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Cobra 2 Way Radio & FRS Batteries


Some Cobra models using the GA-3ANH AAA type batteries won't charge the AAA generic replacements because the charger negative contact is on the outside of the bottom 3/8" of the battery which is plasticized. If you remove some of the plastic wrap with a razor knife the batteries will charge properly and last much longer than the original 300mAh or 600mAh batteries that were supplied with the radio.

70 CXR950 LI4900 MT500
80 CXT85 LI5600 MT525
85 CXT90 LI5650 MT550
100 CXT125 LI6000 MT700
104 CXT225 LI6050 MT725
110 CXT400 LI6500 MT750
115 CXT425 LI6700 MT900
130 FA-AA LI7000 PMR
200 FA-AANICD LI7020 PMR 250
220 FA-BP LI7200 PMR 446
235 FA-CK MicroTalk 80 PMRS446
250 FA-NICD MicroTalk 85 PMR508
300 FRS-001-Li MicroTalk 100 PR50
305 FRS 70 MicroTalk 110 PR100
307 FRS 80 MicroTalk 115 PR135
310 wx FRS 85 MicroTalk 200 PR145
315 FRS100 MicroTalk 220 PR150
103-0001-1 FRS104 MicroTalk 300 PR155
103-0004-1 FRS 110 MicroTalk FRS/PMR PR190-2
103-0005-1 FRS 115 Microtalk FRS80 PR240
103-1500-1 FRS 117 MicroTalk LI600 PR245
110-010 na FRS 120 MicroTalk LI3900 PR250
160061 FRS 125 MicroTalk LI3950 PR250-WX
28377310454 FRS 130 MicroTalk LI4900 PR255-VP
AA rechargeable FRS 132 MicroTalk LI5600 PR260-WX
AAA rechargeable FRS 220 MicroTalk LI6000 PR270
ACC70 FRS 225 MicroTalk LI6050 PR270-2
ACC80 FRS 235 MicroTalk LI6500 PR350/WX
ACC85 FRS 250 MicroTalk LI6700 PR500
ACC100 FRS 300 MicroTalk MT80 PR550
ACC104 FRS 305 MicroTalk MT85 PR560
ACC110 FRS 307 MicroTalk MT100 PR560-WX
ACC115 FRS 310 MicroTalk MT110 PR590
ACC130 FRS 310 WX MicroTalk MT115 PR650-WX
ACC200 FRS 315 MicroTalk MT200 PR900
ACC220 FRS 1042 MicroTalk MT300 PR900-DX
ACC235 FRS 1102MFVP MicroTalk MT500 PR945
ACC250 FRS.PMR MicroTalk MT525 PR950-DX
ACC300 FT443493P-2S MicroTalk MT700 PR1050WX
ACC305 FT553444P-2S MicroTalk MT725 PR1000
ACC307 FT704159P nya MicroTalk MT900 PR1100
ACC310WX GA-3ANH MicroTalk MT950 PR1100 WX
ACC315 GA-BN MicroTalk PR3150 PR2000
ACC511 GA-BP3 MicroTalk PR3150C PR3000
BK-70128 GA-CM MicroTalk PR3150 DX PR3000DX
BK-71216 GA-CQ MicroTalk PR3575 PR3100/DX
CM110-024 GA-CR MN-0160001 PR3150DX
CM110-025 na GA-CR MN-0160002 PR3175/WX
CM110-026 na GA-CT MRHH125 PR3500
COM-MN0160001 GP35AAAK4BX MRHH425Li VP na PR3575
CXR700 HH38 MRHH450 na PR3800
CXR725 HH330 na MRHH470 na PR3850
CXR750 HH350 na MRHH500 na PR4000
CXR800 HH450 na MT80 PR4250
CXR825 HH500 na MT85 PR4300
CXR850 HH600 na MT100 PR4700
CXR875 IXNN4002A MT110 PR4750
CXR900 LR3/AAA MT115 PR4790
CXR920 LI3900 MT200 PR5000
CXR925 LI3950 MT300 PR5060

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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