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Cybex Exercise Machine Batteries

500C Arc Trainer 626/A/AT Arc Trainer 750A
500R Arc Trainer 629A EC-13207
700C Arc Trainer 630A EC-18267
700R Arc Trainer 750/A/AT Hiker 600H
Arc Trainer 620A Arc Trainer 770/A/AT Tectrix Bikemax
Arc Trainer 625/A/AT Arc Trainer 771/A/AT VR Bike

EnerSys Hawker Genesis Cyclon Batteries by part number

0800-0004 0819-0010 0859-0012
0800-0010 0819-0012 0859-0020
0800-0108 0819-0019 0860-0004
0809-0010 0819-0020 4X0859-0012E
0809-0012 0819-1006 6X0859-0012E
0809-0016 0820-0004 CA1223
0809-0020 0840-0004 G12V13EP
0810-0004 0850-0004 G12V16EP
0810-0102M 0859-0010 G12V26EP
0810-0103 . .

Charactersitics of Enersys Hawker Cyclon batteries:
Long service life, rugged construction, extreme temperature performance, fast recharge, high discharge rates and low internal resistance.
Design life of 15 years at 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) UL recognized cells.
Approved for shipping as non-hazardous, non-spillable and operates in any position.