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Canon Camcorder Batteries

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A1 ES410V MV790 Vixia HF-G21
A1 Digital ES420V MV800 Vixia HF-G25
A1 Mark II ES500 MV830/i Vixia HF-G30
A10 ES520A MV850i Vixia HF-G40
A2 ES550 MV880X Vixia HF-G50
DM-XL-1/A ES600 MV890 Vixia HF-G60
C2 ES750 MV900 Vixia HF-G70
CA-CP200L ES800 MV901 Vixia HF-M-series
CG-800 ES870 MV920 Vixia HF-M30
CR30A ES900 MV930 Vixia HF-M31
VF-3000 ES950 MV940 Vixia HF-M32
CVT60 ES970 MV950 Vixia HF-M40
CVT65 ES980 MV960 Vixia HF-M41
CVT70 ES1000 MVX1/i Vixia HF-M50
DC10 ES2000 MVX2i Vixia HF-M52
DC19 ES2500 MVX3i Vixia HF-M56
DC20 ES6500 MVX4i Vixia HF-M300
DC21 ES3000 MVX10i Vixia HF-M301
DC22 ES-3159GB MVX20/i Vixia HF-M306
DC33 ES4000 MVX25/i Vixia HF-M400
DC40 ES5000 MVX30/i Vixia HF-M500
DC50 ES6000 MVX35/i Vixia HF-M506
DC51 ES6500 MVX40/i Vixia HF-R10
DC95 ES7000/V MVX45/i Vixia HF-R11
DC100 ES8000V MVX100i Vixia HF-R20
DC200 ES8100V MVX150i Vixia HF-R21
DC201 ES8200V MVX200/i Vixia HF-R26
DC210 ES8400V MVX250/i Vixia HF-R28
DC211 ES8600 MVX300/i Vixia HF-R30
DC220 EX1 MVX350/i Vixia HF-R32
DC230 F30 MVX430 Vixia HF-R40
DC300 F40 MVX450 Vixia HF-R42
DC301 F50 MVX460 Vixia HF-R50
DC310 F1000A Optura Vixia HF-R52
DC320 F1000S Optura10 Vixia HF-R60
DC330 FR1 Optura20 Vixia HF-R62
DC410 FS series Optura30 Vixia HF-R66
DC420 FS10 Optura40 Vixia HF-R70
DV3 FS11 Optura50 Vixia HF-R72
DV5 FS21 Optura60 Vixia HF-R80
DV M5 FS22 Optura90 Vixia HF-R82
DV M180N FS31 Optura100MC Vixia HF-R100
DVS1 FS40 Optura200MC Vixia HF-R200
DVS3394L BP208 FS100 Optura 300/ MC Vixia HF-R206
DM-MV1 FS200 Optura 400 Vixia HF-R300
DM-MV10 FS300 Optura 500 Vixia HF-R400
DM-MV30 FS400 Optura 600 Vixia HF-R500
DM-MV100 FV1 Optura 626i Vixia HF-R600
DM-MV238 FV500 Optura Pi Vixia HF-R700
DM-MV400 FVM20 Optura S1 Vixia HF-R800
DM-MV430 FVM30 Optura Si Vixia HFS10
DM-MV450 FVM100 Optura Xi Vixia HFS11
DM-MVX1i FVM200 Optura/XL1 Vixia HF-S20
DMVX4i FVM300 PV130 Vixia HF-S21
E06 G-10Hi R5 Vixia HF-S30
E07 G15Hi SV9 Vixia HF-S100
E08 G20Hi UC1 Vixia HF-S200
E09 G30Hi UC2-HI Vixia HF-W10
E20 G35Hi UC3-HI Vixia HG-10
E30 G45Hi UC5 Vixia HG-20
E40 G-1000 UC8-HI Vixia HG-21
E50 G1500 UC10 Vixia HG-30
E51 G2000 UC15 Vixia HR10
E53 GL-1 UC16 Vixia HV20
E57 GL-2 UC20 Vixia HV30
E60 H18 UC25-HI Vixia HV40
E61/A H61NH UC30 Vixia M300
E63 H440 UC40 Vixia M306
E65 H460 UC55 Vixia Mini X
E66 H480 UC600 Vixia XA10
E67 H520 UC800 Vixia XA20
E70 H640 UC850 Vixia XA25
E77 H660 UC900 VM-70A
E80 H680 UC1000 VM-E1 n/a
E90 H800 UC2000 VM-E2A
E100 H850 UC3000 VM-E70
E110 HV-30 UC4000 VM-E77
E210 iVIS DC22 UC4500 VM-E800H
E230 iVIS DC200 UC5000 VR-10
E250 iVIS DC50 UC5500 VR-20A
E300 iXIA HF M56 UC6000 VR-30/A
E350 iXIA HF R306 UC7000 VR-40/A
E400 iXY DVM UC7500 VR-50/A
E440 iXYDVM5 UC8000 VTLC50
E460 iXY DVS1 UC8500 XA10 HD
E500 J10 UC9500 XA11
E550 J20 UCL100W XA15
E520 J100 UCS1 XA20
E600 L1 UCS2 XA25
E620 L2 UCS3 XA30
E640 L10 UCS5 XA35
E660 L100 UCS20 XA40
E680 Legria HF-R20 UC-V1Hi XA50
E700 Legria HF-R21 UC-V10 XA55
E708 Legria HF-R26 UC-V20/Hi XA60
E800 Legria HF-R27 UC-V30/Hi XA65
E808 Legria HF-R28 UCV100 XA70
E850 Legria HF-R36 UC-V200 XA75
Elura Legria HF-R37 UC-V300 XC10
Elura 2 Legria HF-R38 UCX1/HI XC15
Elura 2 MC Legria HF-R76 UCX2/HI XF100
Elura10 Legria HF-R77 UCX30/HI XF105
Elura20MC Legria HF-R78 UCX40HI XF200
Elura40MC Legria HF-R86 UCX45/HI XF205
Elura50 Legria HF-R87 UCX50/HI XF300
Elura60 Legria HF-R88 UCX55/HI XF305
Elura65 Legria HF-R200 UC-X65Hi XF400
Elura70 Legria HF-R205 UCX-65 XF405
Elura80 Legria HF-R206 Ultura XF605
Elura85 Legria Mini X V40Hi XF705
Elura90 LX1 V50/Hi XHA1/s
Elura100 LX100 V60/Hi XHG1/s
EOS-1D C LX200 V65/H/i XL1/S
EOS-5D MD100 V72 XL2
EOS-10D MD101 V75/Hi XLH1
EOS-20D MD110 V400 XM1
EOS-30D MD111 V420 XM2
EOS-40D MD120 V500 XV1
EOS-50D MD130 V520 XV2
EOS-C100 MD140 VC10 YR20A
EOS-C200/C200B MD160 VC20 YR40A
EOS-C300 MD215 VC20A ZR
EOS-C300 Mark II MD225 VC30 ZR-10
EOS-C300 Mark III MD235 VC30A ZR-20
EOS-C500 MD245 VC40A ZR-25MC
EOS-C500 Mark II MD255 VC50A ZR-30
EOS-C700 MD265 VC200 ZR-30MC
EOS-D30 MV1 VC2000 ZR-35
EOS Digital Rebel MV-3i/MC Vistura ZR-45MC
EOS Kiss Digital MV4/i/MC Vixia FS10 ZR-50MC
EQ305 MV5i/MC Vixia FS11 ZR-60
ES10V MV6 Vixia FS20 ZR-65MC
ES18 MV10 Vixia FS21 ZR-70MC
ES20V MV-14W Vixia FS22 ZR-80
ES50 MV-20/i Vixia FS30 ZR-85/MC
ES55 MV-30/i Vixia FS31 ZR-90/MC
ES60 MV100 Vixia FS36 ZR-96
ES65 MV200/I/E Vixia FS37 ZR-100
ES70 MV300 Vixia FS100 ZR-200
ES75 MV400/i Vixia FS200 ZR-300
ES80 MV430/i Vixia FS300 ZR-400
ES90 MV450/i Vixia G21 ZR-500
ES100 MV500 Vixia GX10 ZR-600
ES170 MV530/i Vixia HF-10 ZR-700
ES180 MV550 Vixia HF-11 ZR-800
ES190 MV600/i Vixia HF-20 ZR-830
ES200/A MV630i Vixia HF-21 ZR-850
ES270 MV650i Vixia HF-100 ZR-900
ES280 MV700/i Vixia HF-200 ZR-930
ES290 MV730i Vixia HF-700 ZR-950
ES300V MV730i Vixia HF-G10 ZR-960
ES400V MV750i Vixia HF-G20 ZR2613U

Canon Battery models

2740B002 BP-407 BP-820 BP-E2 na
BP-10 BP-412 BP-827 BP-E4 na
BP-10A BP-422 BP-828 BP-E22
BP-2L5 BP-508 BP-911 BP-E30A
BP-2L12 BP-511 BP-914 BP-E77
BP-2L13 BP-512 BP-915 BP-E77K/E
BP-2L14 BP-514 BP-924 BP-E711
BP-2L18 BP-522 BP-925 BP-E714
BP-2L24H BP-535 BP-927 BP-E718
BP-30 BP-608 BP-930 BP-E722
BP-30A BP-617 BP930G BP-E729
BP-31 BP-709 BP-941 BP-E772
BP-32 BP-711 BP-945 BP-E818
BP-80 BP-714 BP-950 BP-N11 na
BP-85 BP-718 BP-950G BT-30A
BP-100 BP-726 BP-955 LP-E5
BP-110 BP-727/c BP-970 LP-E6
BP-208 BP-729 BP-970G LP-E8
BP-208DG BP-745 BP-97056GX NB-1/L/H
BP-214 BP-807 BP-975 NB-2L
BP-308 BP-808 BP-A1 NB-2LH
BP-310 BP-809 BP-A30 NB-12L
BP-315 BP-818 BP-A60 NP57-6V
BP-406 BP-819 BP-A90 VF-3000

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Canon model listed.