC-E610 . X600

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.
Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your BenQ digital camera model listed.

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